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Hello, and welcome to the Protection Warrior guide. In here I will explain the ins and outs of Prot Warriors and the small tricks of the trade. For the impatient ones, I will try to add a small tl;dr at the start of each section, marked with italics, which is then followed by a more in-depth analysis and explanations where necessary. The italics-part isn't meant to be read apart though, so don't do it either, read it as a whole. Also, I ain’t perfect and English isn’t my mother tongue, so if I forgot something or was unclear, feel free to ask, and I will try to explain it in other terms for you. All corrections and comments are also welcome, however try to be civil. This isn’t the LFD system and even though I am a Troll, I don’t appreciate the trolls of the internet.

Table of Contents

1) Threat & Stats

2) Rotation

3) Race, Talents & Glyphs <-- Race <-- Talents (Prot) <-- Talents (Arms/Fury), Glyphs

4) Professions

5) Enchants, Gems, Consumables & Trinkets

6) Macros & Addons

7) Useful links
Threat & Stats

Until comfortable with health or at the CtC cap, follow the priority of Stamina >= Mastery > Parry > Dodge. When you have enough health, then get as much Mastery and avoidance you can. Keep Parry about 1-2% above dodge, or 200-300 rating. If you need Threat, follow Expertise > Hit >> Strength > Crit. Only grab Threat stats if you feel you need more, otherwise get more Mastery.

There are 3 concepts that you have to realize when you are talking about Prot Warrior stats: Threat stats, CTC and Survivability stats. Usually you don’t really need to concentrate about Threat stats, but that requires that you do other things correctly.

Threat, in principle, is made of 3 things: Gear, Spec, Rotation. However, Cataclysm threw a thing called Vengeance in the mix, increasing your Attack Power when you get hit, making you hit harder. In addition, Blizzard hotfixed a threat increase in 4.2. These 2 together push out the Gear and partially Spec out of that principle, assuming you Spec at least somewhat sensibly and do your Rotation properly. However, sometimes you still need the extra threat you can get. Either you do Heroics, where Vengeance doesn’t get to stack properly on trash, or you have DPS that overgear you by a huge margin, or something different. In these cases, if you do your rotation properly and still need to get the threat, you want to get Expertise first. It gives you more threat until you get to the softcap, which is at 26 Expertise. After that, Hit and Expertise have similar benefits. The reason you don’t want to stack Strength as opposite for Hit/Expertise for threat is the fact that even though you hit harder, those hits don’t connect that often, and the only feasible way to get enough power into the hits that connect is through Vengeance.

Survivability is a whole other kettle. Currently, we die because our healers go out of mana, thus unable to heal us. This is different from the Wrath-era, where we could be 2-shot, and healers couldn’t run out of mana. Now we can maybe get 4-shot under normal circumstances, so we want to make sure we can save as much healer mana as we can, since they got much more room to work with, but much less mana. This is done through 3 things: Mastery, Dodge and Parry. Armor is also in the mix, but the problem is that we get too little of it from the items that provide extra armor. Thus we get much more out of using something that gives Mastery or avoidance than Armor. Stamina only helps us until we get to the level of normal circumstances, and if you are at the gear-level of what you are attempting (and have the correct enchants), you got all the health you need. These are why we gem for Mastery mostly.

“But but, dude! Dodge and Parry totally avoids the whole hit! Those must be better!”

In theory, yes. However, in practice you have the problem of Diminishing Returns, which means that you need to get more rating to get the same increase. For instance, to get 1% Parry, first you might need 200 Rating. To get another 1%, you need 240 Rating, and so on. Both Dodge and Parry are affected by this. Mastery, however, isn’t. You can stack it as much as you want, and you always get the same result. This brings us to the third concept, CTC.

