4.2 Known Issues and Bug Reports

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4.1/4.1.0a Known Issues & Bug Reports can be found here:

Patch 4.2 Hotfix Blog can be found here:

Hello everyone,

In this sticky you will find a list of current issues that we are aware of and we also ask that you post all your bug reports as a reply to this thread.

Please note, this sticky is constantly updated and might not yet contain every known issue.


How to Report a Bug - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#2

Known Issues
PC/UI - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#3
General Issues/Professions - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#4
Classes - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#5
Combat and PvP - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#6
Items - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#7
Quests - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#8
Achievements/Feats of Strength/Raids & Dungeons - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#9

Bug Reports
Under Investigation – http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#10

    This section contains issues that have been raised by yourselves and have been passed on for further investigation. While our QA team may not have yet confirmed the issue, this section is here to show that we are aware of it.

Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2313881411#16

    This section explains why some of the more commonly reported issues are not in-fact bugs, but are as designed.

If you are having technical issues with the new patch/game client, please consult our Technical Support Forum for further assistance;

Common Tech Reports

  • If your launcher informs you that you need to download 15Gb of data, just try restarting it a couple of times.

  • We’re seeing some reports from customers reporting that they are unable to install the patch, getting an error in the lines of “Your Installation has been damaged. Please run repair." but giving the identical error after running the repair.

    To resolve this issue please try the following:
    • Run as Admin.
    • Delete Updates folder.

    If you are still having difficulties, please contact our Technical Support team.

Once again, should you encounter an in-game issue that is not described in this thread, please post it as a reply to this thread;
How to Report a Bug

Please post your bug reports as a reply to this sticky, this will help us track and forward all your reports for investigation.

Please read our current known issues sticky thread before posting, bearing in mind that we're concentrating primarily on issues specific to 4.2 changes and content. The problem you’ve encountered may already be listed below.

Please don't feel that you have to post about every problem you run into. It's important that you take into account how often something happens and whether or not you're able to reproduce it.

If something only happens once and the circumstances are a bit fuzzy, it's generally very difficult for us to find out why. Issues that you experience regularly and/or have a very obvious cause are what we're keen to hear about; not only are they easier to identify and solve, their regularly probably means that they're more important to you and thus a higher priority.

Please be sure to write a clear description of the issue with any information that you think may be helpful/relevant.

We are still reading through, investigating and forwarding all the bug reports you guys helped bring to our attention on the previous sticky, thank you for all your reports!
Known Issues

  • Worgen characters in human (Gilnean) form have the same /laugh, /cry, /taunt sound effects as Human characters.
  • Tauren male and female characters appear to be sitting much lower in the saddle of most mounts now.
  • Emotes are canceling some channeling spells (including the new reading emote displayed upon opening your map/quest log).
  • The Raid frames UI are not able to display the amount of stacks of a debuff if the amount is 10 or more.
  • Adjusting the camera angle can cause the screen to turn black.
  • The display of reputations for the Guild Achievement United Nations is incorrect after a server restart.
  • The wings on the Frostbrood Vanquisher mount are not animating properly and have a discoloration.
  • There is a barrel clipping into the side of a wall in the Stormwind City Trade District.
  • Quest objective tracking is being wiped between character logins.
  • There are issues drawing character models in DirectX 11 after the character changes their equipped items.
  • The client fails to display your raid frames and fails to load any Raid Profiles settings after logging in with an already partied character.
  • Dungeon Finder role preferences are being reset.
  • Class colors in the raid frames are not always actively updating when new players join the party.
  • Sea Gull critters are not playing the Fly animation correctly.
  • The Female Worgen's ears will disappear when the player character is in movement.
  • There are multiple NPCs during Hallow's End that still have the Trick or Treat gossip text option available.
  • Characters remain rigid while riding on the Acherus Deathcharger, causing their riding animations to display in a rocking motion.
  • The mount Tarecgosa's Visage has no mountspecial sound.
  • Tarecgosa's Visage lacks takeoff and landing sounds.
General Issues

  • A gametip is displaying incorrect information about the keyring.
  • An area of Crusader's Landing in Dragonblight is displayed as Schnottz's Landing in Uldum, and will port a character to the Obelisk of the Moon in Uldum if killed.
  • Players are being given an error while using click to move to loot corpses.
  • Guild perk abilities can be removed from the player's action bar.
  • Baleroc's portrait on his Guild News entry is the wrong model.
  • In the Firelands sub-zone The Molten Flow, lava textures are not displaying on the mini-map.
  • Using the portal to the Firelands is causing tabard buff icons to be removed.


  • Multiple Enchanting formulas will not be tracked in the Guild profession pane.
  • There is a Heartblossom herbalism node that spawns inside of a rock in The Quaking Fields, Deepholm.

Death Knight
  • Some Death Knight melee abilities are doing too much damage when cast by Dancing Rune Weapon.
  • Death and Decay sound effect does not play if it does not hit a target.
  • Switching specs while you have runes that were converted to Death Runes by an ability can cause the runes to remain as Death Runes until they are used again.
  • Howling Blast does not generate any runic power while under the effects of Freezing Fog.
  • Blood Death Knights Dancing Rune Weapon can cause bosses to de-spawn.

  • Travel Form can not cast for several seconds after leaving the interior of a building.
  • Druid sound effects for Wild Growth, Rejuvenation and Lifebloom all play the "direct heal hit" sound and not the proper heal over time sound.
  • Spamming Typhoon after casting a spell while moving can cause Typhoon to trigger a second global cool-down without activating.
  • The cat form version of the Druid spell Skull Bash will intermittently not interrupt a spell being cast.
  • Druid Flight Form and Swift Flight Form are not flagged as flying mounts for dismissing ground companion pets.
  • The SwimRun animation is popping while in Druid Cat Form.

  • Pets cannot be removed from Prowl without going into combat.

  • The Arcane Mage Mastery Mana Adept is not updating the tooltips of mage spells.
  • Mage is visible to enemy player if the Water Elemental attacks a target while under the effects of Invisibility
  • Ritual of Refreshment is put on cool-down when the casting is interrupted.
  • Ritual of Refreshment does not consume mana when cast.
  • The Mage T12 2-piece bonus is summoning Mirror Images that are aggroing mobs that the Mage has not initiated combat with.
  • Mages lose their run speed boost from glyphed Invisibility if Improved Blink fades.

