Thomson TG789vn - Port Forwarding [Windows 7]

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This is a simple guide on how to forward ports on your Thomson TG789vn.

Why port forwarding?

The purpose of port forwarding is to allow your router to accept incoming and outgoing connections (usually incoming) on ports it doesn't normally have open.
If your router does not accept the World of Warcraft ports, the following problems can occur.

- Stuck on login screen
- Stuck on loading screen
- Launcher will not load
- Can't connect to the server


Difficulty [2/5]

This is for Windows 7 users

1. Click the "Start button" on your lower left of the screen.

2. Click the searchbar and type : cmd

3. Click enter and a window will pop up.

4. Type in : ipconfig

5. Now look for something called : Standard Gateway

6. The numbers the Standard Gateway contains is your Thomsons IP adress

7. Open up your webbrowser and type in your IP adress at the top.

8. You might need some login information.
Try with the following information
*note* This is the default logins

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: Admin
Password: Admin

9. Now that you're logged in, click the "Toolbox" on the left of the screen.

10. Click "Game & Application Sharing"

11. Click "Create a new game or application"

12. Name it "World of Warcraft" and click "Manual Entry of Port Maps", then click "Next"

13. Now fill in the following information:

Protocol: TCP
Port Range: 3724 - 3724      
Translate To ... : 3724
Trigger Protocol: TCP
Trigger Port: 3724

Then press "Add"

14. Now fill in some more information.

Protocol: TCP
Port Range: 6112 - 6112
Translate To ... : 6112
Trigger Protocol: TCP
Trigger Port: 6112

Then press "Add"

15. Then click "Assign a game or application to a local network device"

16. Search for the "World of Warcraft" application you just created and select it.

17. Choose the device in your network that you want to play World of Warcraft on.

18. When you're done, click "Add"

19. Now you're finally done, remember, eat your vegetables and get some epics ;)

20. This is step 20.

Using this method helped me get back on track after buying the Thomson TG789vn from Telia.

Good luck & Have fun

// Tramz


Using this method helped me get back on track after buying the Thomson TG789vn from Telia.

Good luck & Have fun

Thank you for sharing this guide with your fellow players :)
Been there, done that. Doesn't fix loadingscreen issues.
As Svenssonjr noted, this issue does not get resolved by doing this. Many of us don't get any benefit out of forwarding the ports on the router- Not to mention, it fully supports UPnP, so forwarding ports shouldn't even be necessary in the first place as the applications responsible (such as WoW) would be in charge of telling the router which ports it uses.

And besides, this as a solution doesn't make sense. If ports not being forwarded was the problem, we wouldn't ever get past any loading screen, rather than getting past some of them as is the case right now.

In my particular case, I've found that, somehow, the problem is less obvious when double-NATing... basically plugging another router in that sits between the TG789vn and your computer. Doesn't eliminate the problem entirely, mind you, but does drastically reduce its' frequency of occuring. Atleast, that's how it is in my case. Which is working much better than when I didn't double-nat, and had my router setup for port-forwarding similar to how you describe it in this guide of yours.
much love thanks alot ;)
This doesn't fix anything.

Blizzard really needs to step up and do something about this.
Heh, was so happy when i saw this. Did not read the other comments until i noticed the probmlem remained. have done several gm-ticets about this but they are just sending me to this post or telling me to turn of the router for 10 min. nothing works.
Seriously gm. We wanna play arena just as much as the rest of the players. help us
This worked for me...
Amazing guide!
Didn't solve it for me, glad it did for somebody atleast.

Death to Telia and Thomson routers.
Just tell Telia you want an Inteno instead of Thompson crap.
You can also buy Smootping, but it's a paid service thought. I recommend removing Telia and get a another operator as soon as possible, as they will have other issues in the future.

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