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4.3 updating has begun. Things are changing quite a bit so see it as a work in progress for now. I moved the FL tactics in order to make room for Dragon Soul encounters. They can be found at

4.3: Spec is the default spec. Going 3/3 Incite isn't advised for now even though deep wounds is heavily nerfed. I'll keep this updated though as more research might prove it as actually worth it for SMF, perhaps with the 2 set bonus. 2/2 Booming Voice beats 1/2 and 0/2 even with the set bonus on our old tier.

4.3 Glyphs

Quite straightforward. Get Glyph of Bloodthirst , Glyph of Raging Wind and Glyph of Hamstring as Prime glyphs. Glyph of Hindering Strikes, Glyph of Colossus Smash and Glyph of Recklessness as major Glyphs and Glyph of Mystic Shout, Glyph of Bloody Healing and Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout as minor glyphs. If you’re in a 10 man raid without anyone bringing stamina to the table you obviously want to use Glyph of Thunder Strike instead of Glyph of Mystic Shout

Note: Glyph of colossus smash now also causes CS to apply the first sunder.

4.3 Gearing

Stat priority: 8% hit > 26 Expertise > Strenght >~19% Hit>= Crit > 27% Hit > Haste > Mastery

As SMF has a lot less weapon damage than TG and doesn’t rely on RB damage mastery is our weakest stat. With 4.3 released hit as become a lot more powerful and is considered about even to crit. According to popular spreadsheets it takes about 19% hit for crit to become equally valuable again.. Haste as also gained a lot of power compared to mastery so try to avoid the latter as much as you can. Haste is in fact very close to crit right now.

a) Reforge all mastery to crit. If the piece has crit on it reforge to hit.
b) Reforge all haste to crit. If the piece has crit on it reforge to hit.

Hit is now a lot more valuable (with the exception of madness of deathwing where it's extremely !@#$ as you can't miss deathwing or the tentacles) as rage income matters a lot more on fights where you can cleave away. I can't really put a cap on it where you want to go back to crit, but according to some you can pretty much go all the way to the white hit cap now. I'm currently sporting around 17% hit myself which pretty much means I only have hit/crit pieces and pieces with crit+randomstat which is reforged to hit.

Gems are as follows:

Gemming is pretty simple too:
Red sockets -> Queen's Garnet
Yellow sockets -> Inscribed Lava Coral if the bonus is 10 strenght or better
Blue sockets -> Etched Shadow Spinel if the bonus is 10 strenght or better
Meta gem -> Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond

The “bis” set can be found at but is a work in progress so don't see it as being the final version.

Trinkets are still under discussion but as a preliminary top 10 I'd probably say it's

1) Eye of Unmaking
2) Creche of the Final Dragon
3) Eye of Unmaking
4) Bone-Link Fetish
5) Creche of the Final Dragon
6) Bone-Link Fetish
7) Vessel of Acceleration
8) Eye of Unmaking
9) Rotting Skull
10) Creche of the Final Dragon

Reasoning behind it is that pure strenght still beats all the rest. Normal creche is slightly better than Heroic Vessel simply because it provides 528 strenght (based on an estimated ICD of 110 seconds. This is indeed a weird ICD but according to tests the LFR one has 120 seconds, the normal mode 110 seconds and the heroic mode 100 seconds ICD).

Bone-Link Fetish pretty much becomes BIS at any fight with a decent amount of multi-target events. At Yor'sahj, Blackthorn and Spine of Deathwing it is by far the BIS trinket. Most likely the same for Madness of Deathwing as 1 proc during the Hemorrhage is going to cause massive damage. I think we can safely say that even the normal version is going to beat any other (heroic) trinket by a good margin. The LFR one is probably only on par on fights with a lot of aoe mobs.

Bone-Link Fetish still is pretty powerful on single targets and will most likely outperform anything but the heroic versions of the other Dragon Soul trinkets. The same should count for the normal version of the AOE trinket vs the LFR version of the two others.

Heroic skull barely provides 430 strenght and 517 crit on the average VS Heroic vessel which produces 458 strenght and 460 crit. While 57 crit clearly beats 28 strenght in a straightout scenario my personal opinion is that the difference isn't big enough to cover the fact that the strenght on heroic skull is a proc which means it might go off at various bad times.

Compared to firelands there are a lot more situations in which you simply do 0 dps for a significant amount of time like on Morchok (Black stuff), Yor'Sahj (blobtime), Zon'ozz HC (heroic mode phase 2), Spine of deathwing (When there's nothing to kill), Madness of deathwing (moving platforms). The odds for the Vessel Buff to drop are extremely low with a 20 seconds duration.
4.3 “Rotation"

As you all know we rely on a proc and enrage uptime so we don’t really have a fixed rotation. Here’s some simple guidelines on how you should prioritise your abilities depending on the number of enemies that you’re attacking.