  • The Paladin spell Light of Dawn has a frontal cone effect that is aiming far to the left on Female Human Paladins.
  • Seals of Command causes an error message to appear when it is triggered by the killing blow.

  • The bubble animation for Divine Aegis is using the Power Word: Shield animation. This is a temporary change until a new effect is implemented: <a href="http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2795069592?page=5#82" class="bml-link">http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2795069592?page=5#82</a>
  • When Priest deals damage to Al'akir or Ragnaros with Smite, the Priest talent Atonement will not trigger a heal to any friendly players.
  • Atonement heals for slightly less than the damage done when talented into Twin Disciplines.
  • Priests are unable to shift to Shadowform while transformed into a Sandstone Drake.
  • Holy Word: Serenity and Surge of Light are not generating stacks of Vital Spark during the Baleroc encounter.

  • Mutilate and Mutilate Off-Hand are incorrectly appearing in the spell book for Rogues.

  • Thunderstorm is not knocking back players standing on the edge of the flame trenches in The Ring of Valor.

  • Some Warlock pets are over benefiting from Mastery.

  • The Warrior ability Intervene is intercepting the Rogue ability Sap, but is not removing the Intervene buff on the Warrior's teammate.
  • Many pieces of the Warrior's Tier 7.5 gear are using textures from the Bloodthirsty Gladiator's set.
Combat and PvP

  • Pets will move to their path location where combat started after combat ends when the "Move To" order is issued before attacking a target.
  • Having a pet while you have guardians active, can result in strange behavior (attacks starting and stopping, changing targets, etc).
  • You are unable to participate in War Games if you are flagged for XP-off.
  • Ordering a pet to attack with no target selected causes the pet to attack the nearest target.
  • Reputation in Arathi Basin is not being granted at the appropriate resource counts.
  • Pets are having problems pathing to targets that are on different levels with long paths to get to their target.
  • Several spells, abilities, and engineering items cannot be used in Tol Barad or Wintergrasp. In some cases this can also affect food and drink.
  • Some talents that apply a second ability with the use of another ability, can sometimes miss (for example Nether Vortex).
  • Players that die and release during a boss encounter at the moment the boss is killed will not receive kill currency.
  • The "dead" flavor Brackenwall Enforcers in Dustwallow Marsh are putting Alliance characters into PVP combat.
  • Wrath of Tarecgosa does not have a chance to proc when DoT ticks are fully absorbed.

  • A BOE item that is Soulbound to you via the Bind on Need system will not have a trade timer on it after it has been traded.
  • Archaeology node tooltips are using incorrect skill-up colors.
  • Some trinkets received in Firelands (Apparatus of Khaz'goroth, Necromantic Focus, Vessel of Acceleration, and Matrix Restabilizer) are displaying incorrect stat values in their buff and item tooltips, the values applied are correct.
  • Horde Balloon and Alliance Balloon disappear when mounting.
  • Pets using a particular squirrel model are appearing inconsistently small in the Companion page preview.
  • Several flying companion pets lack Fly tier animations and are using fallback swim animations as a result.
  • A number of swords including Shadowfang, Protector's Sword, The Horseman's Sinister Sabre, The Horseman's Blade and The Horseman's Baleful Blade are using the same textures.
  • The Lava Bolt Crossbow has metal and gun sounds attached to it.
  • The Argent Hippogryph, Cenarion War Hippogryph and Blazing Hippogryph are playing incorrect sounds.
  • Lava Bolt Crossbow and heroic Lava Bolt Crossbow are unable to be reforged.
  • Haunted buff received from Haunted Memento sometimes gets removed when zoning and does not get reapplied after 3 seconds.
  • The Large Scarab Coffer, and Scarab Coffer in Ahn'Qiraj are locked and unable to be opened.
  • Deathmist Mask has inconsistent texture on all races.
  • The tooltip for Unheeded Warning does not contain correct information.
  • Avengers of Hyjal cloaks are not visible while under the Dragonmaw Illusion.
  • Guild Page will be automatically summoned during login causing it to use it's cooldown.
  • Mounts using the Sandstone Drake model do not have a sound for their /mountspecial.
  • Unequipping the Mandible of Beth'tilac causes any reforged haste stats to revert to their original values.
  • The on use ability for The Overflowing Purple Brewfest Stein is not being displayed in the tool-tip.

  • Malmortis will continue to follow you even after you have completed the quest Disclosure.
  • If you disconnect during the quests Into Constant Earth or Into Unrelenting Flame you will not able to complete or turn in the quests.
  • If you disconnect after filling the progress bar for the quest Elemental Bonds: Patience you will lose the progress bar and will have to drop and reaccept the quest to proceed.
  • If you disconnect during the quest The Nordrassil Summit you will be stuck in a cinematic phase and will have to relog to regain control of your character.
  • If you relog during the Plants vs. Ghouls quests you will not be able to complete the current quest you are on. To continue you will have to drop and reaccept the quest.
  • If you are near to Neutral Goblin NPCs during a Deathwing attack, your reputation with those factions can be decreased if they are killed.
  • There are various issues with progression if you change faction while in the middle of Twilight Highlands quest chains.
  • If you abandon the quest Need… Water… Badly… the escort NPC will not reset until its action are complete.
  • Pets will run into the lava to attack Ragnaros during the quest The Firelord.
  • Some of the chat bubbles in the cutscene for the quest The Nordrassil Summit are centered on the screen and block your view of what's happening.
  • Zone bound items for quests will give an error message if you log into the game from a zone other than the one the item is supposed to be used in.
  • Thassarian is not scaled correctly when mounted on his Gryphon while on the quest The Protectors of Hyjal.
  • There is a typo in the description text for the quest What We Came For.
  • The Piracy buff has a chance to be applied incorrectly if a player becomes disconnected.
  • Players are not able to collect Mature Spore Sacs for the quest More Spore Sacs once they have completed the quest The Sporelings' Plight.
  • Golden Eagles do not move and are stuck in flight animation during the quest Wing Nut.
  • Triggering cut-scenes while in a vehicle will skip the cinematic.
  • Characters sit strangely on the Flying Machine used in Operation: Stir the Cauldron.
  • The quest Those Bears Up There cannot be completed from all available Climbing Tree vehicles.
  • Key NPCs and enemies can fail to appear during the quest The Battle of Darrowshire, causing the battle to never end.
Achievements/Feats of Strength

  • The display of reputations for the Guild Achievement United Nations is incorrect after a server restart.
  • Achievement tracking will persist across character logins.
  • Turning in a quest that requires the character to give gold to the NPC will result in a total loss of progress on The Bread Winner and Justly Rewarded achievements.

