Exchanging Justice points for Honor points?

Is there any way to do this currently, would appreciate some help :)
yes for honor-> jstice go to the honor goods vendor in sw/org

for Justice--> honor go to the Justice goods verndor in sw/org
Visit the Justice Vendor that sells mats. Forget the name but hes next to the normal vendor.

Costs are 375JP for 250 Honour
Thanks alot for the help. :)
Are you kidding me I ve been running around every town looking for that this whole day.
the only one I find is the 375 honour for 250 justice.
when I search the help forum it says somthing about a patch that I dont get, so can it have been removed or....... Am I Just Blind Stupid and AHHHRRRR
Go to the honor goods vendor in old town, far left hand corner of the building you get your pvp gear from.
No no no no he sells 250 justice points for 375 honour pointsand I want to buy honour points for my justice points
Please someone help me
Soon I go to Dalaran and buy the reins of the wooly mammoth for 2350 jp just to spend them
oh right, just got the building where the warrior trainer is and there is a justice goods vendor there.
Thank you :-)

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