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Technical Support
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Completly had to delete my last post, as the mint! Engineers have FIIIIIXXXXED IT X X X X]
IT WORKS!!!! :) :) :)

Thank u Blizzard
lol. thanks :P
GJ Blizz keep up the good work (:
yehhh happy face :)
Thx! =D
working, tyvm <3
Oh come on people, stop crying - they are working on it.

When it's fixed and you log in, will you thank them for their efforts? No. Your whining isn't helping, at all.

I thought we where paying them...no need for thanking their efforts more
Winnington. Cheerz
Good work Blizz, now perhaps the trollers will stop eh? lol
We are gathering positive feedback, please continue testing :)

woo! thanks guys...im never staying logged in right till reset again, in future im'a logout...out of curiosity what was the problem exactly?
Working now, thanks. :)

Also got my honor compensation! Good work!
Working again .
Its alive!

oh wait...

I've to go to work now ><
Works! *Much love and cuddly hugs to all the workers!*
Everyone who played till the servers shutdown yesterday are getting this message: "Unable to connect. Please try again later..." why dont they roll back the situation ?
Works man! Thanks :)

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