CTC stands for Combat Table Coverage, and means every single hit against you is Parried, Dodged, Blocked or Misses. This is currently at 102.4% against mobs 3 level above you, which bosses are too. Miss is 5% for everybody except for Night Elves who has 7%, and the rest needs to be covered with Parry, Dodge and Block, so that we minimize the damage we take. Because of DR, you can only get so much with Parry and Dodge (at about 20% the DR seriously kicks in), but since Mastery doesn’t have DR, it means you can cover the rest of the difference with that. It is possible to hit 102.4% as a Protection Warrior without trinket procs, however it will require a lot of Firelands Heroic mode gear (or better). After you have passed the CtC cap, you can start switching from Avoidance into Stamina, while still keeping the cap.

For rotation, use:
Shield Slam w/ Heavy Repercussions > Concussion Blow > Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate > Heroic Strike (with excessive rage).
Add Debuffs when they are going off/not on target. For AoE, use:
Rend (if not present) > Thunder Clap > Shockwave > Revenge > Cleave (only with excessive rage).

As I mentioned earlier, Threat is partially Rotation. For Warriors, it’s actually really simple; we use the skills that hit hardest on average. There are 2 distinct phases for it on single target, and 1 for AoE. The single target phases are when you have Shield Block up and when it is down. When it is up, you want to get as many Shield Slams as you can in there, so the priority you use is:
Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate
During this phase, you ignore debuffs unless they are almost expiring (1-3sec remaining). If you use this as your opener (and you should, it’s very nice burst threat), you ignore the debuffs until Shield Block goes off, then add them. Also, when you use this as your opener, consider using Recklessness. It adds even more threat for the time when you need it, but also requires that you pop Shield Block to negate the increased damage you receive.

Outside of it, it gets just slightly different:
Concussion Blow > Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate
Shockwave is the odd one here. It is only better threat if you use it the GCD before Shield Slam refreshes naturally. If you use it before that, Devastate outweighs it with its chance to refresh Shield Slam. However, if you have Thunderstruck and have built 3 stacks of the buff, it gets the same priority as Concussion Blow since it hits so hard at that point. You also want to try to refresh debuffs when you are on the GCD before Shield Slam refreshes, however you also want to refresh them if there is 1-3 seconds remaining, even if you are mid-priority. Heroic Strike is also used, but it is somewhat different. It is off the GCD, and it is pretty weak, so you only want to use it to avoid hitting the ragecap. However, as the situation is currently, you get plenty of rage, so you should be pretty free with your Heroic Strike-usage. Its usage isn’t affected by which phase you are in. Also use Inner Rage if necessary, especially during Shield Block phase and popping Berserker Phase lets you spam Heroic Strike like no tomorrow.

AoE is pretty simple too:
Rend > Thunder Clap > Shockwave > Revenge > (Cleave >) Shield Slam
Cleave as much as you can (use Inner Rage depending on situation), and only pop Shield Slams if it procs and you got a free GCD, since it hits only 1 target. If you have glyphed Cleave (hits 3 targets), then it goes above Revenge in situations with 3 or more mobs. Thunder Clap is above Shockwave for 2 reasons here: to build Thunderstruck stacks, and to spread Rend. If you don’t have Thunderstruck, it goes below Shockwave. When you start an AoE pull, you might sometimes want to pop Thunder Clap first, then Rend and spread it. Honestly, this a judgement call, decide depending on how the situation is. For some nice snap AoE Threat, Heroic Leap straight into the pack and pop a Thunder Clap. This leaves you without the rage from Charge though, so use a Shout beforehand too. Proceed into normal rotation. Also, depending on the situation, a smart use of Retaliation can help a lot with threat on a big pack. However, its use diminishes the less mobs there are, so try to use it when there are many smacking you around.
Race, Talents & Glyphs

Go with Night Elf, Dwarf, Draenei or Tauren.

As far as Race is concerned, the best are those that provide some extra defense for us. Still, most of them are helpful some way or another and the racials don’t make or break your character. Looks > racials, because if you don’t like the race, you won’t like the character and end up ragequitting it or something silly like that. Go first and foremost with the race you enjoy looking at. Also, any resistance racial will not be mentioned, because Kings/MotW overrides those, and thus aren’t useful in group settings.

