25-man Raid Progression

Argent Dawn
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Thursday 1st of december TBO killed Morchok/Zon'ozz/Yorsaj/Hagara
Sunday 4TH of december Ultraxion/Blackthorn
Monday 5th of december Spine

Sunday 11th december Madness (full clear thursday)

Good week for TBO but TBH should have got madness alst week.

Thanks for your continued updates to the thread.
Yor'sahj Heroic down.
Pretty sure you're not raiding 25s any more, Nath. :P
Wait... wrong thread
On Dec. 13th we kille Blackthorn. Good night...
Spine of Deathwing completed.
Morchok HC is dead
Madness of DW down. Satisfying.
Theramore Vanguard got Warmaster Blackhorn tonight. We got the others some time ago but I don't think anyone bothered notifying, apart from Ultraxion, who we have yet to kill on 25.
The burning orb

Hagara heroic 25 man kill

15/01/12 2130 ish

3 secs after she enraged.
Theramore Vanguard finally got Ultraxion on 25-man tonight.
Nathadir just wanted to let you know that you've got Seventh Flight on Ultraxion 25man normal kills twice, the 3rd one is Theramore Vanguard instead.
Theramore Vanguard has been running 10-mans for a few weeks, but tonight we got 25 together again, and killed Spine and Madness (25 normal).
Though we are technically running 21-man to 24-man raids lately, we did clear all normal content on 25-man difficulty now (been doing 2x 10-man spine/madness for a while in between). I don' think we need a 21-man, 22-man, 23-man or 24-man progression topic though, so posting here ;-)
After trying to get more 24-man kills and having 5% wipes, we decided to conform to the norm and did heroic morchok with 25 peeps on 25-man.

We being Blackrock Diving School, of course! :)
Theramore Vanguard killed Morchok heroic 25 tonight!

...is this still being updated?
Fallen to dismay, move along people should be un sticked.

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