Patch 4.2: We Bid Thy Keyring Adieu

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World of Warcraft has evolved quite a bit since the day the Keyring bag slot was added in patch 1.11. When implemented, this Keyring provided players with a convenient way of storing dungeon, quest, and other keys automatically. Back when the largest bag was a mind bottling 18 slots - rumoured to be bottomless - the Keyring helped save precious bag space. But as things tend to do, time went on, bags got bigger, and designs for gating content (literally and figuratively) evolved through the years.

In today’s Azeroth, keys don’t really serve much of a purpose except to take up physical storage space from the game (which could be used for other awesome stuff), and visual interface space on yours. Because of this, we’ve decided to get rid of the Keyring in order to free up some user interface space for exciting new features. This change could also potentially allow us to play around with the amount of default storage space you’re allotted down the road. So, what does this mean for you and the keys you might not have looked at in the last couple expansions or so?

We’re currently working on the implementation of a system in patch 4.2 which will handle the removal of the Keyring, while causing you as little hassle with keys as possible. Some keys which no longer serve a purpose in the game will automatically be removed from your inventory. In return, you’ll be compensated for them with their respective vendor sell prices in gold. You might also have random leftover quest keys from outdated quests, or quests which were removed in Cataclysm. Keys that fall into this category have no use and no sell price, as they are labelled as quest items, and will be automatically removed from your inventory. Any remaining keys that might still potentially serve some use in the game will be transferred into your regular inventory. If there is not enough space in your inventory to hold any leftover keys once patch 4.2 hits live realms, the keys will be placed in a backlogged storage system. Once space is made for a backlogged key, the key will take that space after you log out or switch to a new zone (i.e. changing continents, entering a dungeon or Battleground, etc.).

We are continuing to work on new ways of allowing you to better manage the storage of various items in the game, and it is our goal to make sure the removal of the Keyring causes as little inconvenience to you as possible.
This will solve all our problems...


No really, what the hell is this?
So many things need looking at and this is announced in a Blue post?
I just dont get it anymroe...
I read it hoping for hunter buffs to make us viable in arena.

Keys which take place in my bags? No thx. I don't get this change at all.
23/05/2011 17:18Posted by Thrandiel
I read it hoping for hunter buffs to make us viable in arena.

Really? You read a topic titled "We bid thy keyring adieu" and expected news on hunter buffs? /facedesk

You're all a bunch of whiners.
I still have 14 keys in my keyring which serve some kind of purpose. My bank is full already, and I have very little bagspace left for things like quest items and loot from mobs. This change will basically bring my available bagspace down by 14, which means I'll have to get rid of items I actually do want to have (like tier items I collect, etc).

I'm really unhappy with this change. You say it is so you can make more room available in the UI, but right now the keyring button takes as little as 16-20 pixels (maybe 32-40), which is not a lot at all. Losing 14 bagspaces is a much bigger disadvantage than the advantage of having 40 more pixels on my bar somewhere.

I really hope you'll reconsider this change and leave keyrings intact somehow. Otherwise please consider removing the need for certain keys, like the ones for TBC heroics, The Eye of Eternity, Karazhan, etc.
It's kinda a shame but hey, what you gonna do?
We are continuing to work on new ways of allowing you to better manage the storage of various items in the game

Why not wait until these promised storage systems are actually in the game? Is it so important to reclaim the space that tiny button took that you can't hold it off until you're ready to announce "TABARD TAB IS HERE! (ps rip keyring)"
Cool stuff !
Noooooo! Let us keep our keys! Damn it Blizzard, stop removing everything from this game!
It's a good change if it will free up space for you to add stuff, but I hope the keys that need inventory space are few. One is too much for me even, given how much I like to collect item sets. I delete vendor greys because I don't have room for quest items, it's that bad. :P
How about add new stuff (tabard ui, tier set storage etc.) first and remove keyring later?

No? Well why did I even ask, it would have made sense
You know, wouldn't it be better to treat keys like pets and stuff? You use it and learn it, and the "keyring" is no longer that "bag" next to your bags but on a tab like with pets where it shows you which keys you've learned, and thus which doors you can open?

I've got to admit, as it stands, this is one of those "wtf?" design changes that are becoming startlingly common compared to when I started out.
really, if someone has tons of keys which won't disappear and if that someone has no free bag space and will not have more than 1-2 free bag spaces for loot for another month or so, he will be crowded with keys everytime he logs out so he has to trash something? great idea! really.

just return the mounts (mount folder takes some space too) to the old system and get them back to inventory, same as the keys! that should help with free space too
WAIT I just got an idea!
Why not make the Keyring a premium feature? It's not like you can't play without it so no one would complain riiiight?...
Heh, the eternal battle to free up pixels on the main menu bar :P

See if I can remember what they've done so far.

They moved the map button from the main menu bar to the corner of the mini map.
They merged the latency bar into the main menu button.
Then they moved the social/friends button from the main menu bar to the chat window.
Then they shrunk the size of the bags, to be able to squeeze the achievement and PvP button in on the main menu bar :P
And now they remove the keyring, to salvage a few pixels which they are going to use for... whaaaaat exactly? :P

Something tells me that Blizzard will struggle with space on that main menu bar for all eternity :D

As far as the keyring goes, then it's cool. Keys don't serve much of a purpose in WoW anymore, so right now the keyring is just there for the sake of it being there. And that's a bit pointless :)
What will happen with the TBC rings you need to get into Hcs?
i fail to see the advantage in this change... so you saying we have to carry the keys in our normal bags? this is dumb... unless you changing the keyring to a wardrobe where we could store armor and tabards... if not its a lame change and i fail to see the advantage of it.
What we do need is the ability to store our offspec armor in our banks but be able to use it wherever we are without having to lug it round would free up about 19 slots in our bags or 17 if you dont count a shirt and tabard :-p
I hope this is some kind of late Aprils Fool day joke.

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