Holy walk + Concussive Shot

Is this a bug or is it supposed to work like this?

Basically hunters can constantly keep me snared at 53% running speed even with holy walk activated (pvp 4piece set bonus), this is the only form of snare which I've found to stick on me with holy walk enabled.
its daze effect and daze>>>everything
Wondered about this aswell, awnser please.
09/07/2011 20:00Posted by Alonvy
its daze effect and daze>>>everything

That's pretty silly really considering

"When you cast Power Word: Shield on yourself, movement speed reduction effects may not bring you below your normal movement speed for 4 sec."

It also works against mob daze effects, so why not Concussive shot?
Atm glyph'd concussive shot works like this:

First the glyph comes in and nullifies any speed buffs u have.
Then the 50% speed reduction is in effect,

result=50% run speed at all times

Then again the 4p set bonus says "may not bring u below normal speed"

So it all comes down to which spell blizz considers more powerfull example:
Roar of sucrifice > flame shock+lava burst
Glyph of Concussive Shot it is.

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