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Hi everybody,

I just came from the various Bartender 4 support sides, but I'm still unable to find a qualified answer to a question I've been puzzling with for a while.
In short it's a feature that I'm unsure if Bartender supports - never the less I would imagine that perhaps a set of custom conditions could do the trick.

For those of you that remember the days of Discord Action Bars, there was a feature that allowed you to isolate a button/a bar and make it show/hide based on specific ability cooldowns. From what I can judge, Bartender only allows this to an extend of being in/out of combat as well as being mounted/on a vehicle or with/without a pet.

I would love to ask if any of you outthere know if you CAN make Bartender 4 show/hide buttons or bars based on ability cooldowns, say a trinkit comes of CD and it's button will turn visible.

Thanks for your time :)
While someone is answering this, mind answering my Question too?:

would it be possible for a button to show ONLY when a certain spell is on CD?

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