[A] Revival on Draenor recruiting 1/7 HC 25 man

Hello and thanks for reading this.

Revival is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, who contains mature people aged 18 and above aiming to clear all the content and aiming for server first or atleast alliance first guild. The officer team and GM has been running a raiding guild for almost 6 years now.

We're raiding during:

Wednesday: 20:00 to 00:00
Friday: 20:00 to 00:00
Sunday: 20:00 to 00:00
Monday: 20:00 to 00:00
Invites start 15 min prior to raid start.

During the weekdays we raid every 2 days, leaving people with a chance to do social activities, and catch up on stuff the are falling behind on. We have implemented 15 minute breaks every raid, about halfway through.

What we're currently recruiting:
Druid - (only exceptional players considered)
Rogue - Dual Specced Rogue, with one of them being a subtlety specc for survival fights.
Shaman - Enhancement and Elemental
Priest - Shadow
Paladin - Holy
Mage - (only exceptional players considered)
Warlock - (only exceptional players considered)
Hunter - (only exceptional players considered)
Death Knight - (only exceptional players considered)
Warrior - (only exceptional players considered)

The raid team exists of more than the 25 players needed for a raid, to allow the raidleader the luxury of creating the best possible raidsetup. So being on reserved is someone nearly everyone can expect to be on from time to time, excluding the main tanks.

What we expect from our raid members:

Our requirements are the standards of each and every self respecting raiding guild that being;

* Having a brain and using it.
* 75% raid attendance per month (12 of the 16 raids).
* The ability to communicate on Teamspeak - You NEED a working microphone.

* A mature personality with the ability to discuss issues rather than rage and cause unrest.
* The ability to provide feedback on yours and others mistakes in a calm and factual manner and not to be upset if someone points out a mistake you made.
* To keep up to date with all raid content & tactics before we get to an encounter and engage in forum discussions with any usefull information you may have.

* To keep up to date with your class and changes that are made to it and to spec/gem/enchant/reforging/gear appropriately within a reasonable time for any changes that occur.
* To be prepared for all raids even if you are due to be reserve you may be called in at raid start. This includes appropriate buffs, food, enchants as well as tactics as mentioned previously.

What we can offer you:

* A stable raid environment and guild
* A proven raiding guild with a pedigree of success.
* A progression focused group of players, who strive to improve at every opportunity.

* An open and honest raid team who admit their mistakes and where constructive criticism and discussion is encouraged.
* A team of players who work towards a common goal and everyone has equal right to input into how they think can that goal can be achieved.

If this feels like the guild you're looking for head over to http://www.Revival-Draenor.eu/ and make an application. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact an officer in-game, I can be found on Shanattah or his alts Nebeth and Shikataganai or the other recruitment officer on Squidditch, or his alts Dyslexik and Longbowjob.
Bumpin' it up - Looking for a healer, aswell as dps.
Up - Still need 1 healer (Priest or Pala) - And a few dps.
Le Bump
Why hello there!
<<< inv healer :)

shakira here !
bump with new progress
Current progress:

Shannox Heroic down!

Still looking for a Holy Paladin aswell as exceptional DPS (Especially shaman DPS).
Hello guys, hope you're all enjoying your new lives on Draenor!
Can always use one more good player - if you know any that is ;-)

- Phamous

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