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completely and utterly broken since the last patch. before the patch i could get into a BG any time of the day, any day, in under 5 minutes. since the patch i am lucky if i get into 1-2 BGs per day.

the queue is normally unavailable, and always wrong. there have been countless posts on this exact issue in the pvp forums, but not a single blue post on any of them, and the GM i spoke to in-game said you were somehow 'unaware' of this bug. so i thought i would post here in the hopes of some kind of response >.>

to clarify; this is because of the patch. queues were perfect up until servers went down on patch night, and have been broken since the servers came back online after the patch.

there are the same number of people queuing for random BG as there have always been, so nothing has changed in that respect.

just waited a hour and a half to get into a BG, and when it finally popped it was AV.... but that is a different kind of QQ... back on topic: when entering the BG, everyone was talking about the huge wait times (and ofc how we all queue random, but always end up in AV, even though everyone hates it), so it certainly isn't just me or the people in the pvp forums who are experiencing this.
I know some1 is going to say "its becouse players are trying zg / za etc" its not just locked xp that is affected its all the low lvl bg:s... there used to be av:s at locked side going even at 3am now you are not getting bg pops even at the middle of the day.

We have tried queing specific wsg with 10 players on both sides and it wont pop.

I have been in av:s that are 10vs10 whole time and had friends in que at both sides who just wont get invited in and av ends becouse not enough players.

I keep randomly leaving the que and getting teleported to gy.

Sometimes when bg pops i cant enter even when i click join battle.

Pretty often when i que avarage wait time says 8min for example and after being 40 mins in que avarage wait time has gone down to 4min and im still not getting pop... so there is enough players in que to start the bg but it wont start or other players are getting pops and im not.

Probably million more bugs i forgot to mention but atleast fix the ones i said and im happy geez.
yeah, i also at first assumed it was because people were on their mains, doing the new HCs, but after all this time, and all the other people in BGs having the same issue, i think it really needs looking into.

the fact that the GM i spoke to today had literally no idea of this bug astounds me >.>
Indeed... after playing this game since release i sure know that it takes quite a while from blizard to fix anything but bugs this size should get fixed in a few days... not in few months where we are soon.
Really big problem, yeah, Blizz should sort it, yeah!
Q time sucks, yeah!
Happy Khar?!
^ fu
keep spreading the word guys, gonna need more people posting if we want blizz to notice us
well it looks like blizz read the post long enough to redirect this thread from technical support over here to the pvp threads, but ofc couldn't dignify us with a response on the issue. just like they haven't responded to the countless other threads concerning the same issue.

feeling like a pretty valued customer right now.
Dear Blues, this is a serious problem, so instead of just redirecting this thread without even trying to give us an update is really annoying. Just give us an update .. even if it is (and it most probably is): "We don't care about what you think about our new system, this is how it's going to be and you should learn to live with it". Because seriously.. that's not a way to treat your customers... Ignoring your customers, will not make you sell. Just give us an answer for fudge's sake.
How is it not a technical issue ? How is it a pvp issue? Are we pvping wrong so the queue wont accept us ?
yes please fix this, it would be nice to make the most of the upcoming WSG weekender
10/05/2011 11:16Posted by Senics
yes please fix this, it would be nice to make the most of the upcoming WSG weekender

Already ruined our EOTS and AV weekends don't expect miracles before WSG one . Its Blizzard after all.
got into 3 BGs yesterday, after queueing for the entire day. the sad thing is, thats a good day......
Agreed... Just leveled up this mage to 70, shut off the experience and we were ready to go! Oh my, i did so many bgs that day, NOT . Queues were unavailable the entire day for me, couldn't get the boots i were missing since i couldn't gain any honor.

after 1 hour 45 minutes IT FINALLY POPPED

sooo happy.....then the loading screen shows AV

waiting 1 hour 45 minutes to pvp... just to get into AV, then lose. TY blizz, loving how you are able to push out patches without breaking stuff.

Bump for fix =\
Is working as intended. Battlegroups got unmerged (less people = longer queues).
Blizzard just anounced losing 600k subscribers, and what they do? They screw the game even more with this change.

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