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Judging by the datamined and announced gear from Firelands, it looks like there will be a large emphasis placed on Mana Regeneration - 2-sets returning % mana and trinkets providing large amounts of Spirit. Will Firelands fights be heavy on healing and / or will we find ourselves spamming our most effective heal, WotLK style?
with the increase of healing crits does that mean that some future encouters will rely on us getting lucky and critting at the right times, or has the increase in crit healing been made seperate to the content making process?
How comes healers be so invincibul?
Are there any plans for adding new class with healing talent tree in future expansions?
Healing seems to scale very well with INT: with a lot of INT, your efficient spells heal for a lot more, so you can use them instead of the emergency heals, you have a larger mana pool to start with, and replenishment and spirit regen are more effective, whilst healers with low INT are challenged by mana, because they have to use their large heals to keep the throughput up, and can't use very many of them, and don't have much SPI either.

In a world where healers have the levels of INT and SPI on T12 raid gear, how will you keep thoughtful mana efficiency part of playing a healer? Or will reaction times, twich healing and raw throughput overwhelm efficiency again as they did in WotLK?
When on a boss fight, where there is a lot of AoE damage going around, shamans are kinda bad, since the relay on people being close to each other, if not hugged. Are there any plans to change that? Since neither Healing Rain, nor Chain Heal are that good when people are not stacked.
Druid healers are currently #1 HPS healers and they claim it is their right for lacking a mitigation cooldown. Is this your design? If so, across a tier, how much ahead of the other healers do you think is acceptable before you need to re-balance?
Why are restoration shamans only being nerfed in mana efficiency rather than raw healing output. Resto shaman mana efficiency is not an isse in pvp (drinking is relatively easy for a shaman thanks to his healing tools) and in pve this will force the creation of crutch set bonuses to retore the mana longevity you have removed.

Raw healing output in PVP is ridiculous at the moment and it is only going to get worse with the increase in healing crits (exacerbated by the fact crit is already a decent stat for shamans, and tidal waves gives a significant crit boost to one of their heals).

I do not pve but it seems to me that buffs to shamans AOE heals such as chain heal and healing rain would have relatively little affect on PVP but allow a healing nerf to go through on their dirct heals.

Thanks for reading, please rate this up pvpers, and to the resto shamans who do PVE, my intent is not to nerf you, just to re-distribute your strength.
Will we be seeing a mouseover healing UI with mouse assigned spells anytime soon? With the current skill requirements of content an addon to fulfill this is absolutely essential and whilst the well known add-ons are great it must be only a matter of time before you great guys at Blizz decide to implement it!
With Druids relying on HoT's for the majority of thier healing and being the only healer with a resurection that can be used in combat it is prefreable to have at least one resto druid in a 10 player raid as you lose the least from them taking the time to cast the battle resurection compered to dps Death Knights, Warlocks and Druids who have to take time off from dpsing and possiable move into range to cast and when tanking its not a good idea for a druid to shift out of bear form to cast.

So are there any plans to spread in combat resurections to other healing classes/specs as they are best suited and most able to use it and with the fight limit it makes far less of a diffrence how many more than the limit you have.
Any plans for a healing hero class at some point? (never gonna be answered! LOL!)
Paladins have solid tank/raid cooldowns - AM & HoSac (LOH to a lesser extent)
Disc Priests have solid tank/raid cooldowns - PS & PW:B (DH toa much lesser extent)
Holy Priests have a solid tank CD and meh raid CDs - GS & Lightwell/DH
Druids have a solid raid CD - Tranq
Shamans have a solid raid CD - SLT

You said previously that lacking CDs would be a cause for balance - but is the discrepancy in power a problem? I really think Druids/Shamans could use a Tank CD and Holy Ps a much more useful raid healing CD.

I personally liked the move away from spamming certain spells in V4 - so good work there, and I have seen the changes coming for druids mastery and appreciate the difference this will make. Are we expecting the amount of mastery to be the scaling factor for later patches while we are still lvl 85?

As we cant get more "powerful" heals, is this how you intend to allow us druid healers (or Shaman as I believe they get more powerful heals the less health a target has through mastery) to maintain a suitable throughput on fights where tanks and raid members are taking even more damage? OR are you going to scale Int and make our spell power go through the roof and also giving us stupid amounts of mana? I would vote Mastery.

Right now, Nourish and Healing Touch can been like a band aid on a bullet wound where a tank has 220K health. ( spell power of about 7700 and mastery at 18) If it doesnt scale smoothly things could get very scary.
Paladins are fairly often generalized as the tank healers in cataclysm, although we have access to Light of Dawn and Holy Radiance. These spells seem a lot more useful in 25 man where more people are grouped up and with the slight buff to Holy Radiance (10 second less CD) it seems we might be a bit more useful for raid healing. Are there plans to make paladins a stronger raid healer, or will we still see a lot of the tanks health pools?
During Cataclysm, Ghostcrawler said:

"I predict Chakra is going to be the reason players play Holy priests. It's going to be the kind of thing where you try out Disc for a few nights but decide you miss Chakra too much and go back. It's just not there yet."

As designers, do you think it is there yet? If not, do you have plans to make it more interesting? Remove the CD would be a start to allow HPs the ability to stance dance would be a lot more iteresting, imo
With sites like raidbots, stateofdps, WOL how accurate do you find the data and how does it compare to internal data sets you have at Blizzard?

If people make arguments based on this data (admittedly, hard to interpret accurately) do you immediately brush it off as inaccurate?
Have you ever considered creating a 'link' spell for all healers to join / combine healing output or access new spells? .... yea I know... but everyone's asking the obvious questions so thought I'd throw it out there! It'd be great to have a real 'team' feeling for healers within a raid / PvP / etc environment and it'd rock being able to do something like provide 100K direct heals when linked or something :P
How are you going to deal with the discipline priests Divine Aegis? Can we expect nerfs sometimes or will you leave this for us?
Will Holy Priests ever be Arena viable - or with Disc/Shadow ok for that area is it something that you are happy to not waste developer time on?

I can understand that if you dont - but would be nice to play the spec in Arena succesfully at some point.

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