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Hello everyone! For a while now I've had some ideas about creating an informative and helpful spreadsheet aimed at level 85 Restoration Shamans regardless of skill/gear level and so far here's what I've come up with. Any suggestions for improvement or development or any problems please notify me and I'll work on them as soon as possible. While it is a spreadsheet mainly aimed at Shamans, any spell class may find the trinket calculator helpful. If you are a DPS class, you should use Spirit as the equivalent stat to Hit Rating and you may want to rate Indirect Mana Gains/Mana Cost Reductions lowly.

Ever browsed those fansite forums and been baffled by the math and explanations they use? This does all the math for you and translates it into easy to understand English! Ever been puzzled over which trinkets to go for? After a small amount of user input it will tell you what's best for YOU! Ever wondered if you're going wrong with your stats or using the wrong Meta/Flask/Foodbuff? Enter your stats and preferences and it will tell you! You can also try out different combinations of talents with a talent calculator.

So far I've designed the spreadsheet so it's as user friendly as possible and so that a person of any age or native language can use it. If in doubt, read the Key and any information boxes as well as looking at the entire page before giving up!

Last of all, I hope it is useful for you! :)

Latest Version: 1.4.4
Last Update: 8th August 2011
What changed in the last update: Updated the trinket list with the new introductions in patch 4.2.
File Size: 552.3KB

Copy the link into your address bar and press "Click here to start downloading from MediaFire". That's all from me - Cya around!
I like what I see, though I got a few detail feedback points:
a) How do you figure out the whole "Enough Spirit"? Based on average mana usage? Maybe add a line then that if the user serves as a sort-of mana battery for the raid, excess spirit isn't wrong.
b) I remember reading on EJ a while ago - and to date it hasn't been challenged - that the 21 Int + 600 mana proc Metagem from WotLK is still on-par at current epic gearlevels, and vastly superior for someone starting out, compared to the Ember one. Maybe add it in your spreadsheet, and then if the user's stats are too high note that the Ember should pull ahead by now.
Some good ideas - will surely implement them soon enough. The "Enough Spirit" is currently based upon a constant value and if it is over this value it is classified as "enough" and if not it isn't, which admittedly has many flaws. Thanks for the feedback :)

EDIT: File has been updated with these improvements.
New update, and more to come soon.
Coming soon will be a small questionnaire and from that it will recommend what talents are best for you - as well as a talent calculator.

Any more suggestions let me know!

Hi Hex,

Really nice spreadsheet, the only thing I found was that in the 'How Many Points in Acuity' box, I wasn't able to enter 0, so it ended up giving me a higher crit rating than I actually have. (I'm toying with the idea of dropping TC and putting the points in Acuity, but for the moment I have no points in it.)

Nice work!
Quite embarrassed about a little error like that. :)

It'll be fixed shortly - Thanks.

EDIT: Fixed and up to date.
Linked this in the stickied guide, too. ^_^
15/05/2011 16:05Posted by Carrigan
Linked this in the stickied guide, too. ^_^

Great. New Update - Talent Calculator. Nothing along the lines of recommending talents yet, though.

38 Downloads so far.
Any problems will have to be dealt with in the morning, raid night then off to bed. :)
Any suggestions keep them coming in, however weird and wacky they are.
New update - Goblin racial functionality and a weapon enchant check.

Copy the link on the first post into your browser's address bar and click download

Unable to make any improvements in the near future but will fix any important bugs/problems as soon as possible and it should still prove useful to you.
I noticed that the weapon enchant selection returns an error in 1.3.2.
I saw you won't be able to make changes soon, just wanted to note it.
Really good job :-)
Will try out when I have the chance. :)

Edit; only me who are having problem changing the stats? Says I cannot change certain stuff in the file, and when I try to lift those restrictions I need a PW
Will have a look and see what's up with the weapon enchant thing, and you *should* be able to modify the boxes that need to be modified, I protected the rest to avoid accidental formula deletions and such.

EDIT: Noticed the problem and it should work fine now. It seems the two new options I added in the last update I forgot to turn off the protection for them therefore you were unable to modify anything in that particular cell.
Works now, indeed very nice spreadsheet!:)
Thanks :)

It's good to know people find it useful. Will try and make a few updates sometime soon.
What's this about mastery breakpoints though? I was of the impression it had a smooth curve

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