Human: Every Man for Himself and Sword/Mace Specialization. A free trinket to break you out of crap and some extra damage, depending on your weapon. An all-around decent choice, and also makes the rep grinds easier.
Dwarf: Stoneform and Mace Specialization. An extra cooldown for hard moments, which also removes Bleeds and Poisons, and the Mace specialization gives some extra damage if you swing a Mace. One of the better Races.
Night Elf: Shadowmeld and Quickness. The best race for a tank, period. 2% Extra miss is not matched by any other race, and mitigates more damage over time than the other racials. Shadowmeld is also useful if you need to survive a wipe, or kill your jackass group members. Don’t expect much love if you pull that though.
Gnome: Escape Artist and Shortblade Specialization. Pretty much the weaker version of Human, a free “trinket” that won’t let you break fears and stuns, and some extra damage if you use a Sword. Also, you might have problems seeing yourself when you AoE tank due to your small size.
Draenei: Gift of the Naaru and Heroic Presence. Heroic Presence provides you a static increase in damage, though not much, but the real deal is Gift of the Naaru, providing you a small heal scaling with your health every 2 mins. Combined with Last Stand and Enraged Regeneration, this can be a very substantial lifesaver.
Worgen: Darkflight. Yes, the only useful racial is the small Sprint. The Crit isn’t even worth mentioning for threat, so the only thing you get is a way to get out of bad stuff faster. However, that can be crucial sometimes (kiting fire on Atramedes coming to mind first).

Orc: Axe Specialization and Hardiness. Extra damage with Axes and reduced Stun Duration, Blood Fury also provides some burst threat, but that’s pretty much all these guys got.
Undead: Will of the Forsaken and Cannibalize. A free fearbreaker if Berserker Rage is on cooldown, and Cannibalize reduces downtime between packs/soloing, etc.
Tauren: Endurance and War Stomp. Endurance only affects your base health, giving you ~2000 health extra at max level, while War Stomp can buy your healers that one second they need to heal you up. Not much this one either, but it’s the best the Horde got.
Troll: Da Voodoo Shuffle and Regeneration. Tiny self-healing during combat, although not noticeable, and reduces the duration of Roots and Snares. Not many of those are seen in PvE, so not that useful either.
Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent. The Silence is pretty useful around casters, but the rage component isn’t so much, mostly because you will have more than enough rage anyways.
Goblin: Rocket Jump. Again, pretty much similar to Worgens, but this racial makes Warrior mobility go overdrive. Charges, Heroic Leap and then this create one hell of a mobile little bugger. Also faster to use than Heroic Leap if you just got to get out of something.
Single-target spec:
AoE spec:

If you aren’t raiding, move the point from Vigilance to anywhere you wish. On the Single-target Spec, if you wish to pick up IV or other goodies, start by removing points from Cruelty. On the AoE spec, the point in Incite is a filler, put it wherever you wish. Take note though, both specs have talents to maximise what they're labeled to do. If you want a hybrid spec, then go for it and mix them, just be aware of what you sacrifice for what.

One of the great things with the Warrior Protection tree is that everything has its use, and you can go one way or another, and it won’t be wrong. However, there are still talents that are necessary. Also, when you get out of Prot Tree, the choices shrink down considerably. Either you go down Fury for kiting utility, or you go down Arms for some extra threat. I will go through all the talents, but in Fury and Arms, I will only mention the useful talents. Useless-for-prot-talents will be skipped. Also, unless said otherwise, put all points into the talent, or the remainder if it happens to be the place you put your last points. Necessary talents will be surrounded by two *’s.

