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If you use an authenticator – and we hope you do – you may soon notice that an authenticator prompt may not appear with every login. We’ve recently updated our authentication system to intelligently track your login locations and, if you’re logging in consistently from the same place, you may not be asked for an authenticator code. This change is being made to make the authenticator process less intrusive when we’re sure the person logging in to your account is you.

We hope to continue improving the authenticator system to ensure the same or greater security, while improving and adding features to make having one a more user friendly experience. If you don’t already have a Authenticator attached to your account, don’t wait until it’s too late.
Was getting scared for a second there haha :)
So if I'm around at Lan partys where we might hop on wow for some time my account and authenticator wont have a heart attack cause I've logged on places where I not usually log on?
Just dont log in there too many times otherwise anyone could log in from that location without your authenticator.

Seems like it could be dodgy.

What about all the people that play mainly from internet gaming cafe's? Anyone could spot your password over your shoulder and log in without needing the authenticator.

Would there be a checkbox to say your logging in at a public computer?

Not sure what your going for here blizz, id rather know my account is secure for the sake of 3 extra seconds entering another number.
A nice move.. but if your machine is infected and sombody has remote access to your machine.. wouldn't it then be able to log into your account from their too?
Also there is an another issue

if u playing WoW on a public PC ( internet cafe etc) and if that PC inflected by keyloger etc. when u finish the playing ur login details still there and if hacker in the same cafe hacker can acces the account without auth code because ip doesnt change very often in public internet areas (internet cafe etc.)

how about that ?

even i like that its very dangerous if u didnt playing with ur own PC !!!
Thank you, Blizzard! I've wanted this for some time already. But: will this also make an authenticator last longer due to using less battery power, or are they set to self destruct, so to speak, after a while anyway?
That is why I pay reasonable price of 45 euros per year for best possible antivirus system and another 45 for backup program, keep my kids out of harazd areas, take weekly backups and use try&decide - security system that prevents your machine from sudden hack or similar.

I know there is never100% safe system but combine all pro-security programs with autheticator (that is not lying around in the apartement!) one should be quite safe.

Thank You very much for this great update! It certainly is good service.
I feel that this change shouldn't be mandatory, despite being a good change. An opt-out option is important. Consider it.
I agree with Geomatician, for me security is more important than 3 seconds of typing in numbers when loging in.
I also agree, i want an opt out option, i don't feel safe anymore.
This has caused a great deal of consternation in the US, partially because it was introduced and then announced.

The general feedback seems to be "Opt-Out please."

It seems that the announcement of the change has gone awry in Europe too. A quick message on the Breaking news section of the login screen would stop most of the panicked posts on this forum.
I don't like it either. I want an option you can turn it on or off. I don't feel safe about this.
I want to type in my 6 numbers each time i log in.
I'd prefer opting out of this one, too. Security is good, and I can live with minor inconveniences like having to type a short code easily.
This is just a crazy idea from Blizzard. You either NEED/WANT an authenticator, in which case it should always be used, or NOT in which case don't have it.

The time spent typing in 8 digits is minimal in comparison to the amount of time folks stay logged in.

Please also read the US forum on the same topic. It's been extended due to too many threads due to positing limits per thread.

Please Blizzard DO NOT implement this.
Yep, another vote for opt out here please.
I just got disconnected, logged back in, no code asked for. Scared the hell out of me.
I know realistically it's probably just as safe but spending those few seconds typing in my numbers gives me peace of mind. :)
I would also like an 'Opt-out' option please. It definately does not feel as secure now.
I do not support this change and would therefore like an option to opt out. I purchased an authenticator in order to have the code requested at every log in as a security measure that I felt gave me the maximum benefit and peace of mind. This change clearly has weakened that security, lessened my peace of mind and changed how something that I purchased works.
That's brilliant, I signed in just now and it didn't come up, I had no idea what was happening until I read on here that it was normal and a new set up.
Also great because I play in bed and can hardly ever be bothered to reach for my authenticator. :P
Any1 who is complaining it takes him 5 seconds to fill in the authenticator is a moron. I don't support this change.

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