[A] Unparalleled 6/8HC T13 Recruiting

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Hairy bump!

hmm bump healers needed :) we got cookies!
Its the Stormrazer :D
Healer problem potentially solved...


1 x Rogue (if Imba) yes the legendary will be free for you to aim at
1 x Resto Shaman (if Imba)

Not recruiting for the hell of it atm. Wanting amazingly solid players to put the finishing touches on our 4.3 team.

Only full, decent applications will be considered. No lazy half-!@# /w in game please


A good bump, For a good guild
A good bump, just for a good balance druid
A good bump, just because i am awesome :)


1 x raid healer. No holydins/discs. Resto Sham/Druid would be ideal.
1 x DPS (rogue/mage/hunter pref)

/w in game for details or apply on our forums

Warlock with 7/7 and 3/7 hc experience LF guild. got 381 ilvl. also got 4 other 85 characters.

Come on skilled raid healers...show yourselves please
right here bro
No need for a rogue anymore?
Most likely we have recruited a rogue for our Team 2 now.

Dragon Soul 6/8 Guildrun Normal atm! ( note guildrun not LFR )
Worst patch ever so far :(
Well i drop a apply in a day or 2 :)
Bump, looking for a new tank (Protadin) and an officer/RL to help to run our 2nd progression team through FL. Skilled players in need of more solid leadership than I can offer for 2 teams at once.

Progress stood at 6/7HC T12 and 4/8 in first 2 hours tonight.

Main team now 8/8N and not recruiting
Take me Take me! Oh wait...
Bump for the best guild on Frostmane, keep up the good work!
Good job clearing Dragon lands in 12 hours :)
01/12/2011 12:41Posted by Pyroskull
Good job clearing Dragon lands in 12 hours :)

No such raid current exist in this game.

Get a clue lol
01/12/2011 12:41Posted by Pyroskull
Good job clearing Dragon lands in 12 hours :)

Actually it was about 5-6 hours of actual raid time. We cleared the first 6 around dinnertime just with friends and alts (hence our main team is missing several kills because they were offline) so we could spend our normal raid doing Deathwing because we hadn't done any PTR practice. The first 2-3 hours was just spent talking, swapping and resummoning people and handling the d/c problems we were faced with. Cleared the first 6 with 1-2 shots but just messed around in between kills. We then spent a solid 5 hours on spine/madness. We had no experience and went in blind so we're happy with it.

Sorry you have to hate on us. I have no doubt you will overtake on HC content but it's such a shame that when Whipe kill stuff I always reply with a 'gz lads, good kill' but when we kill something you have to reply with sarcasm and hateful comments.

When your being congratuled for your HC Deathwing kill in the upcoming months I will refrane from posting something negative because I actually remember the reason I play games. Cheers for your comment. I expected nothing less.

All joking aside, I hope we can remain competetive this season. Expecting to be below Whipe, Security, Light out and some other usual suspects but there are some other guilds I'm hoping to compete with and hopefully finish in the top 5-10 kind of territory.

Gl to all guilds in the upcoming HC content and some of the good players that I speak to who, have raided with, and who know the reasons why I raid with Unparalleled. They don't act like elitists when a lesser guild kills some content. Enzity, shockzilla, nalic, viklund, nemthor, stormrager, aethelia etc etc, gl to you guys, hf, see you at HC Dwing I hope!

- Dave
I can't see how you could possibly interprid it as a negative comment since there are tens of thousands of guilds out there that hasn't cleared it yet!

Worth to note: I don't raid anymore, I have no clue how hard dragon lands is.

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