Launcher doesn't start wow... Blizzard help please?

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Many players have this same problem, as I typed this problem in google. I found some forums, where same threads as this one, was made. They've not been answered yet, so I thought, it's time to make a thread in here and hopefully Blizzard will hear our call.

The problem follows:
When the player choose to click play on the WoW patcher (after the patch is fully done), it doesn't pop up the WoW client. It will only open WoW when you delete the "" file in your wtf folder. But as result, the patcher thinks he isn't done downloading everything, every time when you try to delete this file. The patcher will re-download the "" file and again, it won't start the WoW client. The only way to get passed the launcher is to delete this file, every (freaking) time.

My question to Blizzard is: Can you tell us how to fix this or can you change your freaking annoying patch for us? Because we have this problem for a while and it has been posted for many times, I'll hope you hear our call, Blizzard.

Thanks, Breezex

According to my information this issue is due to third-party security software that is preventing our software from running properly.
This means I need to disable my security software?
It depends on what security software you are running.

A few antivirus programs tend to move our application files to the quarantined folder whereas other security software will simply prevent World of Warcraft from launching.

As we do recommend players to make sure that their computers are protected when logging onto the game, I can only suggest that you temporarily either disable or uninstall your security software in order to rule it out as causative factor.
So, if I read this, it means that the only option I have, to start wow from the launcher (which is easily), is by disable my antivirus/protection software. I could also guess that Blizzard is unable to fix this, because it's your antivirus which causes this?

Well this helped me and maybe others too, now that we know what it causes the problem.

Thanks, Breezex
15/07/2011 13:37Posted by Breezex
I could also guess that Blizzard is unable to fix this, because it's your antivirus which causes this?

I've seen this issue solved by adding the Launcher.exe and WoW.exe application files to the antivirus' safe list.

However, this step is not recommended as it would prevent your game files from being checked by the security software. Generally speaking, this issue is often addressed by the security software manufacturer via virus-definition updates.

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