Disc pvp stats?

Hey there, got a few questions about disc pvp stats.
I'm currently gearing up, gathering as much resi as I can (words cannot describe how much I love that stat). But I'm not sure what kinda secondary stats I should use. Now I'm reforging everything to spirit (while keeping 4%hit).

What's the best secondary? Spirit, mastery, haste?
Please explain why :)

Thanks in advance,
22/05/2011 15:11Posted by Supremecy
What's the best secondary? Spirit, mastery, haste?

Spirit by far. Gives better regen, not much else to say.

Mastery is better than haste but still pretty useless, since it only affects shield (and divine aegis but meh).

Haste is awful because at this gear level we can only get about 5% haste and that's barely noticeable.

Crit is also pretty useless right now because it doesnt affect shield and in general isnt as good as spirit.

So basically, SPIRIT.
Alright thanks. I've read that mastery is very good in BG's, but in arena it's not, because of spellsteal. Is this correct?
Shouldn't really be gemming for resi tbh, unless you think it's absolutely required.
There was a time when i ran around with 4k+ resi as well, but I came to realise resilience isn't everything.

Your primary stat should and will always be intellect - just get whatever resi you get from gear, possibly enchant your chest with it as well. But for gems and other enchants, go for as much intellect as you can get. Why intellect? Because it's awesome on so many levels. It provides more spellpower, more mana, and even better mana regeneration thanks to the rapture talent. Don't underestimate rapture, it's an awesome scaling talent.

So basicly you should just gather pvp gear, be thankful for the resi on it, but don't overdo it with gemming for it as well (unless you want to match a yellow socket bonus). There are many priests that even use a pve trinket just for the extra intellect.

Bottom line: Intellect > Spirit > mastery/haste/crit (they're all equally good or bad, depends on how you want to look at it, but they work well together imo) - resi is not on this list, just get full or near full pvp gear and you should have more than enough resi.
Oki then.
For resi gemming, I take 20int + 20resi in yellow, 20int+20spirit(right??) in blue. :)
I really dont get this though: why have mooncltoh hands, legs and head no spirith?
My mana regen is already wurse then most healer and my irl m8 has like ilvl 320 :p so I get a lot of pressure on me, and then they gives priest on 5tier items only spirith on 2 of them? :O

Yh I'm mostly only bloodthursty geared but was just whondering.

I just egt the feel I almsot should take my 346head on ina rena since it's an huge spirith boost :(
22/05/2011 15:39Posted by Supremecy
Alright thanks. I've read that mastery is very good in BG's, but in arena it's not, because of spellsteal. Is this correct?

Mastery isn't really good anywhere, it's just better than crit or haste :P

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