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Hello folks!

These last days I thought, "What if Warcraft existed on Earth? What if the inhabitants of Azeroth were here?", or, in other words, "What if these scenarios (real places on Earth) existed in the World of Warcraft?".
And so, I made a few pictures that I'd like to share.

Please, bear in mind that I'm no professional artist, neither have I any kind of special formation or knowledge on graphic arts.

Hope you like them. Cheers!

(Picture made listening to "Rogues do it from behind")

(Picture made for a friend, I omitted the original text it had, since it had the character's name)

(To celebrate the 4.1 WoW Patch, bringing back the trolls)

P.S.: I guess I'll try a song, next time, or something! :)
Second url is broken..
Second was awesome, third was even cooler :D
don't you have a deviant account Scuzi?
I've found Argus!!


Thats where he went, new business lol
@ Rakshimi

Rofl nice man!
I'd like to encounter that argus ;P
Nicely done :-)

This was recently featured in our Community News: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2308770#blog
Hehe, Argus ones pretty hilarious xD
The edited in image with the orcs is pretty neat tho :>

On-topic yet not fully on-topic ;
Real Life edited into WoW through Photomanipulations ? :D

WoW chars in real life

Getitng a ticket for the tram

Waitingin the queue for grocery shopping

All in Dublin, Ireland :)

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