Raids & Dungeons

Bastion of Twilight
  • "No Path Available" error when using some movement based spells and abilities like Charge on Heroic Cho'gall trapdoor.

Blackwing Descent
  • It is possible to fall through Nefarian's platform using Blink.
  • Pets can become unable to path normally while in Nefarian's encounter area.

  • Unstable Magma energy regeneration has some visual quirks.

  • During the Sapphiron encounter you will sometimes be hit by Sapphiron's Frost Breath even when you're standing behind an Ice Block.

  • The Molten Slag mobs in the Foe Reaper 5000 encounter can fail to path up the ramp to the upper walkway correctly.

  • Wushoolay will cast Lightning Rod while moving.
Bug Reports
Under Investigation

  • Female Draenei animation does not look correct.
  • Female Night Elf rogues turn their heads very sharply in the direction of the side with which they are attacking - when attacking and strafing at the same time.
  • Player reports that killing a gargoyle results in them dying upright and not flat. This was killing Boneguard Scouts in Icecrown.
  • Player reports that their Night Elf Rogue idle animation is getting interrupted and doesn't do the idle animation as much as it did pre-patch.
  • Games won before 4.2.0 are not counting toward Veteran of the Alliance or Veteran of the Horde.
  • Player reports that Mutilate and auto-attack are not triggering trinkets that rely on a Melee/Ranged attack (Fluid Death and Tia's Grace).
  • Player reports that during the cutscene for The Nordrassil Summit another player appeared and blocked their view.
  • Containment is still available after the key changes in 4.2 and once accepted immediately fails.
  • Reporting disconnection issue on the quests Supplies for the Other Side and The Call of the Pack.
  • Player is reporting that the NPC Tarindrella does not spawn plants when casting Nature's Bite.
  • Player is reporting that they cannot disable raid frames like they were able to before the 4.2 patch.
  • Locksmiths offer keys that are no longer needed in the game. When logging or re-zoning they will disappear from your keyring again.
  • Player reports that during a Firelands raid they were unable to get a flask out of a cauldron. They clicked on it but nothing appeared in their bag and there was no error message.
  • Rogues who Sap and then drop stealth are unable to re-stealth due to being in combat. Alternately, Sap seems to be putting players in combat.
  • Player reports that when you use Saronite Bombs during the add phase in the Alysrazor encounter, the floor breaks and you need to reset and kill trash to fight it again.
  • Pets set to assist are attacking everything around the player, even when the player is not being attacked.
  • Player states that deathknight mount Acherus Deathcharger has eratic and jerky animations.
  • Relic Coffer Keys are instance-bound, making the quest Heart of the Mountain unable to be completed in most runs of Black Rock Depths.
  • Player reports that players who re-log can still show as offline on raid frames.
  • Player reports that there are issues with the API for searching Auctionhouse.
  • Player is reporting that when they use the Dancing Rune Weapon it makes mobs vanish and in some cases, trash respawn.
  • Player's pet will not attack enemies when in Assist mode without being manually instructed to do so.
  • Player jumped right before the boat docked and the boat pinned him between the boat and the dock.
  • Opening the ingame map will cancel Hymn of Hope.
  • Player mentions that every time they open up their main map it cancels out any current fishing casts / bars.
  • Warlock's and possibly Hunter's pets are taking damage while standing on the Lord Rhyolith's platform even before the encounter begins.
  • Player reports if your pet gets Cycloned, you lose your buffs until pet is resummoned.
  • The cutscene for the quest A Wrinkle in Time does not always start for players. After testing this in-game the camera pans up above the Caverns of Time, goes grey, and then gets stuck on a rock looking down at Anachronos from above.
  • If a character has all the quests related to the Shifting Sands storylines unlocked, it can be hard to complete the quest A Wrinkle in Time. Once a player accepts A Wrinkle in Time and speaks to Anachronos, it appears that he does not have any gossip options. It is difficult to tell that one must scroll down to see the quest gossip.
  • There are no Cloth items that contain spirit that drop in Firelands.
  • Beth'tilac not dropping 200% buff when raid wipes.
  • When on the quest Punting Season - the new firelands daily - Dismisses warlock pet after picking up a turtle. (This may also happen for Hunter and Mage pets as well)
  • Player reports a texture issue with the Nether Drake model. Says the blanket under the saddle is disappearing and reappearing from view. Does not affect gameplay, but is very distracting.
  • During the quest An Ancient Enemy, Vanira's Totem's name is Healing Stream Totem DCCXLII.
  • Fargo Flintlocke in Highbank in Twilight Highlands has flavour text that can be heard by Horde players. He should only be saying it for Alliance characters only.
  • Player reporting pet is despawning when they mount and does not return.
  • Female Human models collide and do not clip correctly with many of the mounts they ride.
  • The glow effects on the eyes on the War Talbuk mounts are not fixed and rotate around/through the mount's head as you rotate the camera around the player character.
  • The Crimson Deathcharger mount is still not being affected by the mount animation run changes that went in at the last two patches 4.1.0 and 4.1.0a.
  • The ground running animation speed for the Headless Horseman's Mount and Great Brewfest Kodo appear to be too fast. Compared to a Talbuk, Saber or standard Horse the legs seem to be moving too quickly.
  • The player reported that he was able to roll on Chaos Orbs though he doesn't have an eligible profession (he's an Alchemist/Herbalist).
  • Combat pets slow down to normal walking speed once the character gets in combat on a mount. This results in the pet to be too far away and despawn if the player keeps on moving while in combat.
  • Player is reporting that Aquatic Form does not travel at 100% with the glyph attached.
  • If the Shimmering Wyrmling is sold on the neutral auction house, the faction reputation stays the same rather than converting to the appropriate owner faction, and so doesn't count towards the pet achievement.
  • Unheeded Warning does not modify damage done by Mutilate or Swipe (Cat) (62078).
  • Player reports that Starfire Espresso cannot be used in Arena - there is the sober benefit but it should not be enough to prevent it's use.
  • Eternal Embers are still showing as Rare not Epic to some players even after Hotfix and Patch.
  • Death Knight Summon Gargoyle has incorrect idle animation.
  • The TCG item Ethereal Portal does not stop making noise if you interrupt the cast.
  • Player reports being killed by neutral guard at Sanctuary of Malorne even without engaging in any PVP activity, player has no pets and has already reset UI to no effect.
  • Character caught in some kind of phasing issue. in and around Wyrms Bend. Character has previously completed all quests in zone, but is still in-phase. Player still being attacked by NPCs that should not be in same phase.
  • Berserker Rage does not remove incapacitating effects as stated in tooltip.
  • Player advises when using Prayer of Mending that it triggers Echo of Light.
  • Penance will sometimes go through the casting animation/timer but not actually cast.
  • When under the effects of fear or polymorph crowd control spells the raid frames UI no longer takes range into account and shows all group members in range to recieve heals.
  • Leaving a Battleground at the end of the battle is granting a deserter debuff.
  • Player reports that the portal to leave the Firelands Hatchery is not working. Sometimes it requires a UI Reset before it will function, sometimes it fixes on its own. She is able to see it, and step through it, but it would not port her anywhere.