Incite: Provides your off-GDC ragedump some extra threat, and since you will be using Heroic Strike quite a lot, this turns out to be a decent threat talent. Synergizes well with Deep Wounds if you go that route.
*Toughness*: Straight up Armor and survivability increase, nothing more, nothing less.
Blood and Thunder: Incredible AoE threat talent, and a small increase in single-target threat too.
*Shield Specialization*: The very reason you can do pretty much anything. Maxed out gives you more rage than you can use (almost), and just gets better with more Mastery.
*Shield Mastery*: Reduces the cooldown of your important mitigation spells and gives you magical mitigation. Important so you can get a cooldown rotation going.
*Hold the Line*: The reason you want a bit more Parry than Dodge. Reduces damage taken and increases threat slightly. Synergises nicely with Deep Wounds and Incite.
Gag Order: A situational talent, extremely nice for trash with casters, but not much else. Strictly a trash/hybrid-spec talent.
*Last Stand*: First CD of the tree. Some people would say that Rallying Cry is enough, since it also puts LS on cooldown (and the other way around), but LS provides more health for a longer duration. And if you have to pop RC to save yourself, then the raid won’t (usually) benefit much from it anyways and you should get as much out of the cooldown as you can.
*Concussion Blow*: A very nice threat talent, and an extra stun for trash. One of those utilities that help a lot of used correctly.
*Bastion of Defense*: Crit Immunity and possibility to proc Enrage. The enrage is gravy, but the real reason to want this is the Crit immunity; no healer likes when you suddenly take a hit for double the damage.
*Warbringer*: The talent that grants you the mobility Prot Warriors are known for. 2 In-combat charges and rootbreaker if you can intervene someone.
*Improved Revenge*: Improves one of your rotation moves and helps with AoE threat. Not much else to say, it’s straight up threat increase.
*Devastate*: A better way to get Sunders on your target and what unlocks Sword and Board. Acts as a filler move due to no CD.
Impending Victory: A funky talent you either love or hate. If glyphed, can heal you almost 10% of your health, but only while in execute range. Usually that is also the range where healers start to go empty. I recommend to try it, and then drop it if you don’t like it. However, requires that you glyph it to be worth anything.
Thunderstruck: A nice AoE talent, and a tiny single-target threat increase too. Good to have, but in no way a necessity.
Vigilance: Gives you endless taunts and more AP if you have someone that gets constantly hit. Necessary in raiding, decent at best in 5-mans, useless if you are alone.
*Heavy Repercussions*: One of our few ways of getting burst threat, and doesn’t require you to deviate from your normal things. Also indirectly increase the threat of your main move.
Safeguard: A very situational talent, and potentially worst one in the tree. Useful in PvP, but very rarely needed in PvE, unless your raid requires another external CD. Only pick up if you know you will need it.
*Sword and Board*: Increases your threat radically through the proc, crit to Devastate and the extra rage you get.
*Shockwave*: Your 31-pointer, stuns in a 60 degree cone in front of you and does nice damage with Vengeance stacked up. Helps in single-target, downright awesome in AoE. Get it, use it, love it.

Blood Craze: Looks good on paper, sucks in practice. The heal is 3% at best, with a 10% chance to proc on a melee hit. Math time: a 359 tank has about 160k unbuffed health. This means he gets a 4.8k heal every time this procs over 5 secs. When you consider that a raid boss hits about every 2.4 secs, you probably start to see how bad this is. Gets marginally better with more mobs, but unless you are going for Piercing Howl, not worth the points.
Cruelty: Some extra single-target threat. If you got the points, you could pick this up, but this is pretty much the worst threat-talent you can get. Necessary if you need Piercing Howl, though.
Piercing Howl: AoE Slow. Lets you kite without the aid of other players. Again, extremely situational, and you sacrifice a lot of extra threat to get it, so unless you are the designated kiter, don’t bother with this.
War Academy: Just some extra threat. Necessary if you go for Deep Wounds.
*Field Dressing*: Increases healing received, and the healing done by Enraged Regeneration and Victory Rush. Necessary talent, because the healers need to save their mana.
Deep Wounds: A good talent for AoE and Single Target threat. It’s a DoT though, so doesn’t help with burst threat. This is the go-to talent most people start filling when they are done with the Prot tree, since you get more out of this than what you can get from going deeper in Fury, and you already filled half of the requirements for this (Field Dressing).

