[Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken

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Because Blizz say so. *nodnod*

... to explain the game mechanics...

This is one excellent guide. Very well done, and thoroughly deserving of a sticky. <click>

In a word...Inspirational.
10/08/2011 20:19Posted by Adae
If being both healed by the Light, and casting it, hurts a Forsaken so much, why does it actually heal their body? Doesn't it, because it affects necromantic(?) magic, cause the body to decay faster (and thus, rather than heal it, damage it)?

Another good question, and Koranith is basically right in saying that 'Blizzard said so'. Here's the exact quote from 'Ask the Creative Dev' #1':

For the undead (and Forsaken), this [Light healing] requires such a great deal of willpower that it is exceedingly rare, especially since it is self-destructive. When undead channel the Light, it feels (to them) as if their entire bodies are being consumed in righteous fire. Forsaken healed by the Light (whether the healer is Forsaken or not) are effectively cauterized by the effect: sure, the wound is healed, but the healing effect is cripplingly painful. Thus, Forsaken priests are beings of unwavering willpower; Forsaken (and death knight) tanks suffer nobly when they have priest and paladin healers in the group; and Sir Zeliek REALLY hates himself.

And the source: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/22747/ask-cdev-1-answers-round-1
It's the 13th Question from the top, or the top of the second post. The original forum thread is lost (since, I think, it was on the old forums..?) It would seem that Holy Forsaken Priests are rare (although that doesn't mean that faith in the Light is rare) and those that do exist would have to be strong-willed, perhaps zealous individuals. Nonetheless, aside from the PAIN... the horrible, crippling PAIN, it does seem to 'work' as a form of healing... Oddly.

Also, thank you so much - once again - to the people who took the time to read this and post nice comments. Glad I 'did good' and happy to help anyone understand / happy to discuss with anyone Forsaken Lore (aka the BEST LORE... Maybe).
Thanks a lot!
I just discovered this thread and read through the entirety of the guide. Incredible work and excellently-written.
By far one of the best RolePlaying guides I've seen on the WoW forums. Thanks for your efforts!

According to this well-written thread and what I've read before I, as a Forsaken, am a rather pitiful being. Can I still have fun? My idea of fun would be for instance (just mentioning one thing) fearing critters/innocent things, fearing stuff and watching it burn, and so on. Torture or experiments. Sadistic pleasure and enjoyment. Is this allowed? Which brings me to the following:

-Do I HAVE to be original?* I also made a Goblin mage, because I like casters and Goblins, especially males seem perfect for some greedy, unreliable, etc personality. I'd like my char to want to make gold out of everything, trying to sell junk for a lot of gold, organizing bets on Tol Barad, just naming some examples of how one can try to make everything turn into gold. Is this considered bad?
-CAN I be original or weird if I feel like it? If I behave in a non-typical manner for my race, is that very bad? Non typical = Not extremely stereotypical, maybe even somewhat strange, but still.
-Should I only know the basic lore of my class/race? I mean, people irl don't talk about far history all day either. I won't be reading any books for the moment, is background and basic lore enough?

*I ask because people seem to classify RP in ''good'' or not good or even bad. I suppose the ''typical'' roles are bad RP, but if you're new to it, I think it's a good way to develop and get used to it.

Both chars are new. THe ideas I mentioned are nothing but ''sketches'' and ideas/examples to explain the thought; I know they're undoable, stupid and cliche. If anyone answers, thanks in advance;)
Brilliant set of questions, here goes...

Can I still have fun?

I'm assuming you mean your character here..? Most Forsaken can definitely still gain 'pleasure' or 'enjoyment' on an emotional level (but not necessarily a physical one... I doubt they're ticklish). You list sadistic examples as a form of enjoyment and it's true that some Forsaken, perhaps a majority, do seem to enjoy such tiwsted activities. But. It's important to work out WHY your character would take pleasure from such actions. There is nothing to suggest that Forsaken NEED to inflict harm, as Death Knights do, so it's not rational to simply suggest that 'sadism is natural and necessary' for Forsaken. But equally, it's clearly the case that the Forsaken are, on the whole, a pretty sadistic race.

Why? Well. It goes back to the 'Raging Envy' I wrote about... They hate the lviing, NOT because 'we're evil and that's a really evil thing to do' - it's about jealousy, self-loathing and a sense of betrayal (which their very name - the Forsaken - epitmosises). They might well enjoy inflicting pain on living specimens because of all these twisted emotions. And... There's also madness at play here. Some Forsaken have lost the calm rationality they might have had in life and, as a result, 'pleasure' has become quite a twisted goal.

