Q: How to change WoW Language ?

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So I'm posting for a friend of mine, who recently updated his WOW Client to 4.1 and his WoW (Game Client) Language got changed to German instead of English. So basicly what we're asking here is HOW to change it back to English ?

ps. the whole interface and spelltooltips etc. everything is german now :/

Please Help. Thanks in advance.
You can lock the thread. Found the answer by myself (while waiting for respond from the Support who is obviously kind of slow :P)

ps. For those expiriencing the same issue open Config.wtf and edit SET locale "deDE" or whatever is your language to SET locale "enGB"

Hey Alice, you're looking beautiful today dear :)
That is nice of you Nas, but this thread is pretty old already. I am closing here.

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