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Thanks for the updates but you know, this is a bit like telling a !@#$%^ addict that there's a problem with the syringes at the moment and you don't know quite when a new fix will be available.



25786 lol

It appears to be a server-side only issue :)

yeah well I told that it is a server side issue quite while back.
"I can't log on to my accounts but I can on my friends accounts on the same computer"!!!
making a rbg anyone in? ow WAIT trolololol
20/07/2011 12:17Posted by Mázz
13:15, still no joy.

13:17, still no joy.

13:27, still no joy.
Posted by Mázz13:15, still no joy.13:17, still no joy.13:27, still no joy.

13:28 Still no Joy....
just go have a shower, brush your teeth and have a cuppa. then it'll all be resolved for when you return = )
and as for trolling, sod that with the new VP's for raid bosses... theres no need for Zul' any longer. thank the lord for that little adjustment.
Well, my lunch hour is approaching fast. Admittedly I tried to sneak on early but with no luck. Fingers crossed for working realms by 2pm.

By the way. Why not add a status ticker on the main page so we can avoid having to trawl for updates through forums full of bored trolls ..... ;)

Bored Trolls? Apologies, you obviously enjoy not getting your moneys worth.
Get a life.
Im eating icecream.. Like a boss! pfff still waiting >_<
Thread locked.

Please continue here:
One thing that I find worrisome:

My main character's Activity Feed does not reflect the dagger I looted a few minutes before the server went down.

It did last night.

Are we going to lose all the progress we made in that last session?

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