1 target :
-Bloodthirst > Colossus smash > Slam > RB > Heroic Strike > (Battle shout). As long as you have the T12 set bonus you might want to replace RB with battle shouts when they're available and when you won't get rage capped.
When you have the new 2 set bonus however the priority list DURING Inner Rage becomes: BT > CS > slam > HS > RB as Heroic Strike will be more DPR, making raging blow effectively your rage dump at this moment. It might be that if we start dropping a lot of mastery later on Heroic Strike will always outperform RB for SMF.

Keep in mind that this is not the case for TG.

-In situations with unlimited rage you can fill in open gcds with whirlwind (for example on alysrazor this is a minor dps increase, same for Sinestra during the buff).

-Heroic leap on cooldown, preferably during a colossus smash as it’s damage is also affected by armor.

-Stack rage for Colossus Smash and use Inner Rage wisely as you’ll be able to get in 4 Heroic Strikes during CS instead of the usual 2. Keep in mind that this is usually only possible during heroism as you won’t have enough rage for it (4.3 update: With the T13 2-set bonus and the new way of reforging with hit as a bigger priority the chances are quite big you'll have rage for this) . The American thread suggest not using heroic strike unless you’re over 50 rage but take this with a grain of salt. If you keep a rough eye on your swingtimer you can rest assured that you’ll practically instantly get the required rage for your next gcd.

-The only real “significant” aspect of the old T12 2-set bonus is that (when properly timed) you can use it right before the fight starts and not “waste” an in combat gcd on your first usage. Combine it with a heroic leap to close the gap instantly and start dps’ing right away.

-Pop your first potion right before the fight. If you're using [item=77997 /] it is probably worth starting the fight with berserker rage up and delay your first colossus smash until after your third bloodthirst (so that RB is ready again). Your second Potion should always be popped during heroism+DW unless the fight requires you to burst damage at some other point.

-Sub 20% you pretty much want to BT-EXECUTE-BT after getting the 25% haste buff up. Prioritise slam procs over executes and use Colossus Smash on cooldown. During colossus smash you want to spam execute as it does more damage than BT (but less DPR, which is while you use BT-Execute outside of CS uptime).

-Shattering Throw is ideally used during heroism/nuke phases but will in every case result in a personal dps loss.

-A last note is that when you do not have a tank that applies an armor debuff you should apply 2 sunders and get the 3rd up with Colossus Smash IF you are going to dps that target for more than 30 seconds. Keep in mind that CS glyph now places the first sunder too in 4.3.

2 targets:
When dps’ing 2 targets your main priority is still using Bloodthirst every cooldown but you’ll no longer use Raging Blow unless you’ve got unlimited rage. Reason for this is that cleave is more damage per rage on 2 targets than Raging blow so even with very high rage you’ll just want to pop Inner Rage and get some extra cleaves in while only using BT and free procced slams as GCD ability. Do not use whirlwind on 2 targets. Heroic leap should again be used on cooldown.

3 targets:
On 3 targets cleave is going to start beating bloodthirst on damage but you’ll generally still want to prioritise BT over cleave as the 30% chance on a free slam should make BT pull ahead. Do not use whirlwind. Don’t ever use raging blow unless you have unlimited rage. In situations where you only have a couple of seconds with 3 targets (for example on majordomo) use cleave over BT in those small time-windows and use Inner Rage as smart as you can.

4 targets:
Whirlwind is going to replace raging blow as filler when you’ve got enough rage while keeping bt and cleave on cooldown. It still doesn’t outperform cleave nor bloodthirst so don’t prioritise it.

4+ targets:
At about 6 targets whirlwind is going to outperform every other ability, followed by bloodthirst (if you include the slam proc chance) and cleave. Packs of this size usually want to be killed at roughly the same time so cleaving is going to have higher priority than bloodthirst here (example: Whelps on Sinestra). Heroic leap is extremely valuable in these situations. It’s very unfortunate that whirlwind relies on weapon damage as it makes our “burst aoe” (heroic leap + ww + cleave) a lot less strong than TG’s version.
Specific Encounter Tips/tricks

FL encounter tips can now be found at

General tips:

-Earlier on in this thread I stated that booming voice 2/2 is always going to beat ½ or 0/2 when used in combination with the set bonus (and logically without). Endless discussions about the minor differences in damage overlooked the fact that without 2/2 booming voice you simply can’t start every fight with 100 rage. You need 2/2 to pool rage to 100. When no Mass Ressurection is available you can make it easier on yourself by zoning in and out of the dungeon a couple of times (unless you play on Twilight’s Hammer like me where horde guilds don’t raid instances but entrances) as it resets Battle Shout cooldown and get your 100 rage that way.

