The race for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest!

Argent Dawn
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Congratulations! We just finished our raid and zoned back into Stormwind to be greeted by a vast crowd of drakes and a huge Tarecgosa hovering over the city. Very impressive it was!
Congratulations to Hucknell! Well deserved i say!
As the OP, I'd like to take this opportunity to officially congralate Hucknell on being the first player on Argent Dawn to wield Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest!

A very, VERY well done to both him and <The Shadowstalkers> for an awesome job!
Zellivren, will you be making a thread about the two legedanry daggers as well in the next patch?
21/09/2011 20:58Posted by Nýrina
Zellivren, will you be making a thread about the two legedanry daggers as well in the next patch?


I suspect it will be significantly less work to maintain. xD
Big congrats Hucknell!! Well done! :-)
Big Gratz to Hucknell. I am gonna log my Hunter I am leveling on there too see you.
grats to hucknell for getting the legendary
Mid-raid ninja update - I'm on 892 Cinders, Glalyn should have the Branch before the raid ends too, so she'll be waiting for me to finish Cinders some time next reset.

EDIT: Logging out with Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat equipped changes my gender on the forum O.o
The honourable Borin O'Brandin of Theramore Vanguard is siphoning smouldering essences, early stage at that.
939 Seething Cinders now, just Ragnaros left this week. Alysrazor and Staghelm went down on heroic!

Glalyn has her T1 staff and is waiting for me to finish the Cinders part now, which is going to take about another 3 bosses.
annath on stage 2 for Resurrection

gz hucknell by the way on realm first :P
At 80 essences with domo heroic left this lockout.
Im at 181 with baleroc and domo left. Looks like im gonna have to be very lucky to get it next week, i'll probably end somewhere between 245 and 249.
Please be unlucky. <3
Well done Hucknell, hopefully it will keep you from being scraped off the roofs of Stormwind in the future!

An update on Theramore Vanguards collectors:

Borin is at stage four with about 30 smouldering essences

Phim is at stage three with 307 Seething Cinders

Arthenas is at stage three and waiting to collect cinders after Phim

Nakrul is at stage one with 20 collected eternal embers
Please be unlucky. <3

That's not very nice:(

If i hadn't forgot beth the first week of essences i would have been safe, but now i have to be extremely lucky unless we get more heroics down this week.
Just be unlucky enough for me to catch up, eh?
89/250 essences for me.

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