  • When you Charge or Intercept as a Warrior if the target in PvP is strafing and jumping it negates the charge effect sometimes.
  • Player (Warrior) reports that starting with a 2h weapon then switching to a 1h + shield and switching back to his 2h will cause: "you cannot use this in arena or battlegrounds" when using a equip macro.
  • T12 DK Elementium Deathplate tank set 2 piece bonus not working with Blood Boil.
  • Player is stating his Healthstone only restores 15% instead of the 45% listed in tool tip.
  • Warlock pet in passive stance will cease to attack a target that is CCed even after the CC ends.
  • If player dies in Mount Hyjal and moves their ghost into either Ashenvale or Azshara they will lose their Gryphon. When hitting Return to Graveyard, they are sent to Ashenvale or Azshara, not Mount Hyjal.
  • Player reports that Mind Flay doesn't function properly when flying through the Wings of Flame part of the Alysrazor encounter.
  • Leeching Swarm ability for Anub'arak drains too much health when attempted by level 85 players.
  • Player is claiming that the speed boots in Twin Peaks work maybe only 2 times out of 10 when picking them up.
  • a vast portion of Duskhaven shows as in the water on the map.
  • During the quest Sacrifices, player is not able to round up Worgans and ones that do are not counted towards quest completion.
  • The GCD of Blink, Mana Shield and Mirror Images is correctly removed if you have the Glyph of Arcane Power however you cannot do the action of casting Arcane Power and any of the others things at the same time.
  • The sun (and to some extend the moon) is shining through mountains in Orgrimmar.
  • Shadow Ward cannot be cast in a macro if a player has the Nether Ward talent.
  • Nitro Boosts failure is still flinging players into the air during raid content, instead of the alternative 'Rocket Fuel Leak'.
  • Vicious Gladiator Badge of Dominance not working in Arenas. Bloodthirsty Gladiator Insignia of Dominance giving attack power instead of spell power buff.
  • Player got ported to a dungeon with the LFG group dungeon that has already been completed. And when they left the group due to the dungeon already completed they got the deserter debuff.
  • It's not possible to reforge mastery on Pauldrons of the Roaring Flame.
  • Player reporting the death sounds of NPCs such as the Charred Soldier in Molten Front play as though they are next to the player, even if the player is far away. This happens if the dying NPC is in viewing distance.
  • Player reports a graphic bug regarding the item Obsidian Arborweave Robes. The name says it is a robe, but it shows as a tunic.
  • Reports that Power Word: Shield is not putting them in combat when cast on another player who is already in combat. Noticed issue while running random dungeons. Player is also using glyph: Glyph of Power Word: Shield.
  • Player unable to hit the Boneguard Scout for At the Enemy's Gates.
  • The respawn rate on Boneguard Scouts is too quick.
  • Archmage Alturus is still offering the option to give you the key to Karazhan even though keys have been removed from the game.
  • Using Blink or getting feared in the Ring of Valor arena can sometimes cause your character to fall through the map.
  • Goblin pony tail can not change colours, have to use different hair style 1st.
  • Frostfire Orb ignores targets a lot during duels.
  • Player unable to pick up quest: Invasion in Worgen starting area after watching the cinematic that plays after turning in In Need of Ingredients.
  • Player reports after 4.2, that everyone is able to see Succubus when it is using Lesser Invisibility.
  • Player is reporting that he is able to fly on his Gryphon mount under water.
  • Player reports "evade bug" while fighting Onslaught Commander Iustus.
  • When the Iron Boot Flask's disguise is active, you hear both the male Dwarf AND your character's race/gender /emote sounds as well. Both play at the same time.
  • Tooltip display error for the Masterwork Elementium Deathblade still showing as 3.80 attack speed and higher stats on character.
  • Player does not appear to be getting either 400 resilience bonus from the incomplete sets. Player currently still has pieces from both sets.
  • The mirror image spawned from the 2-piece set bonus of the Firehawk armor set will attack mobs that are aggressive.
  • Player has conflicting progress for achievements.
  • The buff Burning Adrenaline is consumed by Arcane Shot but the shot still costs focus.
  • Player reports the focus of his camera has moved above his head, has been like this since 4.1.
  • Glyph of Pick Pocket is not giving the 5 yard extra as it says on the tooltip.
  • Player loosing target when he Saps one target and about to Cheap Shot other one so you may Cheap Shot completely wrong target.
  • Player reports Beth'tilac resets threat during combat.
  • Pummel is still not utilizing the silence feature from Gag Order.
  • Player states that the cooldown of Ritual of Refreshment triggers cool-down if summon is interrupted by either a helping player or him moving.
  • Nether Vortex didn't grant the 100% Slow effect on a target in the new Fireland Raid if no other target is already affected by Slow.
  • Player reports warrior will stop auto-attacking, and pressing keybind for abilities doesn't always work.
  • Player states when Prayer of Mending bounces back to self, will not bounce to next player after taking damage. Other players are within 20 yard range limit. Stated noticed issue is more common in 5 mans over raids and appears to be random issue.
  • Frost Strike requires 40 runic power to use. Issue is that when trying to use it it will only work if 45 or more runic power is available. If not it says not enough runic power.
  • Player reports character constantly getting stuck in combat in the Firelands without apparent cause.
  • Wrong Satchel of Helpful Goods is being provided to an under level 40 character.
  • Player reports mounts do not play a sound effect when landing.
  • Player says they are not getting 100% stun from Fire Blast when Impact procs.
  • Player reports an issue with being unable to complete Through a Glass, Darkly, Unable to complete quest, when using Felhunter - the pet just sits and does not attack.
  • Player reports not spawning at the mid field graveyard in Twin Peaks when dying in the enemy base.
  • Player reports that they're spawning at their starting graveyard in the Battle of Gilneas, despite controlling other graveyards on the map.
  • Player says a Death Rune is being consumed when uses Obliterate on Targeting Dummy. Obliterate only uses 1 Unholy and 1 Frost rune.
  • Player says the healing proc on Eye of Blazing Power is healing his Blood Worms instead of proper party members.
  • Player claims the Priest Tier 12 4 set bonus Vestments of the Cleansing Flame will heal Death Knight Blood Worms and not proper party members.
  • Player was reported as AFK, but when they engaged in the BG they were kicked and received a deserter debuff.
  • Player is reporting that his character is still affected by Waylay when receiving the benefits of Death's Advance.
  • Player is reporting that random spells and abilities are showing up in the combat logs twice.
  • Renowned Guild Tabard seems to be stopping players from earning rep or exp in Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons.
  • Ruins of Lordaeron zone around upper part of Undercity does not allow joining Trade and LookingForGroup channels despite fact that this zone is part of the city and should allow browsing that channels.
  • Player reports that a flag cap in the RBG Twin Peaks near the end of the game did not register, resulting in no score increase for captures.
  • Player was doing dailies in the Molten flow area. Character was dead and as they were running back one of the Flamewalker Shaman's cast their Flamewave attack and the fire caused their ghost to die and respawn back at the graveyard.
  • In the quest Curtail the Darktail, if you select the Enohar's Explosive Arrow first, get the blue-glowing cursor, then select the bird, it *never* strikes the bird, and every attempt on that bird afterwards also fails.
