Can i recruit myself?

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If i was to use recruit a friend from my main account to create a new account, and then use the new account straight away to recruit a friend for a 3rd account, and then log in on both account 2 and 3, can i then level up at the same time both accounts with triple xp, and account 1 and 2 get the rocket mount when i pay for time on account 2 and 3?

Also is this allowed?
Yes it is, providing you are in one of the participating countries you can indeed "Recruit Yourself"
Thanks, i am in the UK
12/06/2011 12:26Posted by Cavalry
Thanks, i am in the UK

Then you are good to go!

Enjoy :)
Greetings Cavalry,

I’m glad to see that Shammoz has already provided you with the answer to your query, and he’s quite right in saying that this is perfectly allowed (and actually rather common, although less so with three accounts involved rather than two).

Depending on how you want to set things up, you can either perform the links as you describe – Account 1 recruits Account 2, which then recruits Account 3 – or you can have Account 1 recruit both Account 2 and Account 3 (if you wanted the Recruit-a-Friend mount on more than one character on your original account, for example). If you’re going to be playing three characters at once then both these set ups would have the same effect on your XP gain, so it’s really down to how you think you’ll want to use them all in the future. :)

Finally, do please be relatively careful when you set things up as it’s sadly not rare for players to end up creating a new account instead of upgrading an already linked Trial account. Our Account and Payment team can still assist with any slip ups, of course.
Thanks Nephadne, they won't be trials as i already have 2 battlechests waiting to use straight off for them, was going to get a friend to recruit and level with me, but he is so slow that i figure i may aswell do it myself as it will be faster lol, and this way i never need ask for help in killing an elite again :D
Hehe, they’ll actually still be Trial accounts temporarily, as that’s what gets created on your account when you make use of the Recruit-a-Friend invitation Key. If you’re upgrading them immediately with Battlechests then you obviously won’t be subject to any Trial limitations though, but you’ll still keep your free 10 days playtime from the ‘Trial period’ as well as the 30 days included with any full Classic account.

Not a bad way to start off! ;)
ooh now this is very good news. I had been wondering about this for some time as I 'need' a third account!
What I would also like to ask is as both my current 1&2 wow accounts are together under one account will I be able, at some point, to add the third account also? so they are under tha same roof?
(Excited now, I too have had classic to cata just waiting to go)

big big smiley face
Hello, sorry for resurrecting this thread - but it was the #1 result on Google under multiple search queries. I have a quick question. It was kind of already answered in this thread but I just want to make absolute sure so I do not break any rules. I love playing with the auction house and therefore want to have a second account, so I can sit there while still being on my main, raiding or what ever.

Would it be against any rules to RE-recruit myself after every time I am awarded with the 1 month?

That way, for every 2 months on my AH account, I get one free, rinse and repeat after the 3rd month. Disable the account, and re-recruit myself. I was thinking of doing this since I just need a level 1 anyway to play the AH, and abandoning the account every 3 months wouldn't matter, as long as I transfer items and gold before-hand.

I would call this a "smart" way of using the RAF service, but I just want to be absolutely sure before risking a ban or any other consequences that may occur.

If you are not a blue, please refrain from posting, since I HIGHLY doubt your answer will be based off of a fact anyway. Thanks in advance :)
Publlc forum, soz :D

- Plan works in theory, except you'd need to upgrade the account every time (starter accounts --can't use the AH)
- If you were to upgrade online each time that'd knock 3 days off each time while the account upgrades
- The month for recruiting goes to your main account, and the free month for upgrading goes to the new recruit
- I believe you can only have 5 active links at a time, each lasting 3 months,
- You cannot recruit an already created account, so you'd have to make a brand new one each time and recruit that,
- You can only have 8 WoW accounts on one
- I'm on a horse.
It would work but I would do it on a second account, then when that gets full use a third, etc.

You would do it this way.
Make a new account
1. Send a RaF email to your new account
2. Use it.
3. Buy Classic Warcraft
4. Use the code on the RaF account in the new account.
5. Get a gamecard for 60 days and use it on the account you upgraded to classic.
After 100 days start again at 1 another 7 times. 10 trial, 30 free, 60 gamecard.

That way will keep you playing account separate from your AH account and get the mount straight away. Using a credit card to pay for it will mean you wait 70 days to get the mount.
10 trial, 30 free, 30 paid for then when the second payment is made and you get the mount.

Edit: You can recruit a account many times but not a Warcraft account (WoW1 etc) inside it that's already been made.
That makes complete sense, thanks, I will follow through with your little tutorial with the exception of doing a 30 gamecard, since that is enough for the free month. The 60 day will reward me the mount, but I don't mind.

So 10 day trial, buy game which includes 30 day free, pay for 30 day gamecard, get rewarded with 30 days on main = Total of 70 days, rinse and repeat by re-recruiting not myself, but a fresh account to avoid any limits. This will essentially mean I have a second account 43% cheaper than usual, assuming the game with 30 days is the same price as a 30 day gamecard, which it is.

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