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((Posted on http://defiasrp.forumotion.net I have decided to post this on various other forums in an attempt to attract some migrants. If interested Contact me on Thalnath, Lucén, join /taurenrp or sign up to the defiasrp forums.))

We all know the myth of the elusive Tauren roleplayer, yes? Many roleplayers wish to see more Tauren around, try out and be a part of Tauren roleplay and so on but there hasn't been a concrete platform for some time now. I've hunted down and had chats with ex or willing Tauren roleplayers with the concept I am about to share with you, dear community, and I have found nothing but lots of support and guidance.

((This is all an idea and is not finalised, we have decided to put it forward to the community for criticism, guidance, advice and support))

So with this in mind I jumped ship with my holier than thou Paladin and created a Sunwalker. I and a few others came up with the idea for a mini-hub based in a "district" of Thunderbluff or Bloodhoof village. To create a tribe/union/community for Tauren players to be a part of and integrate ourselves within Horde roleplay.

We'd start with an event. The horns would be sounded, calling all Tauren to Thunderbluff. The nomadic and scattered Tauren past the Mulgore wall will heed this call and come. With the blessing of High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof this new tribe will be formed for the lost and wandering Tauren as of the sundering. You would be invited to on a "hunt" rite (shopping list scavenger hunt) to test your worth to the tribe. Once completed everyone will attend a ritual and ceremony inducting them into their new family.

From there the tribe will either have a Chieftain lead it or a "council" type leadership under the authority of Baine Bloodhoof (Thus the tribe would be under the Hordes banner, have the same values and ideals as the Horde Tauren and so on rather than their own). If a council type leadership is chosen there would be one representative from each path in Tauren culture, such as a High Sunwalker, Arch-Druid, High Brave etc, to represent each of said paths. The main leadership would then come from Lore, such as the Taurens current stance on Horde politics and warface rather than being something that would not make sense.

The Chieftain option is obvious. There will be a Chieftain of the tribe that leads it and makes the decisions, perhaps some council members that help ((Officers)). This will be a more flexible route to take as decisions could be made that may differ from Horde Tauren lore.

The tribe will ICly and OOCly intergrate with Horde roleplay, generating fresh and new events, participating in other events and casual roleplay during them and bringing a Tauren presence to the server. The tribe however will mainly reside within the mini-hub in Mulgore.

We plan to start out with a channel (/join taurenrp) for those who are interested and wish to show their support, and to ask for help or guidance. I encourage you to join if you feel this is something that tickles your fancy or it may in the future. We then plan to, with the help of the community plan and finalise the tribe, introduction event and the future of the tribe. Then we will grab signatures and begin!

Please feel free to tell us how bad this idea is. Criticise, support, comment, ask questions or make suggestions! Pass this on to anyone you may feel would be interested. Thanks!
Sounds awesome!
Hrm, is this just on DB or TVC as well?
Personally, I would far more appreciate it if you did not post stuff here which is obviously an attempt to claim role-players from another sever (The fact that you admitted to it just shows your feeble attempt at arrogance). This forum is for TVC related material, not for you to tell us about some 'cool and exciting endeavour' which is going on in another realm.

TVC has a (relatively) small but tight and enjoyable RP community, quite frankly I don't want to see anymore people jump ship and I certainly don't want to see attempts at stealing RPers from our server.

- Skaraa/Carraen
I'm not sure but i don't see him as being in any guild and his friend Lucén does not exist on DB.
It's been over a month since he posted this so i guess his project failed.

Maybe he should have transferred to TVC instead of spamming on other forums.

Oh well...

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