  • For the quest Moonglade Calls, the quest ? symbol is not displayed on the main map at all.
  • Player reports that The Witch-Hunter's Harvester is too large on a Dwarf.
  • Player reporting that the Mage trinket from SSC Serpent-Coil Braid gives no spell power when you use a mana gem. It also gives no additional mana.
  • Player claims that after drinking Noggenfogger Elixir while doing the /Laugh Emote, the laugh emote plays the sound for both the regular character and the skeleton form.
  • Player reports that after they died in Shadowfang Keep and using the return to graveyard option after falling down the mountains, they were ported to the graveyard in the middle of the map rather than the one by the entrance to the instance.
  • Player reports that although they have sufficient Death Runes to the Death Strike ability, the player gets an error claiming they don't have enough runes.
  • Player is reporting that the hitbox for Ragnaros is causing healing issues with Priests and Death Knights' blood parasites.
  • Players are able to complete the quest The Emerald Dreamcatcher a second time.
  • Tip at log in screen showing incorrect information about keys/key rings. Key rings are no longer available in-game.
  • Arcane missile is not firing off the correct amount of missiles while doing the Fireland dailies.
  • Player reports that quest credit for low level dungeon quests is not granted when run on a high level character.
  • Walking over obsidian chip can cause fall damage.
  • Player stated if he uses Slice and Dice with 5 combo points and then gets another combopoint and uses Slice and Dice again the time of Slice and Dice on the enemy is going down.
  • Player reporting that in the text of the quest Rise of the Brotherhood Vanessa Vancleef's name is missing.
  • It appears that some Death Knights have been able to cast the new version of Raise Ally on targets other than dead player controlled players.
  • Player reporting that Heroic Leap doesnt work with any type of incline. The target icon shows green, but they get the "cannot use that here" error message.
  • Warrior's Charge can cease to work in some PvP situations.
  • Charging through the Ring of Valor Gates makes a Warrior fall through the world.
  • Pets don't attack the same target during the combat, player have to redirect the pet manually, even in assist mode.
  • Petitioner states that Bjorn Halgurdsson evades during the quest Adding Injury to Insult.
  • Player claims that his druid Heal over time spells Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Lifebloom have the capacity to critically heal over players, but will not get critical heals for himself, the caster.
  • Player reports that after Polymorph (pig) timed out, it pulled the entire pack. This was after walking past the NPC and it not engaging them.
  • Player claims Glyph of Resilient Grip did not work, even though target said "immune".
  • Player reports that Paladin's Aura Mastery does not work in all encounters. The Green Pool in the Anshal encounter still silences you.
  • Player reports that the target switching issue is still present and worse than it was before.
  • Player reports that pets will disengage their target and run to the middle of the zone to attack Beth'tilac during Smouldering Devastation.
  • Player reports that you can still disconnect when minimising the game.
  • Renowned Guild Tabard does not function in Malfurion's Breach.
  • Players Deep Wounds talent is not effected by the Imprinted Buff during the Alysrazor fight.
  • Player reports that Living Bomb is not affected by Molten Fury.
  • Player reports that Tyrande's Favorite Doll no longer procs while under the effect of Expansive Soul.
  • Player states that Taste for Blood caused Overpower to have a 1 sec cool-down before 4.2, but now is 1.5 sec.
  • Player reports that after using Synapse Springs it does not visibly trigger a cool-down on Moonwell Chalice even though they cannot be used at the same time.
  • Whenever the player uses Synapse Springs, it also triggers/cools down their trinket.
  • Boots of the Bay can't be enchanted with Enchant Boots - Minor Speed.
  • Player reports that the Mage spell Blizzard is not proccing from enchants such as Power Torrent or Lightweave.
  • Player reports that the Tuskarr Kite companion disappears when you mount up.
  • Player reports that Water Elementals that are killed and then re-summoned will spawn with dots still active on them, provided they had dots ticking on them when they were killed.
  • Player loses pet combat bar when they click a skill, zone, die, dismount or log out.
  • Player could not eat or drink in Wintergrasp despite being out of combat.
  • In Light's Hope Chapel, the location of Quest Starter and Enders whilst standing inside the Chapel does not match actual location of them when you step outside of the Chapel.
  • The bright white of the Quel'dorei Steed's back shows through the rider's cloak on and off as it moves.
  • Player reports that Wizard Oil does not apply to BOP items that still have trade timers on them. However once this timer has been removed the enchant can be added correctly.
  • Player reports that the Retribution Paladin T12 2set bonus gets an extra duration and tick when wearing T12 4set.
  • Twin Emperors room blocked after wiping Ahn'Qiraj.
  • Arcane Missiles are not procing at 100% like the tooltip says.
  • Player reports that after reforging a weapon the stats are not updated when comparing it with a different item. The original pre-forged item stats are shown instead.
  • Player reports that Shadowfiend is unable to be used during the second phase of the Jin'Do the Hexxer fight.
  • Player reports that completing the quest The Forlorn Spire in Cat Form you will go out of form. This also happens when leaving The Molten Flow area.
  • The Dispersion tooltip can be misleading, indicating that it reduces "All damage taken by 90%" when this does not in fact apply to fall damage.
  • The Water Elemental pet doesn't move as fast as the mounted character and despawns.
  • Player reports that High Warlord Cromush still does not accept Korok's Second Head if the player has progressed beyond the phase where Forward Commander Onslaught has died.
  • Player reports that the enter Battleground button flickers like there are more than one button popping up at the same time.
  • Player reports that a number of Naxxramas items are using the Warrior Season 9 textures.
  • Player reports that the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event SPELL_AURA_REFRESH is not firing when auras that are able to stack (Lifebloom, Faerie Fire , Sunder Armor etc.) are refreshed.
  • Player reports the quest Hero's Call: The Hinterlands! given from Captain Nials has an upper limit.
  • The Death Knight ability Death and Decay does no damage when the casting character is under the effect of Anti-Magic Shield.
  • Matrix Restabilizer along with using Hunter ability Camouflage turns you into a yellow bubble.
  • Player reports that the completion point for the quest Delivery of Neeralak appears to be away from his actual position.
  • Player states that the tooltip for Invocation (rank 2) states You gain a 10% damage bonus for 8 sec after successfully interrupting a spell. When it appears the player is getting 12%.
  • DK rune bar UI shifts under pet after cut scene.
  • Player reports that if a Death Knight kills a scarab on the quest Just a Fancy Cockroach, it resets Death Grip but does not trigger Dark Succor if they have the talent Unholy Command.
  • Player claims when resurrecting in a battleground his imp will come out instead of his previously summoned pet.
  • Player reports that they were in melee range of Alysrazor but took damage from Harsh Winds, which is intended to only hit players who are more than 60 yards away.
  • Player reports that if you set shadow detail to Good or lower then the ZG Meeting Stone shadow is visible.
  • Player reports that players are unable to mount up on the Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade as a ground mount in non-flying zones as it does not scale like other flying mounts.
