Ask the Devs #11 Questions - Healing

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Will you make healing Archangel worth wasting mana on for short +heal buff? Just increase cooldown and mana gained.
Is there any plans for Prayer of Healing to work with Grace buff? If not stacking it, at least refresh duration.
Any plans to add Shadow spells to be used in priest smite-spec rotation? So will feel more as <Discipline> than <Second Holy>.
Any plans to swap Inspiration and Impowered Renew between tiers?
In raid environment, restoration Shaman are in a situation where moving or spreading out severely hampers our healing. Coupled with sub-par output even on most optimal encounters, it is leading to situations where restoration Shaman are being left out. Is there any plans to re-evaluate restoration Shaman tools for these types of encounters?
Lightwell is hated and loved by most of the holy priests, how about redesigning this mechanic into something else and convert current lightwell into non-stucking-together equvalent to warlock's unique "raid buff" - Healthstone?
Will you change Glyph of Flash Heal to return some mana when <25% player healed, instead of crit bonus, so priest healers will have more prime glyph options! :D

(PS: Inbefore "How low that tank will get before killed" healer sadistic game)
Any plan to cut back on the massive amounts of AoE damage (and so the ability to AoE heal) and return to more of the planned "decision" making style of healing that you aimed at before Cataclysm? Right now there doesn't seem to be any decision other than pushing your AoE heal button the moment the AoE damage comes in and Firelands seems to make this worse.
Even that t11 gonna be non-actual soon, why discipline spirit bonus <requre> you to take Glyph of Penance to uptime almost-100% if you cast per cooldown? Other classes can mainatin this without glyphs.

Maybe it's time to redisign Penance glyph? Say, bonus shoot, that fires off with last shoot of original Penance, but heals other friendly target for effect of one shoot(or damages enemy, if Penance was used so).

Or make it castable while moving *cough cough* PvP nerfbat will come upon us *cough cough*
Not-so-much healing question, but for priests, Glyph of Shadow Protection, since it's outdated, make it -50% manacost?
Will we have cooldown on Rupture visible somehow?
For AOE healing, will you encourage somehow people to spice the one-button aoe spam by some single-target spells which will boost the AOE effectivity?
Divine Hymn is told to be very weak "raid healing cooldown", how about either
1)buffing it for holy, making an "healing VS dmg reduction" equvalent to Power Word: Barrier.

2)buffing it for both, but in special way for each spec, as example you could use Train of Thought talent to drop the cd by some amount whenever some spell cast, and for Holy - increase the critical heal amount from it with statically decreased cooldown. May remove the +10%heal bonus, for overall balance.
Sometimes people skip magic-removal talent for non-priest healers. Will you convert those talents into "spec bonus" as priests have now? So there will be no Baradin Hold pug raids for casuals where no one can dispel debuffs.
There is a huge difference between 25man raid with and without shaman healer, and nerf of Mana Tide Totem to 200% won't fix it. Any plans to share the effect to some other healing class? Like make Resto druid's innervate buffed via talent to work the same way.
Are you going to break "pala->tank, other->raid" healing steriotype?
are there any plans of changing to talent "state of mind" in the holy tree to something usefull?
From raiding in 10-Man, there are some times where pushing Light of Dawn can be quite awesome, but there are far more times I want to use it but I cannot get everyone in front of me to do so. I know altering this would hurt Holy in 25-Man so how about a glyph that reduces it's healing output by a percentage, say, 15% for arguments sake but removes the necessity for players to be in front of the paladin.

This glyph will allow us to us to be more effective at spread AE healing, where Holy Radiance might not be fully worthwhile at a cost to throughput where the conditions are perfect.

What are your thoughts on this?

- Butterzz
In earlier blue posts you mentioned classes feeling weak because they didn't have an interrupt, which causes big problems for healers&casters in PvP, mostly paladins& resto shamans. How do you plan to address this in later expansons/patches?
Discipline priests are very limited to movement as they do not have many spells which they can use while moving. Currently, they can Power Word: Shield, Prayer of Mending and Renew while on the move. This makes movement intensive fights such as Al'Akir Heroic, especcially in Phase-1 particularly challenging for Disc priests than that of other healers.

Renew is a spell that most discipline priests do not even have on their bar because the healing is very low, will almost never save people and they can get more bang for buck elsewhere.

Prayer of Mending has a cooldown, albeit not very long and is the only real effective way of healing yourself while running about. The cooldown makes it unreliable and it procs after you take damage, meaning that if you use this when your on 10k HP you cannot use this to save yourself while running from a mechanic that will kill you anyway.

Power Word: Shield is limited by the weakened soul debuff and has a very large mana cost, but offers no movement speed increase like it does in Holy, which already has more instant cast spells at it's disposal (Desperate Prayer, Holy Word: Serenity, Circle of Healing, as well as all of the above spells)

I think discipline priests have it worst when it comes to doing things on the move, I believe in no way should healing while moving be optimal but I feel it can at least be improved upon.

TL;DR - What do you think of discipline priests mobility in current raiding?

- Butterzz.

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