Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits (From Moon Guard US)

Argent Dawn
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I've used this ( post for a while and I reckon it's good enough to re-post here. There is a similar thread, but in far less detail, on the EU Roleplaying forums that was posted by Ouren.

All credit to Maxen of Moon Guard US for this list.

EDIT: Feel free to make up your own outfits and post them below! I think these posts might be too long to constantly be adding things to, but I'll reserve a final post for new submissions.




Stormwind Footman

Stormwind Knight:

Stormwind Rifleman:

Stormwind Soldier:

Stockade Guard

Stockade Nurse

SI:7 Agent

Stormwind Wizard

Stormwind Admiral

Stormwind Deckhand

Westfall Militia

Duskwood Nightwatch


Stromgarde Footman

Stromgarde Knight

Stromgarde Scout


Lordaeron Footman

Southshore Guard

Hillsbrad Footman

Tirisfal Footman

Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras Marine

Kul Tiras Wizard

Kul Tiras Admiral

Kul Tiras Deckhand

Kul Tiras Scout


Gilneas Footman

Gilneas City Guard

7th Legion

7th Legion Footman

7th Legion Wyrm Hunter

Silver Hand

Silver Hand Paladin

Silver Hand Champion

Theramore Footman

Northrend Footman

Honor Hold Footman

Baradin Footman

Human Archer

Human Cleric

Human Peasant

Human Militia

Human Miner


Ironforge Guard

Ironforge Thiefcatcher

Ironforge Mountaineer

Gryphon Rider

Dark Iron

Dark Iron Soldier

Dark Iron Sorcerer

Stormpike Guard

Dun Garok Mountaineer

Bael'dun Soldier

Wildhammer Sentry

Menethil Sentry

Red Dwarven Soldier

Blue Dwarven Soldier

Green Dwarven Soldier

Dwarven Cleric

Mountain King




Hippogryph Master

Sentinel Warrior

Moon Priestess

Demon Hunter

Wyrm Rider

Restoration Druid

Druid of the Fang

Druid of the Claw

Druid of the Stag

Highborne Mage


Exodar Peacekeeper



Gnomeregan Infantry

Gnomeregan Medic

S.A.F.E. Operative

High Elf

High Elven Ranger



Orgrimmar Grunt

Ogrimmar Soldier

Horde Scout

Frostwolf Grunt

Horde Guard

Grom'gol Grunt

Orc Blademaster

Orc Shaman

Northrend Grunt



Kor'kron Elite

Blood Elf

Blood Knight

Sin'dorei Ranger

Silvermoon Guardian



Bluffwatcher Elite



Forsaken Deathguard

Forsaken Dreadguard

Royal Apothecary

Forsaken Apothecary



Sen'jin Watcher

Shadowprey Guardian

Troll Shaman

Troll Rogue


Bilgewater Cartel

Bilgewater Soldier

Bilgewater Scout

Goblin Sapper

Steamwheedle Cartel

Booty Bay Bruiser

Ratchet Bruiser

Gadgetzan Bruiser

Goblin Engineer


Argent Dawn Footman

Argent Dawn Templar

Argent Crusader

Cenarion Circle

Cenarion Warrior

Scarlet Crusade

Scarlet Infantryman

Scarlet Champion


Syndicate Footman

Syndicate Bandit



Twilight Cultist

Twilight Zealot


Defias Bandit

~Links~ - A fantastic looking blog with a series of items and outfits, including pictures. - A list created with Transmogrification in mind. It shows every BoE green item set (for example, Seer's Armor of the ... ) with a handy link to a saved comparison including those items! - Specifically just cloth sets, but a visual guide to pretty much every cloth 'set' out there, from greens to epics! Fantastic. - (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants, posted by Töki of The Maelstrom (EU). Does what it says on the tin! - Tents! Glorious tents! Fyne's post here details more.

7th Legion

7th Legion Sentinel - Suggested by Aerandul
Helm - Helm of the Grave
Chest - Cult's Chestguard
Shoulders - Pauldrons of the Abandoned
Gloves - Gloves of Calculated Risk
Belt - Depraved Linked Belt
Legs - Leggings of Colossal Strides
Boots - Boots of the Renewed Flight
Cloak - Drape of the Skyherald
Weapon - Brutal Gladiator's Longbow

Kul Tiras
Alternative Kul Tiras Marine - Suggested by Proeliator

Single-shouldered leather Cataclysm sets - Suggested by Aerandul

Green version - Feather Lined Legguards, Bruised Vest, Burden of Time, Gloves of Honor's Stand, Frog Boots, "Swamp Eye" Belt
Brown version - Yeti Hide Britches, Riptide Vest, Shrug of the Crazed, Craggy Handgrips, Sandals of Glorious Life, Belt of the Scattering Wind
Red version - Leggings of the Verdant Oasis, Pratt's Handcrafted Vest, Shoulder of the Ogre-Nabber, Savage Handwraps, Swabbie's Booties, Field Agent's Belt
Blue/ Black version - Vest of Flowing Water, Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry, Treads of the Seeker, Belt of Natural Essence, Booty Bay Pantaloons