  • Player reports that the door to Baleroc's room doesn't open if Spirit of Redemption is up if the Priest dies last.
  • It is possible for Tarantulas in the Three Corners to get stuck behind the barrier. Spider begins to evade once they are stuck.
  • Player states when completing the quest Make Contact with SI:7 instead of getting the quest A Royal Reward, they get an error they do not meet the requirements.
  • If trade cancelled while attempting to trade a Healthstone, stone becomes unusable, unable to be traded or destroyed. Item must timeout on its own.
  • Player claiming gear is taking durability loss in bags without using gear. Will place gear on AH and receive it back broken in mailbox.
  • Kaye Toogie does not interact anymore.
  • Player reports that Denalan is mirroring his scripted actions in both his locations at the same time.
  • In the quest Wild Mine Cart Ride, players will only be able to stay in the cart for a few seconds, instead of riding it to the end of the track.
  • Player advises cannot manoeuvre properly during the Cold Hearted quest.
  • Player states that the boss Rage Winterchill's Death and Decay damage is too high, player states that it is dealing 20,000 damage per tick.
  • Player reports that they were kicked out of a Battleground and given the deserter debuff even though they were actively participating.
  • Player reports that he can get multiple Path of Frost and Horn of Winter if there is more than one Death Knight in the group.
  • Player reports that the camera distance option in the Interface menu no longer works.
  • Player reports Alliance players on the Horde side of a same faction rated BG may experience broken filtering on their scoreboard.
  • Player reports that the taken damage from Shadow Word: Death is being returned too quickly to break incoming CC and that it doesn't always break the CC even if damage was caused.
  • Player reports that when Deterrence blocks Howling Blast, Frost Fever will be applied.
  • Player reports that the word "instant" is missing from the Frost Presence tool-tip.
  • Player is reporting that every time they relog, the tool-tip takes the wrong ID from Flash Heal on their macro.
  • Player reports that Worgen change size when mounted on a Drake or Flying Machine.
  • When picking the flag up while Camouflage is active the flag will automatically be dropped.
  • Player reports that some abilities that do not trigger GCD are affected by it (like Intimidation or Rapid Fire).
  • Player reports that after completing Assault on Stonard, the phasing returns to the initial pre-questing point.
  • When a player logs out of the game with their character, often he gets removed from the guild, and it seems to not be the Guild Leader or Officers that are doing the kicking.
  • Players do not gain the disguise in the Brunnhildar Village.
  • Player reports that he queued up in the Dungeon Finder as a level 15 and was added to a group of level 50+ players.
  • Player loosing target when he Saps one target and about to Cheap Shot other one so you may Cheap Shot completely wrong target.
  • Minion needs to be re-summoned after being in a Gun or Vehicle.
  • Player reports that while they are affected by Lucifron's Curse, Sudden Death no longer allows you to retain 10 rage after using Execute.
  • Death Knights Death Charger is causing the character to move incorrectly with how the mount is moving.
  • Amani Battle Bear can be rolled Need on by players that have already learned the mount.
  • Mages who use the Glyph of Invisibility and skilled Improved Blink do not get the movement bonus of the Glyph if they use Blink and right after that Invisibilty.
  • Player reports that being killed in Tol Barad while poisoned will keep your character green until they relog.
  • Players are unable to receive credit for finding Sylvanas Windrunner for the quest Deliverance from the Pit under certain conditions.
  • Player reports that the objectives are not correctly tracked and updated in the questtracker/map for the quest Signs of the Legion.
  • Player states that when using Lay on Hands, the spell will not trigger and the target will die, but the spell will go on cool-down.
  • Player reports that when players go out of range or leave an instance, Mark of the Wild buff disappears.
  • The Kristen Dipswitch event is not triggering.
  • Player reports achievement Iron Chef is not obtainable without recipes that have been removed from the game.
  • Player reports that music does not loop while in Grizzly Hills, Icecrown and Storm Peaks.
  • Player reports that casting Repentance on a Mjordin Water Magus will cause their Water Terror to aggro a nearby Ebon Blade Prisoner.
  • Player unable to modify skin color on Worgen Death Knight at the barber shop. Has a Worgen Hunter as well, and was able to modify the color on that one.
  • Player is unable to set buildings on fire during the quest Vile Like Fire!.
  • Player reports that for the quest Vile Like Fire! they were unable to steer their drake down.
  • Player reports that they are not getting a 25% crit chance on the target of Holy Word: Serenity.
  • Player reports that whilst riding the Centaur Commander if your units get stuck and you run off, they despawn and cannot get them back unless you return to the quest giver and remount the Centaur Commander again.
  • Player reports that after killing Agogridon in Death to Agogridon all the dead corpses are named "Borning Blade Warlock Corpse".
  • Player reports that Worgen aren't closing their hands when using fist weapons causing clipping issues.
  • Guild perk Bartering is not applying 10% discount to riding trainers.
  • Player reports that when typing into a Calendar event (in-game) at times the cursor will become inactive and move out of the typing area, causing keystrokes to work as keybinds.
  • Player claims that on Heroic Ragnaros in Firelands the ability Engulfing Flames has the ability to hit you even if you are out of its range.
  • Player reports that the Sholazar Tickbirds are perched with their wings spread, unmoving rather than tucked in as they were before.
  • Player reports that when someone leaves the group, their bar goes grey, and another one is added with the new player. Also the players get shifted/moved, and you are not able to select all the active party members by clicking on the bars.
  • Player reports that when he left a group after 1-2 hours his friends he signed up with were automatically kicked as well.
  • The Aura tooltip for Shadowstep has a typo. Garotte should be spelled Garrote.
  • Player reports that the RP-GG in Wintergrasp is playing sounds but does not launch the rocket off.
  • The Valorous Cryptstalker Helm does not appear properly on a female human model.
  • Player reports that the water in Rut'theran Village isn't reflecting the boats, characters or spells properly.
  • The docks at Rut'theran Village have several beams on the underside that lack collision.
  • When a warlock is mounted and attacked by a mob, the warlock's minion slows down to the attacking mob's move speed, leading to the minion being despawned as the warlock moves out of range.
  • Player reports that they are unable to leave Tol Barad once the battle has started and they leave the raid group.
  • Player reports that when they alt tab out of full-screen mode and someone casts Penance or Fan of Knives, the sound loops until they alt tab back again.
  • Troll Rogue Stealth movement speed too high.
  • The player received 2 honor points killing the first boss of Utgarde Keep.
  • Shadow Silk cannot be placed in Trapper's Travelling Pack.
  • Player reports being unable to loot certain mobs (Coren Direbrew).
  • Speed Boots buff in Twin Peaks is not triggering or picking up.
  • Player reports that cancelling the cinematic during the quest Traitors! prevents the quest from completing.
  • Player reports that War Talbuks have misplaced eye-glow.
  • Deterrence is not blocking all incoming damage, works for player one on one but in situations involving multiple sources of damage the spell is failing them.
  • Player reports that the icons in the spellbook for Worgen Racial abilities are different to the icons in the macro writing tool.
