How to completly disable p2p?

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I'm gona change house soon and i will be using a improvised connection till the ISP has time to go there and install the connection. And i'm having troubles using some stuff like p2p, it lags me alot and sometimes just crashes as soon as some p2p connection starts.

So is there any way to disable completly p2p in wow? or just disable the background downloader so i only download when i'm in a stable connection?
If its possible to disable the downloader that would be even better since i have limited bandwich. =p

Hi Celdyn

On the Launcher, go to Options, then Downloader Preferences, then un-tick Enable Peer-to-Peer Transfer and press OK.

This should disable the p2p component of the downloader. However note that the game itself communicates via ports used for p2p connections, so you may continue to experience this issue. As such you may need to contact your network provider if the problem persists.
Thanks for the fast answer. =)

Is there any way to change the ports the game uses? or any way to reach the ISP via other ports, port forwarding maybe?
How can I disable in mop beta downloader?

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