"Alliance" Mail quest rewards - Suggested by Aerandul
Light Blue & Gold set -
Head - Corroded Helmet
Shoulders - Angor Pauldrons
Chest - Fuselight Chainmail
Legs - Ghostcaller's Leggings
Gloves - Fastfuse Gloves
Bracers - Bear Hug Bracers
Boots - Den Whomper Boots
Belt - Belt of the Unfooled

Dark Blue & Gold (Missing Helm and matching boots)
Shoulders - Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons
Chest - Dark Vessel Breastplate
Legs - Legguards of Caution
Gloves - Swamp Gas Gauntlets
Bracers - Jintha'Alor Bracers
Boots? - Glass Encrusted Boots



Alternative Silvermoon Guardian - Suggested by Tarethios
Chest- Cindercloth Robe & Silvermoon Doublet, OR Robes of Ghostly Hatred
Gloves - Gloves of Tyri's Power
Shoulders - Starfire Mantle
Weapon - Sin'dorei Warblade
Shield - Sword Breaker's Bulwark


Alternative Deathguard - Suggested by Ozzmaister
Use Heavy Mithril Shoulder on the original outfit mentioned above.

Alternative Royal Apothecary - Suggested by Ozzmaister
Use Robes of Arugal, Gilnean Acolyte's Robe or Gilnean Apprentice's Robe in place of the chest item mentioned above.

Alternative Forsaken (Grand) Apothecary - Suggested by Ozzmaister
Use Relentless Gladiator's Felweave Amice in place of the shoulders mentioned above.

Forsaken Deathstalker - Suggested by Ozzmaister

Alternative Forsaken Dreadguard - Suggested by Akru

Alternative Forsaken Deathstalker - Suggested by Akru

Forsaken Royal Dreadguard - Suggested by Akru

Dark Stalker / Deathstalker Elite / "Dark Ranger" - Suggested by Akru



Alternative Necromancer - Suggested by Karína
Head: Nightsky Cowl (BoE world drop)
Shoulders:Black Mageweave Shoulders (BoE, crafted)
Chest: Arcane Robe (BoE, world drop) Alternatively, Robes of Arugal
Hands: Silver-Thread Gloves (BoE, world drop)
Waist: Runecloth Belt (BoE, crafted)
Feet: Recruit's Boots (BoE, warrior starting boots, or can be bought here:
Main hand: Moonstone Wand (Good if your character can't wield staves)
Offhand: Horde: Out-of-Date Manual; Alliance: Venomous Tome

Crown Chemical Company Technician - suggested by Fyne? Or Akru.

As pointed out by Akru, the gloves should be purple rather than grey. Replica Shadowcraft Gloves come close.
Jesus! Very nice.
Indeed, kudos to both you Aerandul and them americans.
Importing Normie's List which was posted by Ouren as well, as a supplementary list. The thread from which this comes is mentioned in the first post of this thread.

05/11/2010 18:37Posted by Ouren
Greetings fellow Roleplayers!

I was searching around for props suitable for roleplay events/scenes etc and came across this list of RP gear I think you may happen to find useful in the future! From the US forums I present to you:

Normie's RP Gear list!

How to find good RP items?
Control Click!
From what i've seen, the best way to find a good RP item is use the 'Dressing Room' feature, by simply Ctrl + Clicking quest rewards, vendor items, or even Auction House items you can find a nice full set of RP gear!
Below is gear I€™ve found that could be used in various RP situations.
-------i. Main Hands-------
------ii. Off hands----------
------iii. Misc Items--------
------iv. Outfit Examples-
------v. NPC outfits--------
Main hand Farming
[6] Farmers broom -
[7] Farmer's shovel -
[25] Pitchfork -
Main hand Food
[12] Broken Wine Bottle -
[21] Cookie's tenderizer -
[36] Last years mutton -
[56] Last months mutton -
Off Hand Flowers
Wildflowers - and
Roses -
Suntouched Flowers-
Bouquet of Red Roses -
Black Rose-
Bouquet of Black Roses-
Bouquet of White Roses-
Off Hand Light sources

Grayson's Torch - ( Very easy to obtain, both factions )
Nolkai's Lantern -
Everglow Lantern -
Beacon of Hope -
Deep Core Lantern -
Torch of Austen -
Elune's Lantern -
2h light sources

Torch of Retribution-
Other Off Hands

Captains wheel shield -
Tork Wrench -
Arclight Spanner-

Nightglow Concoction -
Tier of Grief -
Tears of Heaven -
Flask of Forest Mojo

Mug O' Hurt -
Ritual Stein -
Seer's Fine Stein -
Hurley’s Tankard-
Disciple’s Stein-
Ornate Drinking Stein-
Kreeg’s Mug-
Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe-