Glyphs are also very straight forward. There are no choices to do at Prime Level, not much at Minor either, and Majors you are pretty free to pick whatever you want. I’ll list all the better glyphs below, and you can take whichever you prefer, unless stated it’s necessary. Also, even though I might not mention a Major Glyph, it might still be good for your situation, so go accordingly. Only exception is Glyph of Intervene, which will just get you killed. Don’t take it.

Prime Glyphs:
Glyph of Shield Slam
Glyph of Devastate
Glyph of Revenge

Major Glyphs:
Glyph of Cleaving
Glyph of Sunder Armor
Glyph of Victory Rush <-- Necessary with Impending Victory
Glyph of Shockwave

Minor Glyphs:
Glyph of Command
Glyph of Battle
Glyph of Demoralizing Shout <-- Necessary
Glyph of Enduring Victory
Glyph of Intimidating Shout <- Apparently this is bugged currently and might not work, use at your own risk

Pick 2 of the following:
Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Inscription, Alchemy, Enchanting, Mining

Choosing professions can be a pretty straight-forward decision, considering almost all of them have some sort of bonus for tanking. Mostly they revolve around Stamina, but there are exceptions. I will go through all the beneficial ones and give a brief description of the perks they provide. Take note though, if you want to have a gathering prof and a crafting prof, go ahead and do it. This list is only if you wish to min/max and need some perspective on your options.

Also, the reason Blacksmithing is slightly better and JC is slightly worse is because of Epic Gems. However, for it actually to matter, you need to have Epic Gems everywhere in your sockets, otherwise the bonuses are similar.

Leatherworking: 155 Stamina
Currently, Leatherworking owns the biggest raw bonus you can get through a profession, because the only other Stamina enchant for bracers are from WotLK, and the Dodge enchant is subject to DR. Also provides epic leg enchants for cheap.

Jewelcrafting: 123-78 Stamina/81-51 Mastery
Without a doubt the most flexible profession to have. You can go with 3x 67 Mastery gems, 3x 101 Stamina gems or a mix of those 2. Also provides slightly bigger bonuses than the rest of the professions, and the first of two to give straight Mastery.

Blacksmithing: 120-150 Stamina/80-100 Mastery
Gives you 2x sockets you can put on your Bracers and Gloves. Slightly less flexible than Jewelcrafting, but still allows you to get straight Mastery out of a profession.

Inscription: 120 Stamina
A straight boost to Stamina, and lets you skip building Therazane reputation if you haven’t done it yet (and I totally understand why you’d want to do that!). Also gives the same 25 Dodge the best Therazane Shoulder Enchant gives.

Alchemy: 120 Stamina
Gives you an never-ending flask for when you aren’t raiding, and when you do, spices up your Flasks and Elixirs to be equal to other professions. In most cases, applies to Flasks since that’s what you’ll most likely use when you are raiding with your guild and have the guild cauldron. Also gives a very nice trinket if you are a fresh 85 that also increases the effect of Health pots on you.

Enchanting: 120 Stamina
Gives you a Ring Enchant worth 60 Stamina a pop, and lets you Disenchant everything you run across. Also the only way to get Enchants on your Rings.

Mining: 120 Stamina
Mine Ores, receive Stamina. Works well with Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting, but gives absolutely NO flexibility in regards of offspec.

Engineering: 1500 Armor/12sec, 1 min CD
Only profession to give you Armor as the perk and an extra CD. If used on CD, gives on average 300 extra Armor, however should be saved for phases with Burst Damage. Also gives some fun gadgets like Nitro Boosts, but be aware that they can backfire and possibly kill you. Weakest of the choices all around, but if you are a fresh 85, gives you some awesome epic goggles.

