25-man Raid Progression

Argent Dawn
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Theramore Vanguard got Alysrazor down tonight.
BDS downed Alysrazor tonight, she also dropped a sweet mount.
The Shadowstalkers downed Majordomo on heroic, 21:58.
Theramore Vanguard killed Majordomo Staghelm, Ragnaros left.
Lunatics Convention just downed Ragnaros.
Beth'Tilac downed on heroic (22:58) after a successful night of raiding!
Killed before nerf.
Alysrazor downed on heroic 22:58
Forgot to update TBO Hc Ryloith thurs 22/9/11 should have had alys too..
25/09/2011 14:07Posted by Windyboo
Forgot to update TBO Hc Ryloith thurs 22/9/11 should have had alys too..

You never announced your own kill, so I looked it up myself, and WoWProgress had you listed at approximately the 23rd. It has since been corrected, and so has the post here.

As for Alysrazor, you have no record of this kill in your logs (WoL), WoWProgress, or the progress of some of the guild members I looked up on Armory, so I can't write you up as having that kill until it is substantiated further.
no i wasn't posting an alysrazor kill thanks. If you had read it properly it states we 'should' have had the kill as was we killed her tonight 25/09/11

i should however have put 'we forgot to update Ryo kill' as thats what it is meant not you forgot.
And Ragnaros down for Theramore Vanguard.
Heroic Baleroc down by The Shadowstalkers (23:21)
Grats on the Raggy kill Theramore Vanguard!
Heroic Majordomo down 26/09/11 for The Burning Orb
Heroic Shannox down by Theramore Vanguard.
Slacking guildies:
Heroic Lord Rhyolith down 23/9/11 by Seventh Flight.
Heroic Alysrazor down 2/10/11 by Seventh Flight.
Heroic Beth'tilac down by TBO on 9th Oct
Seventh Flight just downed Majordomo Staghelm Heroic (25)

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