Ask the Devs #10 Questions – Damage Dealing

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This week’s topic is: Damage Dealing


LOCKED. Tallying votes and seeking answers.

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To improve balance, have you considered giving weaker dps characters such as frost mages support abilities that buff the whole raid? This would then make pve balanced while not making frost mages even more powerful in PvP.
why have armor Against normal attak and not to spell attak?
Will damage (and healing) ever be given a a debuff done in arena ? to slow WOTLK spike in HP happening again ?
Will we ever see an in-game damage meter to replace recount ?
Is there any plan address the issues of rogue dps when target switching?
What is your philosophy of the AOE balance?

For example: Demo locks have immolation aura, infernal, whirlwind, demon leap and hellfire. Arcane mages got a weak arcane explosion.
Damage dealing - Warlock pets

Are you planning any updates or anything at all regarding warlock pets?

New skin colours or update their appearence since some look like a gameboy toon. Or maybe even a new demon?
currently, several specs (demonology locks, frost deathknights, retribution paladins, fire mages) have an AoE attack in their single target rotation (hand of gul'dan, howling blast, holy wrath, living bomb). with the current focus on crowd control, how does this fit in your overall design?
Only one warlock spec for pvp, is it fine ?

One question is not enough since, you don't care about the whole cr*p design you made for locks. SO much to say.......
This will inevitably be said so get it done now:

Fights generally favour ranged (some can be done with no melee, but can't be done with no ranged). Any changes going to happen, such as spell immunity phases(a casters phase they can't dps)?
Are there any plans to reduce the level of RNG in certain damage specialisations (Shadow Priest seems to be one of the worst affected)?
"any thoughts on the differences in skill required for many of the different DPS specs, some specs have a much easier time of achieving strong damage than others, for instance feral druid is (in my humble opinion) vastly more complicated than fury warrior"
Would you consider heightening dps requirements for stuff or just generally involve them more in fights than a mere interrupt which can now be covered by tanks (and healers to a lesser extent)? Most raid fights nowadays don't seem to have any steep dps requirements bar stuff like Cho'Gall and Sinestra, not to mention DPS can basically do a third of their 'potential' dps in heroic dungeons and still get away with it.
To me this seems to be the core reason there's a lack of tanks or healers: you can't be as horrible as those roles without getting called out on it.
In tier eleven, a common problem for melee DPS was that the encounter mechanics were often extremely punishing towards them, while far less so for ranged DPS. For example, Elementium Monstrosity's Electric Instability before it was changed or Sinestra being difficult to attack from behind.

Will there be a greater melee friendliness, or added difficulty to ranged DPS for encounters in the next raiding tier(s)?
The role of Damage Dealer in dungeons currently has the most forgiving requirements for group success, in terms of both gearing and performance, while the majority of responsibility is placed on healers and tanks.
The repercussions have seen a large number of players moving away from healing/tanking and into dps'ing, as it allows for what is seen as an easier and hence more enjoyable experience.

Are there any plans to balance the performance requirements and responsibility for dungeon success across all group members?
How are you going to address the great disparity in damage between ranged dps and melee dps in most raid encounters?
Classes with high burst and low ramp up time are better off on swapping fights, which other classes pump out damage by multi-dotting. What way are you planning future encounters? With any chance of intresting fights (not just the pew pewing with the odd movement or interrupt)
Has there been any thought towards designing an instanced "practise mode" for raid boss encounters? Allowing a dps to enter the instance and have a virtual tank or healer accompany them into a raid boss encounter so they can get used to the boss's mechanics and abilities. Or some other way of getting used to a raid boss, without having to pull in 9 other players?
Since Hunters can no longer practaclly control what their pet can do, and removed the happiness so they do less damage, and Survival and suffered a big nerf, would you be making any big improvements to Hunters or their pets?

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