Green Ghost Owl

hey, my hunter just dinged 85 (he's BM) and im looking for as much info on this rare pet as possible, all i know atm is that he is in hyjal and flies VERY high, can someone specify maybe how high etc.
Higher than the tallest tree around his spawn point, which is above the first daily hub you come to in hyjal, you need about 92 quests done in hyjal to open these.

first 2 times people killed him as i had him trapped.

3rd time the rbg que popped when i was flying over, npcscan off and there he was, had slowfall from tha beer we got the otherday, popped it and landed with 24k hp left from his 30k+ moonfire, trapped tamed, entered bg :)

so expect people to kill it with it being at the daily spot, bring slowfall or research which tree to camp
where is his spawn point?
His spawn point is directly above the sanctuary of malorne if he spawns at a busy time of the day good luck is all i'm going to say as i'm sure you know it's a busy quest hub. :(

I got mine in the early hours and even then i had people trying to kill it!

P.s bring a friend that can slow fall or pull it down for you :)
hehe i think im gunna go for an easier spirit beast, any suggestions? i just want the easiest one please :D
Spirit bear in Grizzly hills

1 spawn point. under AMBERPINE LODGE (writing on the map), saw him twice in 6 hours, killed him by accident the first time /facepalm
Tbh of all the spirit beasts i would say ghost crawler is easiest that or any of the northrend ones:/ If you have a high pop realm i guess loque'nahak is still a no go:(

my advice is go in the early hours if you can because i found skoll and loque on 1 fly over:)

Good luck :D
Early hours definitely is the way to go. I always get up at 05:30 AM and fly around some spawn spots for rare pets. Most of the time I get it in a few days, beats the sitting for 6 hours on a spot really :)

Also, OP, check petopia ( if you want info on pets and all!
thanks, can you list some of the spawn points please? for spirit beasts :)
If you follow the link given above by Asaki there should be a list of pets and links to wowhead showing there locations:)

Perservere and you will get one:) don't become one of these whiners that are showing up lately lol.
ive tryed to farm all pets for like a month now , allways when i get on there is nothing there , so i have to do it Early hours? is that a good tip? :)
put it this way the only pet i have that i camped was karkin which was 8 hours lol and i have every spirit beast and most of the rares:O so in my opinion going in the early hours is the way to go:)

i saw blue madexx whilst mining on my shaman but by the time i logged my hunter it was dead :(
Good luck!

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