  • Player reports that Blizzard spell is charging and then stating spell not ready even though it casts.
  • Player reports weird issues with 3000 Quests completed achievement.
  • Player reports that he and his RAF are not receiving 3x XP gain in Northrend dungeons.
  • Customer is stating that after a cool-down is up on an ability it can sometimes take more time to use the actual ability.
  • The player is attacking Ozruk to get the dot to break free of paralyze but is not receiving the dot because the reflect spell from the boss isn't reflecting.
  • Player reports that the quest Dryad Delivery should start from completing To Raene Wolfrunner rather than the quest All's Well.
  • The water at the instanced Southshore in Old Hillsbrad Foothills is gone.
  • Player reports that you can complete the quest Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater without having to summon Gorgrom by just planting the heads.
  • When a Draenei sits in a chair and /says or /emotes something, the model leans back at an awkward angle. Also reports body rotation is weird when casting.
  • Player reports that seduce may not always break if you hit a seduced target with a spell.
  • Player stating it is possible to get "feared" through walls of building in Isle of Conquest.
  • Player reports that they were feared through a wall in Setthek Halls, fell through the map and died.
  • Frenzied Regeneration if used and then shifted out of bear form leaves you at less than full health.
  • Player reports that Majordomos's Flame Scythe removes the Lightwell HoT in both normal and heroic modes.
  • Player reporting that Rogue's Hemorrhage does not increase the damage of the Druid's attack Shred.
  • Player reports that a Crusader's White Warhorse mount causes the player to rock back and forth while riding.
  • When chaining Magmaw he falls backwards instead of forwards causing him to become unable to be attacked.
  • Player reports that Baleroc's Decimation Strike is still causing damage after it has been parried, dodged or it misses.
  • Death to Agogridon quest is showing a 10 million reputation gain as a reward and is not granting it.
  • Assault on Dreadmaul Rock: The fire balls make an ice circle when hitting the ground, as well as sound.
  • Player reports that the Pit Lord summoned in the cinematic disappears at the end of the cut-scene only to reappear dead when you accept the next quest.
  • Statistic Panel shows the largest heal cast and receives with 25 digit number. Billions of Billions.
  • Player reports that if someone else declines or ignores the invite then you are kicked from the Dungeon Finder queue.
  • Player reports that they are not getting the proc bonus from Vessel of Acceleration when they get a Judgement critical strike. They do however get it from Apparatus of Khaz'goroth.
  • Player saved to cleared raid id upon entering Molten Core raid regardless of the confirmation window and with no actual activity that should have saved them.
  • Player reports that if they have their pet out while using Shadowmeld, they can still be seen.
  • Player reports that he fell down a hole in Sable Ridge, Azshara and couldn't get out.
  • There are mining veins floating underneath the ground in the Twilight Highland Mountains.
  • Player reports that casting cleanse on a target sometimes causes it to switch to an old target.
  • Tabard is missing the midsection of the tabard when equipped.
  • A Boss is showing both parts of player-triggered emote in the chat if it was triggered by a character's pet (e.g. Warlock's demon).
  • Player reports that the cursor moves left when typing a letter located on the AltGR + B key.
  • Player reports that Lady Sylvannas does not sing when on the quest The Lady's Necklace.
  • Player reports that you cannot wear Quicksilver Signet of Avengers and Infernal Signet of Avengers at the same time even though the tool-tip doesn't state this.
  • Fury of Angerforge is building Raw Fury very slowly.
  • Player reports that when on the quest Stink Bombs Away! (Horde) they sometimes get the message "You are too far away" when the target receptacle is green.
  • Player reports that sometimes pets are uncontrollable or cannot be dismissed when entering/leaving instances/battlegrounds/vehicles.
  • Player reports phased guards attacking them in Stonard.
  • Players are getting kicked out of battle grounds mid-battle while they are actively participating in combat, after being booted they are being given the Deserter debuff.
  • Player is reporting that players can cast multiple battle resurrections during a boss fight.
  • Player reports that when a player leaves or joins the group during combat, the unit frames are muddling up the other players.
  • Player reports that when they logged out on a Gryphon they relogged in Outlands.
  • Water from stream is sticking out of riverbank (on the land side) and is apparently according to reporting player, able to be swum in and presumably, fished. Incorrect river pathing.
  • The Ten Storms T2 raid set currently has its 8 set bonus proc on spells that shamans no longer have.
  • Player reports that the Heroes' Frostfire Circlet is the same colour as the Frostfire Circlet for Goblins.
  • Player reports that Prayer of Mending prioritises pets over players.
  • When using the Fel Orc Disguise, the back becomes transparent causing a "hole" through the character.
  • Player reports that the Firelands Blacksmithing plans do not show up in the roster guild profession window.
  • Player reports that certain faces and hair styles are not available for worgen human but are for human.
  • Player reports that the final animation for Hammer of Wrath is using the Judgement animation.
  • Player got issue with quest The Road to Purgation. He can start quest and make the travel but unable to see NPC Kingslayer Orkus to valid his quest.
  • Player reports that the item Immolation Pauldrons do not sit on a Taurens' shoulders correctly.
  • Player reports that tooltip for bruiseweed is displaying as "Requires Herbalism 100" when it should be "Requires Herbalism 85".
  • Player reports that the Ready for Raiding II achievement is not granting credit to player when suffering no damage.
  • The tooltip for Khadgar's Whisker has not been updated to the reduced level 160 Herbalism requirement, and states 185.
  • Fadeleaf appears as "Requires Herbalism 160" but can be harvested at 150.
  • Player reports that going into human form as a male worgen and then using the Dragonwrath mount will show you as a bearded lady in the wardrobe window.
  • Player reports that he gets a pause between casts when using /castsequence but doesn't get the pause if he casts the spell manually.
  • Player reports that some Guild Perk abilities leave the action bar upon log out.
  • Player reports that Glyph of Kill Shot does not work in Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds for Beast Mastery Hunters.
  • There is a typo in the Quest in progress chat dialogue for With A Little Help...
  • Player reports not getting guild rep from Renowned Guild Tabard in certain heroics.
  • Player reports that the voice-over on the quest Call of Duty is inconsistent with the quest text.
  • Player reports that when a Night Elf feigns death, you can see the wisp.
  • Auto-run stops working after using Warrior's Heroic Leap.
  • Item Elixir of Giant Growth states 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes in the alchemy window.
  • Player reports that the item Dimensional Ripper - Area 52 is not causing other debuff from the "smaller debuff" - other side effects do not appear anymore.
  • Tailspin is causing pets to aggro critters which either keeps the hunter in combat or will cause serious aggro issues if the Fox runs into any aggressive mobs while chasing after a critter.
  • The item Lieutenant Commander's Silk Cowl Is blue with gold edging. When a player transforms into a Worgen it becomes red with gold edging.
  • Player reports that you need to do the ritual twice for it to register on the quest Soothing the Elementals.
Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs.

