I have a bit of a problem whit AH these days.Because of some people are overloding the AH these days i cant sell anything anymore and its a hard day to make gold on the AH.People are putting prices to low so that farming a day makes about 70g a day .That is verry low.Maybe can blizz put like a max available mats that people can put on AH so that the AH will not get overloaded and people still could make some gold.The result will be that people will not get the urge to bying gold cuz they cant make any gold these days.
It's easy as hell to make money, even without using the AH. No, Blizzard should not limit the economic systems on the servers just because you are struggling to make money off the item of your choice.
If one item is being overloaded on the AH, find another one that is sought after. Supply and demand, my little brother.
There are many ways to make gold in WoW now.

For the few hours you farm mats and stuff, you could easily do a whole bunch of dailies and net yourself even more money.

Old instances, heroics, the list goes on and on. Don't limit yourself to the AH for money making purposes, get out there and make it in other ways.
Money is thrown at you in WoW nowadays. If you can't make it please buy my ingame guide on sale for only 10k, for one week only! so get in there quick.
well i can tell you i have 3 lvl 85 and i am farming 10 hrs a day and still this morning i got all of my stuff back i solded for 70g wauw thats alot and its going on like this for 2 weeks now.I am starting to get sick of some people undercutting you for 50g its stuppid and unrealistic.
plus its a difference from realm to realm but on terenas it sucks cuz all of those to young wow players who dont even now a bit of economy.this mornin i logged on and all my stuff came back cuz off those people undercutting you or people keeping the prices low
Auctions not getting sold could just as easily be because the stuff isn't in demand.
Luck is not on your side OP.

The AH is driven purely by the principle of supply and demand. And to a certain extent you yourself can influence the supply and demand - given enough money and time.

What you are suggesting is for Blizz to start limiting the supply within the system.

Which is exactly what oil producers do and which is why we have to pay so much for a barrel of oil.

And is that good?

Only for the oil producers :)

yeah i get a bit frustrted cuz cant find any good demand off suply:)
but i changed a profesion into JC cuz i am shure that soon there will be some epic gems so i will make some gold out off that :)
competition and inflation are two old hags with pointy wizard hats and 17 cats, beware!!!
23/05/2011 14:36Posted by Baardeman
but i changed a profesion into JC cuz i am shure that soon there will be some epic gems so i will make some gold out off that :)

Haha - a proper World of Warcraft capitalist has been born :))

Good luck!!
thanks :)

but at 22:57 i am 501 JC already :p
Prospect ores>make DE food out of common gems that dosent sell for more than 20g atm on AH>make enchanting scrolls from thoes enchanting mats or sell enchanting mats alone.

Prospect ores>craft rare gems, sell rest of common gems on AH.

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