more bugs since patch 4.2.0A

Has anyone else noticed that since the latest patch the locks minion either despawns or looses its action bar whenever portals are used, while the old bugs are still not fixed. The class balance is gone.... anyone wants to be a shammy healer ?
is this a sign that the usual team behind wow has gone on to titans and left wow to a new and not so great team ?
Not just warlocks.

My hunter pet is experiencing the same problem, to me it seems to happen most often the first time I dismount after logging in - my pet takes a few seconds to load, and the bar just ... doesn't appear. I've tried if the ctrl-# commands work, but they don't. Pet also seems to believe it's on Passive, so there's no help from it at all until dismissing and re-calling. Or mounting up, flying a bit, and dismounting again to reload it.

It is annoying to say the least, especially since we look at whether the pet appears next to us, not whether the bar appears.
Happens with my pet too...
Pet Bar disappears and I have to reload ui to get it back
Warlocks den has an old post listing a script for when this bug appeared ages ago, does it still work?

/script PetActionBarFrame:Show()
To quote the US forums, Blizzard has checked out.
the /script PetActionBarFrame:Show() seemed to work but when i tried to use the bar it dissapeared again!

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