-Do not pop your second potion until you have 5 execute stacks up (in case you don’t have heroism sub 20%).
-Your tanks will hate you but none of the bosses on normal mode (on which you can overaggro) will oneshot you if you take a hit from them. !@#$ the police and go all out, you’ll get more rage and your tank is simply bad and slow if he can’t taunt in between 2 boss swings. On heroic modes you’ll want to watch out a bit more and whine and complain atleast 5 times per raid about how bad the rogues and hunters are at using MD and Tricks and how inferior they all are.

Boss specific tips:

1) Morchok (Normal/heroic)

There isn't really any significant difference in between normal and hc (besides the fact that you should whine as much as you possibly can in order to get all the buffs that you need in range on heroic). INB4 LOLOL BUT ITS 2 BOSSES??? Yeah but you can't hit both.
Especially since the 2-set bonus is so valuable it's now of quite the importance that you get 100 rage before the start of the fight. There are 3 ways to do this:

A) The expensive way: Use a rage-pot after corpserunning and keep using bs/berserker rage on cooldown.
B) The slow way: Use bs/berserker rage on CD until the fight starts (after mass ress). Most likely you'll pull before having 100 rage though, however anything is better than starting with 0
C) The fast way: Zone in and out of the instance. Whenever you do this CD on BS and berserker rage will reset but you will not lose rage. Do this 3 times to get maxed out.

You want to start with heroic leap, bloodthirst, followed by colossus smash, death wish, recklessness and inner rage. Start spamming your Bloodthirst and Heroic Strike like a mad man, filling in open GCDs with slam. Only and really only use Raging blow at this point if you're going to reach 100 rage otherwise.

When Inner Rage runs out stop using heroic strike. Go to the normal BT>CS>SLAM>RB>BS priority until it's ready again. You should prioritise heroic strike over Battle Shout during Colossus smash uptime though. Be ready to intercept when he splits on HC.

Use the second heroic leap. Keep the third one as you'll need it for the black puddle phase.

The stomps are casted so predict the incoming extra rage. With berserker rage up you'll get 30-35 extra from this. Be sure not to get capped.

The black puddles don't really kill you that fast. In fact if you can somehow convince your ret paladin friend to help you out you can simply stand in it and keep dps'ing if you use rallying cry + enraged regeneration. Ask for LOH at buff 8 or 9.
If you don't have a generous retribution paladin just do the other part and heroic leap out at about 6 debuffs. As soon as they run out you should intercept back in and continue.

Besides that this fight is pretty straightforward. In case you take portal explosion damage try to yet again not be raged capped.

During the execute phase completely ignore Raging Blow. Get 5 execute buffs (without running try on rage while building it up) and resume your rotation. During colosuss smash try to have inner rage up so that you can get 4 heroic strikes in while still executing (with the extra stomp damage etc incoming that should be doable, you'll probably have heroism up for this part too).

Additional note: If you're going for SMF the normal madness weapon (drain life) will beat hand of morchok normal. The heroic Hand of Morchok is BIS for a long while (as I doubt any of us will be seeing a dead HC deathwing anytime soon). The healing received from the drain life weapon is quite valuable too as an extra (surely on fights like Zon'ozz heroic tentacle phase).

-- ---- -- -- -- --- --- --- --
2) Warlord Zon'ozz (normal/heroic)

As heroic pretty much involves having a different playstyle and a whole second phase I'll try to include both in this guide. It's mostly going to revolve around heroic mode though as it's easier to predict when to use cooldowns.

On heroic mode it isn't worth delaying your cooldowns until the boss takes extra damage. (we go for 9 bounces in this phase) On normal it pretty much depends on how fast you kill him and how many bounces you go for. It's pretty hard to put rough numbers on this. Fact is that on heroic mode you're better off popping everything at the start since there's almost 2 minutes in between the start of the fight and the time you'll be hitting the boss again after phase 2 when he has the debuff.

Keep track of the ball while dps'ing (so that you can prevent rage-capping when it hits you) and save heroic leap when you're close to the tentacle phase. Don't use it however to move away from the boss (we get debuffs at this point so if you have it, still don't use heroic leap, simply get a clear zone around you so that your healer can dispel safely, remember, you'll get some extra rage from this damage too, so don't cap yourself with battle shout).

During the tentacle phase ideally you'll start on one of the flails (don't use CS) , quickly dispose of it, intercept to the nearest Eye tentacle (use Colossus smash on this one), Heroic leap to the next tentacle and then pop Heroic fury to reach the Claw. Ideally have Zon'ozz tanked at the large tentacle you'll end up at so that cleaves usage can be maximised. For this reason we have a team of 4 melee (rogue, 2 warriors and Retri) that kills the tentacles described above.