Furbolg Medicine Pouch -
Khadgar's Knapsack -
Jin’do’s Bag of Whammies-
Books- , this is a list of all the current books you can wield :)

Stitches' Femur -
Sapphiron’s Wing Bone-
Blackwood’s Thigh-
Basilisk Bone-

First mate hat -
Blood Elf Bandit Mask --
Admiral’s Hat-

Crochet hat -
Crochet vest -
Crochet pants -
Crochet belt -
Everlast boots -
05/11/2010 18:38Posted by Ouren
[Normies RP Props/Gear List! - Continued]

Crochet hat -
Deckhand's shirt -
Solliden's trousers -
Knitted Sandals -
Canvas gloves -
[45] Fish - Rockhide Strongfish -


Party Events
Lovely dress -
Black Ogre Kickers


Stormwind Guard

Imperial Plate Helm-
Imperial Plate Chest - -or-platemail
Imperial Plate Legs- -or- platemail
Imperial Plate Boots-
Nightfall Gloves-
Imperial Plate Belt-
Shoulders-Imbued -or- Blue Dragon Scale -or- Imperial…there are lots…
Shield- Aegis of Stormwind-
Eerie stable lantern -

Orgrimmar Grunt

Chest-Wardens Wraps- or sentinel’s
Foot-Wardens Footpads-
Belt-Wardens Waistband-
Bracers- Warden’s Wristbands-
Legs- Wardens Woolies-
Gloves- Wardens Gloves-

Scarlet set 1 [30-40]

Shoulder: -or-

Scarlet set 2 [40-50]

Helm-Commander's helm-
Belt-Anything red
Shoulders-Tyrant's -or- Herod's -or-Ragesteel-or-Anything Red
Shield-Aegis of the Scarlet Commander -
Or an embossed set

Scarlet set 3 [1-16]

Body-The Raider’s set
Head- Ruby Shades-

Argent Dawn Set

Helm-Avenguard -
Boots-Field Plate
Belt-Anything White/Silver

Chainmail Set

Eroded Mail Armor-
Eroded Mail Belt-
Eroded Mail Boots-
Eroded Mail Bracers-
Eroded Mail Circlet-
Eroded Mail Gloves-
Eroded Mail Pants-
Eroded Mail Shoulderpads-

Bloodsail's Buccanners Set


Add anything you wish that may not be in this list!
Also, thread added to "useful threads: setting and roleplay" sticky.
Silvermoon Guardian

I'm not sure that's really the best possible, at least in my own opinion. Here's something I made up:

As the items can't be seen in the picture, here's the list:
- Gloves of Tyri's Power
- Sword Breaker's Bulwark (there could be a better shield, but this matches the size)
- Starfire Mantle
- Sin'dorei Warblade

Also, in the picture 1. I've used Cindercloth Robe combined with Silvermoon Shirt. The robe doesn't look as fancy as the original, but it has shorter sleeves. In the picture 2. I've used Robes of Ghostly Hatred (Sunfire Robe shares the model and colour) for a fancier robe, but long sleeves.
The Argent Dawn shoulders are apparently no longer available, nice list anyway. In the comments section someone noted

as a good replacement.
Added your outfit to the 5th post, Tarethios.
Some might find this site useful, then:
Fantastic thread, Aerie. Very useful.
The Kul Tiras ones are nice, and I've seen them before - it helped for some inspiration.

But now, I personally think I've improved:

With ours:

Considering we're basing it off:

But otherwise, very good. The Admiral was nailed perfectly (perhaps consider using Disciple's Boots).

Pardon my rant.
Bump, because I think more sets are important.
Not bad, a good standard guide.
Slight update - have just added a new set and its recolours. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the pants to match the dark blue/ black version. If anyone has any idea where to find said pants, please let me know!

Green version - Feather Lined Legguards, Bruised Vest, Burden of Time, Gloves of Honor's Stand, Frog Boots, "Swamp Eye" Belt
Brown version - Yeti Hide Britches, Riptide Vest, Shrug of the Crazed, Craggy Handgrips, Sandals of Glorious Life, Belt of the Scattering Wind
Red version - Leggings of the Verdant Oasis, Pratt's Handcrafted Vest, Shoulder of the Ogre-Nabber, Savage Handwraps, Swabbie's Booties, Field Agent's Belt
Blue/ Black version (Missing pants) - Vest of Flowing Water, Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Gloves of Fanatical Zealotry, Treads of the Seeker, Belt of Natural Essence
With the upcoming 4.3 transmogrification, I believe this thread needs some new life! If you have an outfit that would match a profession, or something you just want to show off as fashionable, jot it down here either with the item command, or a screenshot of the set in modelviewer, accompanied by the items it is made up of, and I'll add it into the post!

Right now I'm working on getting hold of that 7th legion sentinel outfit I posted earlier, but Naxx 25 is a little harder to do with a handful of friends than Naxx 10. :(

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