Newbie PvP Priest

Hello guys i have just dinged my priest to lvl 85 and i will play pvp with him
Can u give me some tips ??
I also want to know the way i should play V melee classes
Thanks alot
Its marksmanship priest or discipline priest ?

marksmanship priest??? lol shadow and disci
Post on your priest so we can inspect it :)
Keep PW:S up at all times. Kite alot. Psychic Scream is your friend. Disperse when they pop CD's/begin a big damage burst, i.e Zealotry for paladin. You can also offensive dispell wings on a paladin. Spec so fade removes movement impairing effects 100% to remove slows. Oh and DP crits for like 10k sometimes the second you put it onthem, so when im kiting i like to re-cast it every now and then.

Just some beginner tips from a beginner.
Solid tips from Vapors ^^

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