In short, 'fun' is certainly still possible, it's just that having survived the trauma and tragedy of their history, most Forsaken lean towards more negative emotions or take perverse enjoyment from questionable activities.

Do I have to be original?

This is a more general 'RP' question but I can answer it here anyway. You can be as original or 'unoriginal' as you like. Simply put, if somebody judges how 'good' your RP is on how stereotypical or not your character is... They're probably hardly worth RP'ing with themselves. The quality of RP should, in my opinion, be determined by how well a character is portrayed rather than what that character might be (so long they're 'within the Lore'). So... I've seen VERY 'stereotypical' Forsaken played brilliantly, and I've seen several atypical characters played equally well.

The main thing is that if you want to RP as a more 'atypical' Forsaken, let's say... One working with the Tauren in Kalimdor, you should do two things:

1. Be aware of how and WHY your character has become 'different' from the more typical examples of their race. If you're aware of Forsaken culture and history as a Roleplayer, you'll be more able to pull off an 'unusual' Forsaken by considering why they're different from the established norm.

2. Don't go totally off the Lore... Sure, like I said, it's HOW a character is written, not what that character is. But, 'unusual' characters will always feel more convincing, more interesting and more 3-Dimensional if they retain some aspects that are 'typical' while being 'atypical' in another sense. In other words, don't go out thinking 'I'm going to make this character the most unusual Forsaken on all of Azeroth...' A living-loving, flower-picking, Orc-hugging, smooth-skinned, happy-go-lucky Forsaken just breaks so many things that identify them as Forsaken, that it'd be hard to pull them off as Forsaken at all. It's far more enjoyable to have a complex character that is clearly 'Forsaken' in a way (since they will have, without question, absorbed certain qualities from the shared history that I've written out) but who might also be different or unusual from other Forsaken in a way for a specific reason. So... Maybe your character IS still vengeful, is still twisted, is still rotten, but still has faith in the Light..? Just a thought. Viatrix here, for all her faith in the Shadow and the Dark Lady, is still an obese glutton who is greedy enough to collect food she can't eat and clothes she can't fit in - it's an attempt to remind her of her past life and it's one of her 'unusual' properties. But being different for the sake of being different as possible is quite silly.

Should I only know the basic Lore of my class/race?

Again... You're talking about your character, I assumed. Another really good question. and you're absolutely right, your character would certainly NOT know everything written out in this Guide. It's why I've been careful, in the history section, to point out that some Forsaken will be very ignorant of this past. It's hard to remember this in RP, but ignorance is very important when creating a character that is realistic and compelling (I, for example, can't recount the recent history of my own country IRL with total accuracy and that's with modern access to rolling news, documentaries and the internet...) Also, keep in mind that even if your character does know of these events, they will have a SUBJECTIVE view of them. Too many people just regurgitate wowpedia when talking Lore in-character, yet even knowledgeable academics IRL disagree over established history.

Hope that all helps! Thanks for asking. :)
Wow, a great and comprehensive guide, I reported it for sticky (even though such distasteful, Light-forsaken corpses as yourself are sticky by nature :-P). I wish I had the time and clarity of mind to write a similar thing on human paladins, perhaps one day!
Thanks a LOT for the effort of writing such a reply to my noobish questions^^
No worries! Updated the 'A-Z' with a handful of new names (I've now included non-Forsaken who are nonetheless of signifance for Forsaken). And fixed a few typos. Sources have been moved to the front page.
And... Just added a small section on the Skeletal Horses, the Undercity and 'Law & Morality'. Check the first page if you're interested.

ADDED: 'CLASSES' - a small section on each of the classes, a summary of how they fit in with the Forsaken and who might follow each path. And now I really have 'completed' it, promise... I'm done with tweaking.
A top notch, well written and fascinating guide to Forsaken and the world they reside in.

Sticky requested, thank you for writing this.
As always, good writing and good work - no need to sit with 20 tabs from wowpedia opened, if you need to get familiar with the race. Sticky requested and bump given.
Oh, sticky-voted it aswell. Despite the fact that it's long I've read it through because it's all clear and well written, and informative.
BUMP for the Dark Lady!
Should be at the top...
Bumpety! Added "Common Phrases" in the 'Culture > Language" section. Take a look! I have no 'finished' and do not intend to make any more major changes or additions. Enjoy!
Thanks so much for writing this. Before reading this, I kinda thought I knew all there was to know about undead Rp but I have learnt so much more. Thanks for compiling this for us. I read ALL of it. I'm not sure if you copied and pasted, but I have a strong feeling you didn't. Your writing style remained clear, interesting and informative :-D thanks again!

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