World of Warcraft playable races.

So, I am not a huge expert on the lore of WoW. But I have done a little bit of research and I think it would be brilliant to play these classes in an upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft.

Alliance - Cenarius

Female -
Male -

I think these would be perfect for the alliance and possible even a starting zone by or in the Teldrassil. I understand there would be problems with flight animation and getting on mounts. But Blizzard are very smart, they have overcome a lot of complications and i'm sure they could think of something creative. I also think it would be a good idea if they could have themselves as mounts just like the Worgen race.

Horde - Naga

Female -
Male -

I think this would be an interesting class to implement into the game. Of course, again there would be mount complications. I think it would be an idea of having legs on land but able to be in your true Naga form underwater. You could have a racial ability, like breathing underwater and swimming slightly faster.

I haven't really done that much reasearch but I wan't to hear what you guys think :) Can't you imagine it? A cenarius druid and a naga mage?
08/08/2011 09:07Posted by Serenå

I have always like that Arakkoa race a lot haha.
:D Thats good to hear. As they have a lot of pros to how they can realistically become a race on WoW. I personally wouldn't particularly favor them though.
Keepers of the Grove/Dryads would only be limited to druids and they are powerful druids which makes them a bit too OP to be playable. They are also not numerous compared to the night elves or any other playable race so they aren't very viable.

The naga hate everyone and everyone hates the naga. They've made enemies of themselves for decades and having some of them side with Illidan doesn't exactly help their case. They also can not survive long away from water.

I'd really like naga to become playable but I doubt it would work.
If we would be getting new races, Make them have god damn legs so they can sit on a mount xD , I understand the dryads and Keeper of the Groove would have something similar to Running Wild, but what would the Naga use for a mount :o ?

Humanoid races sound way better.. what about an Ogre? What about Pygmies xD.

Also the races need good reasons for joining the Horde and Alliance >.<

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