Elemental tier 12 set bonuses

I was testing tier 12 gear last night on ptr and from what it is right now:

2-piece bonus:
Fire elemental always resets during first 2 min (Hence 100% uptime) and less gcds wasted on replacing fire totem, since fire elemental has a 2 min duration and searing only 1.

4-piece bonus:
Some people say its useless, but it does increase dps a little because when you hard cast lava burst it becomes "on cooldown" after you cast the spell. Where if you instant cast it, it goes "on cooldown" straight away, hence making the cooldown 1.5 sec shorter.

Also, that instant lvb buff is called "volcano" and seems like i procs even if lvb is not on cooldown.

Overall, 4-piece bonus doesnt seem to be very good, but it definitely isn't useless. And 2-piece bonus looks like a nice dps increase especially in AOE fights (at least if your elemental doesnt go ape!*@! on something that is not even part of the encounter)
fire elemental on aoe fights: dead in first 10 secs, why? dont have aoe avoidance thingie like other pets, its funny to see 1 global cd wasted..

unless they do something to solve fire elemental we have a 2p bonus wich is 80% of the time bugged, so no dps increase.

4p bonus when were on the move yes its nice, when we are static not so much.

this 4p bonus would have been nice as part of the lava surge talent, quite natural, and looking at it... 20% for a 8 sec cd reset for 2 talent pts... nice talent there, awsome budget in creating it..

honestly who the hell comes up with shaman talents and spells? i honestly would like the dev team playing the elemental shaman in all the encounters atm, normal and heroic versions. for them to feel the same pain we do, when a moron arcane mage presses 1 button and makes 80k dps on the pull while we are praying to get a proc or 2 to stay at the middle of the dps table at start, because in the end... meh, only the tanks dont dps more than us because blizz still havent decided to give tanks more pds... rofl

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