My 4.2 patch wont update

Technical Support
When i run wow it come up with a blue bar saying downloading update tools and then it goes to about 5-10% Then is say Lost Connection To Downloader could u help me fix this plz?
mines doing that 2 but mine doesnt even start downloading just doesnt load for about 5 mins then just dissapears exept once where it started downloading then said timeout something!!!! and i have had no replys on forums so i dunno what to do :( :( :(
Hello Spellblasts,

If you are having issues with updating the game client with the newest patch, please follow the advices given in our Patch and Installation troubleshooting guide. You can find this guide here:

Should none of the advices given there solve the issue, please report back and let us know which steps you have already followed.

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