Skinning, Herbalism, Tailoring: Nothing
Doesn’t provide anything even remotely useful for a tank. Look on the above professions if you want to min/max.
Enchants, Gems & Consumables
For enchants, the first one is the best you can pick, while the ones in brackets are cheaper enchants for poorer folks. Does not include enchants from Profession, check the list above for those.

Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Protection (Enchant Cloak - Mighty Armor)
Chest: Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina (Enchant Chest - Stamina)
Bracers: Enchant Bracer - Superior Dodge (Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina)
Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery (Enchant Gloves - Mastery)
Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs: Drakehide Leg Armor (Twilight Leg Armor)
Boots: Enchant Boots - Lavawalker (Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality)
Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk (Enchant Weapon - Mending, Pyrium Weapon Chain)
Shield: Enchant Shield - Mastery

For the cheap weapon enchants, both of them are bad. However, the choice is between a very small occasional heal, and some threat/disarm protection. Choose on price/preference, neither will make nor break your char. For leg-enchant, your mileage may vary, sometimes Drakehide is the cheaper one. There is no blue Sta/Dodge leg enchant, so if you need to be cheap, blue Sta/Agi is the way to go.

Following the Stat priorities, gemming is very easy. If the socket bonus is Stamina/Avoidance/Mastery, take it. Otherwise pick the Yellow one.
Yellow Socket: Fractured Amberjewel / Fractured Lightstone
Blue Socket: Puissant Dream Emerald / Puissant Elven Peridot
Red Socket: Fine Ember Topaz / Fine Lava Coral
Meta Gem: Austere Shadowspirit Diamond OR Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond - See links for more!

If you are building a secondary set for magic-heavy fights or have hit the CtC cap and are shifting into more Stamina, use this gemming instead. For default gemming, however, use the above.
Yellow Socket: Puissant Dream Emerald / Puissant Elven Peridot
Blue Socket: Solid Ocean Sapphire / Solid Deepholm Iolite
Red Socket: Defender's Demonseye / Defender's Shadow Spinel

As for consumables, only choice you need to do is if you use a Flask or a combo of Elixirs. Elixirs are slightly better, but Flask works just as well.

Flask: Flask of Steelskin OR Elixir of the Master/Elixir of Deep Earth OR Elixir of the Master/Prismatic Elixir. Switch according to the fight.
Food: Lavascale Minestrone
Potion: Golemblood Potion (Prepot for threat ONLY), Earthen Potion, Mythical Healing Potion
The armor potion isn’t as useful, because to get most of it you need to hit it before a burstphase or so, and you can only pop it once. The healing potion is comparable to another healthstone, so use them accordingly.

Unlike any other style of play, tanks don't have any hard choices in trinkets. We swap them around when necessary, which then means that you should also have several different trinkets in your bags for the times when you need to switch them. As a personal loadout, the bare minimum you should have are 2x Avoidance/Mastery Trinkets, and 2x Stamina trinkets, switching according to the fight you are in. Of course, more trinkets are always better to have, for instance, different Stamina trinkets with different on-uses, Pure avoidance trinkets like Brawler's Trophy, trinkets with situational on-use like Stay of Execution, and so on. I would recommend that you usually go with 2 Avoidance/Mastery trinkets, or 1 Mastery/1 Stamina trinket.

And on that note, I highly recommend you to get Mirror of Broken Images as fast as you can. The trinket got loads of Mastery, and an on-use that really compliments the Warrior skillset, which kind of lacks a reliable magic mitigation. Yes, we do have Shield Block. However, most of the time we want to hit it on cooldown. Thus something like Mirror is perfect to provide us a very good magical cooldown for the times we need it, and on a short cooldown too. In short, it's the perfect trinket for us.
Macros & Addons

Let me preface this with something: You don’t need macros or addons to do anything in the game! If you want to, you can tank HC Ragnaros without any addons and macros, but using them is more convenient, since you can track things, have less clutter, etc. However, I will not go through a complete UI revamp for you. I will show you some useful addons and Macros, and it is up to you to decide if you wish to use them. As for other UI elements, I suggest you go and read some sort of UI creation guide or experiment yourself, since everybody is different.