This means (atleast if you go for 7 bounces on 2nd boss phase) that you won't really have DW back up until you're almost back into the tentacle phase. Personally I didn't find it necessary to waste CDS on the tentacles but obviously if ur guild requires them you should save them up. The enrage timer on the boss can be tight though during progression.

Rinse and repeat the tentacle phase. The 2nd one is quite hard to heal as timing might be off a bit more and healers won't have cooldowns like lightwell, tranquility and other overpowered !@#$ that makes them faceroll content and pretend they're good at it. In order to help out your mentally lesser gifted healers you'll want to use rallying cry when you start hitting the first flail tentacle and perhaps pop enraged regeneration just before it runs out in order to maximise regen. A lucky victory rush proc also works miracles here so try to time your final attack a bit (Go play HoN if you're bad at this. It's a horrible game though.).

After the 2nd tentacle phase the boss should be taking %^-*tons of damage and you should be having deathwish + recklessness here. Don't pop your second potion yet though as you'll most likely have one last phase after this.

On tentacle phase 3 your healers should have easymode cooldowns up and it should be quite manageable to heal you. You should perhaps use your healthstone in the worst case scenario here but ideally you keep it for the last burn phase.

After this phase it's all out. We bounce the ball around until we're fairly close to the enrage timer and then let him go into the tentacle phase (but ignoring the tentacles and popping all cds). Ideally you have rallying cry, enraged regen, your second potion and your healthstone ready for this phase. Spam away on heroic strike as rage should be about endless at this point (and heroism up). Remember the new priority lists during Inner Rage uptime and the Execute phase.

-- -- -- -- -- -- --
I'm not really into PvE but this seems to be a quality thread.

Thanks for sharing
found 1 wrong bit

Meta gem -> 54 crit and 3% crit damage, Should be 54str 3% crit damage (reverberating shadowspirit diamond)

On heroic mode, be sure to make smart use of all the remaining faceless ones running around to double intercept as fast as you can to the next globule target. There is no scenario on heroic mode where you want to keep aoe'ing the faceless ones instead of nuking the new globule unless you have some sort of free pass for WOL rank whoring.

Again, this is a fight with quite a lot of extra incoming damage so make proper use of this. Utilise the 2 set bonus and it's priority list whenever applicable.

Note: We're currently progressing on this fight but as there's only 1 real "phase" in this fight and I've seen all possible globule combinations the guide should be quite accurate to get maximum DPS output on heroic mode.

4) Hagara (normal/heroic)

To be added soon

Bookmarking this for when i reach 85!!

Just read the first post and I must say it's very eye opening.
Reptile. I love you man. I personally think i play SMF at a very good level at the moment. But everytime you post a suggestion, a guide or a tip i take it to heart and it gives me more to think about. If i ever decide to transfer server i will come to twilight's hammer and hope that you will adopt me.

If i see something that could be changed or corrected i will let you know.
One thing i noticed right away is that, although 2/2 in booming voice is viable and further explained by you, 2/2 in rude interruption isn't.
Only boss fight in firelands with any interrupts for us to worry about is Alyzrasor, and the extra point in rude interruption gives absolutely no uptime benefits.

Putting a point into Die by the sword feels more benefical since IF you do indeed overaggro during the inital burnphase when vengeance isn't up yet and it procs you will give the healers room to breathe without gimping your DPS.

At least that's my reasoning, but since i raid with very solid tanks i haven't experienced any bad overaggroing as of yet, i haven't seen the point in action. I just think that 2/2 in rude interruption gives absolutely no benefit. Even less in firelands.

If i'm wrong about this i'd love to hear why since i have had problems deciding where to put that silly filler point. In the end i suppose it doesn't really matter though.
was waiting for someone to post this on the eu forum.
just diddnt bother about doing it myself :p

now we just need a sticky.
Sticky Request at the top of the page.
keep tabs on his armory - he's coming to the dark (TG) side soon enough...

....just wait for it
Had a nice night out yesterday, just got back. Cheers for the input. Yeah I didn't have all that much time yesterday so I'll take care of smootheting things up and make the thread look "cleaner" during the next days. I'll implement item links etc too asap.

Taking a point from Rude Interruption is a nice idea, I personally fly on alysrazor so I have no use from it at all. I'll probably follow Kaikuri's advice and test out Blood Craze and see how that goes.

keep tabs on his armory - he's coming to the dark (TG) side soon enough...

....just wait for it

Neh, I'll prove that my old season 2 and season 3 pvp SKILLZ are still hidden somewhere and get to 2.2K as soon as spunkz's Death Knight has some proper gear.
very nice guide too, btw.
nice thread 'good job

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