Ask the Devs #9 Questions - "Tanking"

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This week's topic is "Tanking"


LOCKED. Tallying votes and seeking answers.

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Now that the trade-off choice of using holy power for either threat/damage or healing has been all but removed due to PvP, combined with getting even more holy power from Avengers Shield, are there any plans to make holy power an interesting mechanic that offers real choice?

Currently there is little reason to spend multiple talent points to boost healing that can only be done once in a while, which either promotes sitting on full holy power until the WoG cooldown is up, or using it to gain even more un-needed threat (my last raid I was at triple the threat of the highest dps).

Not to mention that holy power does not scale in a linear fashion; its only ever used at 3 stacks because using just 1 or 2 stacks is completely wasteful, which makes the 'combo point' mechanic fairly pointless?
As dps increases with tiers, tanks will get more and more trouble with threat, but if survival stays the way it is now, we won't be able to afford losing any to threat stats.

my question:
are you planning to make threat stats more appealing to tanks so that we can afford to lose some survival in order to keep threat up?
As it stands, threat only tends to matter at the very start of a fight. Are there plans to make the start of a fight less reliant on everything connecting, or have threat matter more in the middle of a fight?
It appears that the skillcap for an average tank needs to be way higher than the skillcap for an average dps. Tanking a heroic today means taking alot of responsibility and to me that´s the reason there are so few tanks in the LFD system.

Is tanking supposed to be that much harder than dpsing? Or could we be seeing a change where dps needs to do more?
In the next patch, feral druids are going to lose attack power from strength jewelry and cloaks, and warrior and paladin tanks are going to gain a chunk of avoidance from strength to parry rating. Are there plans to restore this balance?
Right now, the [Vengeance] buff tanks gain when being hit is very broken. Threat (right now) only matters at the start of a fight, vengeance increases threat when the initial pull is far behind, thus giving no real bonus.

question: Are there any plans to revamp the Vengeance buff to (example) something like a cooldown that gives you a certain amount of threat?
Currently DK tanks are suffering serious QoL issues because of rune tetris. The need to keep BB up while maintaining maximum DS/Min means you're spending all of your time watching those rune bars while trying to juggle normal tanking duties at the same time.

Is there anything in the works to make our lives a bit easier? Even something as simple as having RE proc a Death rune intead of whatever it happens to be on would be a godsend as we'd no longer have to work everything around not using RS when both blood runes are down in order to game the RE system to give us more F/U/D pairs.
Protection paladins appears to me just being a "spam" class. Spam spells that are off CD until you get three holy power. Then use Shield of the righteous or Word of glory.

Any plans on making paladin tanking a bit more rotation-ish?
Any chance of bears getting some way of moving casters? Every other tank has a ranged silence as part of their basic toolbox and it's kind of unnecessarily absent for bears. It doesn't even have to be a ranged silence (since we are such a physical tank) eg. an ability that lets us grab a mob in our mouth and carry it for a couple of seconds. Some way to forcibly relocate a single caster would be very helpful.
Tanks in lower lvl dungeons have about 50% or more of total group damage. Are there any plans on adressing/adjusting this issue, because it makes the dps in these dungeons kind of obsolete, doing damage should be their job.
Will we ever see the return of alternate tanking classes/specs such as enhancement shamans, arms warriors, beast mastery hunters or demonology warlocks? I'm talking mainly about low level dungeons and maybe 85 heroic dungeons.
Should tailors have a tanking cloak embroidery? While the melee embroidery, the 1000 AP proc can be used as a tank, it's only a very minor threat buff (and a minor Savage Defense buff for Druids).

Yeah, I managed to roll a tailor tank alt, because that was the only profession I didn't have yet.
You released the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter to give healers a different perspective (more like the role of a DPS). Are there any plans to make an equivalent encounter for tanks?
At the moment, tanks need to use addons to see threat levels and clearly see which mobs they have aggro with. With all the recent changes and updates being made to the UI, are there any plans to make seeing threat levels and aggro easier and clearer?
At the moment threat is only a problem in the beginning of fights (and usually very much so), but after about a minute in you have more than you will ever need and it doesn't matter anymore. Will you do anything to attempt to fix this or is it intended?
For a past few months Blood Death Knights have been commenting on several issues currently affecting the way we tank. Rune tetris, cooldown costs, rune priority conflicts and perhaps most importantly, our mastery.

What is Blizzards position on these issues? Are you happy with how Blood Death-Knights have turned out in Cataclysm?
As there are efforts to increase the number of tanks to help dungeon queue times, are there any plans for in game tips, or a 'target dummy' equivalent to help newcomers to the role?

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