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Dear Blizzard,

It goes like this.. I was doing the Elemental Bonds quest chain .. All was going well (well, not really.. Got killed by Deathwing's fire twice without being able to do anything (you know how they put us in a tornado and say they will safely take us to the new destination; well, not so safely when you pass though fire) and afterwards the spirit flying mount bugged to 0%)..

All was going well until I got to the Deepholm part.. As soon as I clicked on "accept" on "Elemental Bonds: Patience" all NPCs (Therazane, the questgiver, everything) despawned and I was left there without anything to do .. I abandoned the quest (wanting to repick it), to the NPCs still weren't there .. The ticket response waiting time is like.. 6 hours and I really don't want to wait that much until I finish the chain

Thanks for reading
exactly the same happened to me - tried everything we can think of no luck !
Bump, please| Can something be done.. I don't mean to sound impatient, but it's been a few hours .. i've also sent a ticket, nothing.. Not even the classical formal Blue response:

"Thank you for reporting this error. We knew about this. it's currently being looked at. Have a nice day"
Yup, exactly the same here... tried everything I can think of, but no joy. HAve submitted a GM ticket and will hope they're able to get back soon. The joys of patch days!

In the meantime - Starcraft 2 awaits! :D
It's working fine, you guys are probably phased out since you haven't fully completed Deepholme yet.
Same happened to me too, just as i was about to hit "I'm ready" Aggra and Therezane disappeared and then i abandoned the quest after trying to figure out a way to get the npcs back. So now i'm stuck with no quest and no npcs...
You should transform in some kind of rumbling earth and be taken to the questing spot. Maybe being mounted bugs it?
29/06/2011 16:11Posted by Zoneseek
It's working fine, you guys are probably phased out since you haven't fully completed Deepholme yet.

I tend to mention i have the Deepholm achievements ..
Wasn't my favorite quest hub, anyways, so Ii might have missed some, but the thing is that there isn't too much of a way to make her spawn back ...
yeah, I've completed Deepholm as well, so shouldn't be a phasing issue. I can't remember if I was mounted when I accepted actually, very well may have been tho. Hmmm.

Glad it's not just me going crazy tho!
I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your post about this matter.

If you are experiencing phasing issues whilst trying to take this quest, please raise an in-game petition if you have not already done so and our in-game Support Representatives will be happy to investigate.

I appreciate that it can be frustrating having to wait, but rest assured that you will get an answer. :)

Good luck!
I have finally got an answer to my ticket and they said (as I anticipated in one of my previous posts) that it's a known issue and it's being looked into..

That doesn't really warm my heart.. Sure, it's just a quest.. But I can't get to the dailies in Firelands.. to be honest, I don't think that is too fair: being one day (or more, who knows when this will be fixed) behind the others with dailies is sort of frustrating, I'm not going to lie ..
Yeah, ive had a ticket open all day and still no reply from GM, guess im cancel it and wait for a fix for this.
Having the "Deepholm achievement" is not the same as having done the entire questline - Deepholme achievement is for a total amount of quests done in the zone, and there's at least 20 more available after you get it.

Check if you've done The Stone March (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26829) and everything beyond that. That questline is a massive phased area exactly where you are doing the Aggra questline.

This is what fixed this crap for my hunter (hey, after the 5th 85's you want something different than Deepholm AGAIN :P) who skipped this part cos she hit 85 before I got to these.

Just have a look for yourselves, really I'm just trying to be helpful :).
Also try removing your add-on folder as some non updated add-ons are causing all kinds of strange problems with quests.
exactly what i did i been going back and forth looking for the respawn even went to the Abyssal depths and nothing. I opened 2 tickets first GM said it was a known bug and is now hotfixed and its NOT and my 2d ticket somehow vanished with no response when i logged in today. I did this on my 4 other 85's and they had no problem. Fix this asap because this char actually the one who NEEDS the cloak lmao -.-
Just done this on my DK and Mage neither of which have completed many Deepholm quests however on my druid which has got issue of NPC disappearing
The same happend to me and i have got an answer form an GM.

Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft Game Master Department.

In order to access the new Hyjal/Firelands questing area, or begin the Elemental Bonds epic questline surrounding Thrall, you must first complete the quest "Aessina's Miracle", offered by Nordu in Mount Hyjal. Unless you begin and complete this quest, you will be unable to access these new questing hubs or questlines.

Once you have completed these Mount Hyjal quests, additional areas will open up that will allow you to participate in the Firelands quests. Please note, at first, these quests do not actually take place in the Firelands; access to the Firelands itself will come later on with the completion of further daily quests. Once the quest "Calling for Reinforcements" is completed, an additional questline to open passage to the Firelands will occur.
If you abandoned one of the Elemental bonds quests please follow the instructions below.
If you have abandoned Elemental Bonds: Doubt you need to go back and talk to Cyclonas in the south of Uldum again.
If you have abandoned Elemental Bonds: Desire you need to return to Aggra at the Abyssal Breach in Vashj'ir.
If you have abandoned Into Constant Earth you need to return to Aggra at Therazane's Throne - you will need to have finished the quest line which opens up the Therazane dailies to be in the correct phasing.
If you have abandoned Elemental Bonds: Patience and/or Elemental Bonds: Fury you need to return to Aggra south from Twilight Precipice in Deepholm.


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