directx 11 vs directx 9 for WoW

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Hi all,

Sorry if the following has been addressed/discussed elsewhere already.

I have read in some threads over the internet that WoW in directx 11 capable graphics cards may run up to 50% faster. This seems to be quite an exaggeration but in any case my question is the following.

Currently I run WoW on an Nvidia GeForce 230M (512M dedicated RAM, directx 10.1 capable, 3DMark2006 ~5500).

Would an ATI Radeon HD 6470M (512M dedicated RAM, directx 11 capable, 3DMark2006 ~ 5000) supported by a core i-5 compared to the current core 2 duo actully give better gaming performance for WoW? Would directx11 actually compensate for the lower (according to 3DMark2006) general performance?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

You would see better performance with the faster laptop yes. DirectX 11 support will use various memory optimizations to improve game performance overall, so you should see a notable improvement overall over a lower system.

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