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Hi, Subliminal is a fairly new 10 man raid guild, looking specifically for people who want to progress in raids, while obviously enjoying it.

Raid times and days: 20:30-23:30 realm time, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Tanks - Looking for 1 reliable tank who is available for at least Tuesday/Thursday
Healers - Looking for 1 well geared healer
Dps - 1 Skilled melee dps currently (non dk preferably)

Guild site: www.subliminalcoa.guildlaunch.com

What we are looking for in our recruits: We are looking for people who consistently show ambition to progress in raids. As the tier 11 raids have been nerfed heavily, we would prefer recruits to have at least 12/12 normal, because it at least displays decent coordination, regardless of nerf.

Tier 11 normal: 12/12
Tier 11 heroic: no progress yet due to focus on Firelands and starting raiding very close to 4.2 release, although could go back to kill some heroic tier 11 bosses for the odd trinket at some point.
Tier 12: 2/7 (Shannox, Beth'tilac), and several 1% wipes on Baleroc leaving us incredibly frustrated.

If you are interested, please apply at our guild site, or if there is anything missing here or you have a question, let me know in game or leave a post below. Thank you for reading.
Reserved post, in case I reach the limit on the previous one.
We will start raiding before Wednesday at this rate, as long as we get the healers and dps which we desperately need.
Sorry for the lack of updates on this thread, I will be updating more frequently now as we need a few people to fill in the odd raid slot on a couple of nights.
Raid team disbanded, guild on hold until the server picks up, or will close permanently if I decide to transfer/join another guild permanently.

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