There are many issues that are repeatedly reported in this forum that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum.
Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places.

1. Realms are down or crashing.
Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or the Hyjal Realm is not currently online.

    Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed at the Service Status Forum: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1028280

2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks.
Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP.

3. Forum Avatar levels and guilds do not match in-game characters.
Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63.

    The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take weeks before avatar information is updated. You can read more information about this issue here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1400553

4. Armory Information is incorrect/incomplete/out of date.
Example: The Armory page does not list a characters correct guild.

    Errors in Armory information should be reported via the “Report an Error” link at the bottom of each Armory page or via e-mail at WoWArmory@blizzard.com.

5. “Impossible” simultaneous actions.
Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two Mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast.

    Because of the Client-Server nature of the game it is possible for two mutually exclusive actions to occur at the same time resulting in some unexpected behaviour. Although efforts are made to minimize these situations they will still happen on occasion.

6. NPCs and player pets attack stealthed players.
Example: A hunter sends its pet after a druid who then uses Prowl, the pet continues to chase and attack the druid after it has entered stealth.

    Stealth is not intended to be an escape mechanic, Vanish should be used to escape combat in these situations. If you feel this should be changed please post your feedback in the appropriate forum section.

7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems.
Example: A shaman uses Fire Nova Totem to kill several quest NPCs and gets no credit.

    This is an intended behavior, a player must do damage to an NPC for it to give credit.

8. Guards in Capital Cities can see through Vanish.
Example: You are in an enemy city and have been spotted, using Vanish does not take you out of combat.

    Guards will be able to see through Vanish and continue pursuing you until you have either run out of range or have been killed. This applies for other classes as well when using abilities such as Feign Death and Sanctuary.

I have some reservations about your topic, hoho.

Got a little issue to report already, in the cinematic in the new daily quest line (The Nordrassil Summit) there's a "bubble" of flame that i supposed should encase Thrall, but it looks like it's attached to his hand :P




The pets that hunters get from level 1-10 only attack when you are being attacked. I suppose it is because defensive is the default behavior and with the changes in 4.2, I guess this should be changed to the new assist behavior.
It's there since 4.1

Character looks strange not only when standing still and turning around, but also when casting spells while moving, strafing and casting spells, casting some instant spells while running.

Original thread from US forums - contains links to youtube movies showing animations pre-4.1 and current ones.

Only player who's playing the draenei sees bugged animation - other players can't see that bug.

It's really annoying and slowly makes me not want to play my draenei anymore. Any chance it will get fixed soon? It was working fine for many years.

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