My Chat Isn't Working

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My chat is not working unless im in raids and bgs when i want to whisper, say or chat in a party it wont work for some reason whats going on?
Try /resetchat to reset your chat window.
If that doesn't work Tuckerknight please take a look at this guide on how to reset your User Interface and see if that helps. :)

Reset UI - WTF, Cache, and Interface folders
I had similar problem with SpamMeNot. It conflicted with some other addon causing this problem. The interesting part was it only affected couple of my toons, so apparently it needed some other addon with spesific settings to cause trouble.

If resetting chat settings doesn't help, I'd start with any addon that might filter or handle chat in any way, and turn them off one by one until you get chat working.
works thanks
Happy to see that a 3,5 years old thread was still useful to you! :)

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