25-man Raid Progression

Argent Dawn
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Also seems noone posted of our Rhyolith kill.
The Burning Orb got Majordomo this evening :)
After a #@!% wipe at 0.4% we now got Baleroc down!
BDS downed Beth'tilac.
Rhyolith down for Theramore Vanguard :)
Ryolith down for us :D With achievement :p
Baleroc down 24.07.11 - 22.00
Ragnaros down for The Shadowstalkers at 23:25.
Rag down by The Shadowstalkers
Rag down by TBO
Alysrazor down ~20:35
Alysrazor down!
Shannox heroic down for The Shadowstalkers 23:22.

Edit: Rageface heroic.
Baleroc downed by BDS.
Majordomo deaded.

Power of the last try *flex*
Baleroc downed by Theramore Vanguard on the 9th.
Lunatics Convention, MajorDomo down.......finally. 16.08 - 22.24
Heroic Shannox dead by TBO.
Lord Rhyolith (Heroic) down for The Shadowstalkers.

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