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Cute angel i did 16 meters
Time for some rift
I guess that Netherwing egg rarity isnt punishment enough, adn you have to punish me for looking for them till 3 am...ok thanks blizzard.
beweg eure faulen ärsch eund macht was
20/07/2011 12:33Posted by Jesseeé
Illuminati is behind this...

Nawh, its the return of the Anonymous hackers man.
Just 1 more thing..While servers were on maintenance,didnt blizz notice any unusual messages being sent to ppl while dcing like "You have been disconnected from chat servers.." and a wow crash inc right after or any potential problems that could cause this Unable to login problem ..i mean couldnt they predict it in anyway,mby should`ve just extend maintenance and fix any potential problems instead of leaving it up untill ppl cannot login anymore..
i want instant cap on conquest and valor as Compensaation!
20/07/2011 12:34Posted by Vanquished
They tired giving us 4k Honor see what happend:P if they gave us what you ask..well might as well start packing now lol
hey :)
20/07/2011 12:35Posted by Saramaun
Illuminati is behind this...

Nawh, its the return of the Anonymous hackers man.

They never quit, name is now Lulzsec.
This would never happen on Guild Wars....
Time is soon 13.37, should work then!? :)
How can my girlfriend log in and play when we are at the same network, with almos the same computer setups, and she hasent even done the release, renew, flushdns, delete cache and change PW :S
Lol'd! :P
20/07/2011 12:34Posted by Healsmedeals
WOAH!!! Looks like some people need this unwanted break from WOW. You all need to relax and take a step back. Its going to be alright.

good for you i have a gf but she is on holidays SO I GOT NOTHING TO DO!
The error at login screen is kinda bogus though, since we all know that's NOT the issue :P

20/07 Login issues
Due to technical issues the login servers are currently not operating at full capacity.

it not work for yet

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