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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Developer Global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting questions from you to have answered by our developers. We'll be asking for your question each time a new Q&A Questions thread goes up, having the community vote on them, and posting the answers we receive approximately one week later.

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The previous raid tier had a rather strong bias towards ranged dps. How has the response to this affected the design process for the new raid?
How likely are we to see the "new" factions brought into the lore on a larger scale?
How does it make sense that Dragons can be transformed into Fire Hawks (technicaly a bird) instead of just a burning Dragon? Are all Fire Hawks/Phoenixes former dragons?
Is 4t12 feral cat bonus intended to boost our damage, be fun and enjoyable? Because our theorycrafting shows little to no damage boost and huge problems with energy and losing seconds in Tiger's Fury.
What about "melee unfriendly" t11? Have you addressed this issue in Firelands?
How many 'Shadows Edge' type staffs will there be if there are 4 stages of this one, by that I mean staffs you can get through the average pug, and what stages are you expecting it to require a guild group?
As is stands, how many of the class changes are unreleased? There's a certainly rather a noticable lack of rogue, warlock and warrior changes.
Will we help Thrall return in this patch or does the story continue by getting new parts in future patches until we save him or he dies in the final patch of the expansion?
What happened with the Abyssal Maw dungeon that was supposed to come with Firelands?
This expansion into the Firelands seems like a perfect opportunity to insert some interesting profession specific content, such as Archeology digsites, Alchemy recipes, Herbalism spots, Engineering helms, crafted BoE items for Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking amongst others.

Will there be specific support for professions in this patch and specifically new items, recipes, and challenges to help support the new faction and that they will be able to give professionals?
Keeping in mind that 'seven' seems to be the new optimal amount of bosses per raid, how do you expect the firelands progress (time, effort, difficulty) to differ from the much larger tier 11 raid content? Despite the reduced number of bosses, will it take us just about as long for firelands as it did with the previous content or do you plan on releasing further content sooner?
As it stands, a lot is being made about (among other characters) Thassarian's appearence in the firelands. Is his appearence merely a place holder, and if not how does it fit into his plans at the end of the Andorhol quest line?
is deathwing raid be there no more EXPANSION for world of warcraft no more lvl or palace because deathwing destroy all?
i have idea for next EXPANSION
Would you consider making raid lockouts more flexible in 4.2/Firelands?

1. Making heroic raids as flexible as normal raids
2. Making the lockouts per-boss to make it possible to join a raid starting on boss #3 and still do boss #1 and #2 later in a different group
3. Allowing to defeat both the normal and heroic version of a boss (if the normal version has been done in a previous lockout) to make it possible to first do a normal clear and then spend any remaining time on heroic attempts
With the new factions being druids of the talon and wardens, are we likely to see armour and weaponry based around the two classes?
Will we actually see a regrown hyjal or is it just more mobs, more fire.

It is something that has left me wondering with all the phasing technology and everything. In any normal dramatic model there would be an outro. We almost never get such in WoW, (with the exception of the sunwell on the sword quest). What is the developers thoughts on storytelling and the effects used in it.
Will we see more boss specific resources? (eg. Sound on Atremedes, Corruption on Cho'Gall)
Is there any possibility that firelands will be the last raid with tier models related to the instance?

In tier 1, 2 per example tier models were unique and non tier drops had diferent models.
Those diferent models could be zone/raid themed, but tier should be unique so it "fits" the class better and we can see the diference between hunters and enhancement shamans per example.
With only 7 bosses have loot distribution been a concern of yours? I mean it kinda sucks to have bosses with loot tables of 20-30 possible items or above. Especially in 25-mans where bosses have the chance of dropping the same item up to 3 times.

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