When you create Macros, there is one thing you want to keep in mind: Adding off-GCD skills to GCD skills is a bad idea. I don’t care if you find it easier, it’s a bad idea. You lose flexibility, and sometimes use skills when you shouldn’t use them. And since we put it like this, the amount of macros that can be used is lessened considerably. However, a couple I use and find fantastic are the following:

Warbringer macro:
/castsequence [help] Intervene; reset=15 Charge, Intercept
This macro simply puts all your charges into one button, and uses Charge before Intercept. It can also be modified to use Intervene on mouseover. Saves quite many keybinds for literally no drawbacks.

Mouseover Intervene:
/use [@mousever, help, nodead][] Intervene
Intervenes friendly mouseover, otherwise acts normal. Can be included in the above macro.

Mouseover Taunt:
/use [@mouseover, harm, nodead][] Taunt
Taunts your mouseover if hostile, otherwise behaves normally. Be careful with this one, increases the risk of taunting the wrong target if you don’t watch where you are waving with the pointer. Incredible when you have to taunt on an AoE pull and something beelines for the healer though.

As for Addons, again, there aren’t any that are absolutely required. However, when you work with your UI, keep the clutter down! You can’t tank properly if you don’t see your surroundings properly. Outside of that, you want to use addons to get information better. The following addons make this a lot easier:

Tidyplates + Threatplates plugin
Modifies your nameplates so that they aren’t as obstructive as the normal ones, and shows the threat level with a glance; green is good, yellow is shaky, red is bad. Makes AoE tanking a lot easier, since you can react to loss of aggro much faster.

PowerAuras Classic
Lets you show procs, CDs, buffs, etc on your screen on custom positions with custom icons. To give you an idea of how differently you can use it, I personally have mine to show if my target is debuffed, if Shield Block is on CD, if my focus has Vigilance, if I have Lightwell heal on me and also tracks my Thunderstruck stacks. If you need to track or follow something, this addon does it perfectly.

Deadly Boss Mods
Shows you timers for different Boss abilities, and warns you when bad things happen. Again, it's information you get in good way, which just helps you make informed decisions that will save your raid.

A threat-meter. Lets you track how much threat you have in relation to other members. A must for a DPS, and very useful for a tank too. Also shows if you have gained Tricks or MD, and how much of your threat is gained from those.

More to be added if I find them… Sneaky buggers.
Useful Links

Here I’ll just list a couple of links that explain some things more in-depth, or in general have good discussion going on. If you know of more, please tell me so I can add them.

Meta-gem Sim:
Plug in stats, see which meta-gem is better. Fairly simple to use, and ensures you pick the better meta-gem for you.

Elitist Jerks Prot Warrior Guide:
The guide at the start is slightly outdated, but the discussion is still going on at the end of the thread. A lot of Theorycrafting and math, you have been warned.

Theck of Maintankadin on CTC:
A much more in-depth explanation of what CTC is and how it works. If you are interested, take a look.

A lot of discussion on tanking in general, and the go-to site for boss tactic videos. Useful as another resource would you want one.

MMO-Champion Prot Warrior FAQ:
A project on MMO-Champions, answering a lot of simple questions you might have regarding Prot Warriors. Take a look over it if you don't find something here.

Chardev Character Planner:
Insert you character, see how you stand in regards to stats and CtC. You can swap gems, enchants, buffs, etc to see how it would look in-game, which makes it easy to plan what upgrades you should get, and how you should gem when dancing around the CtC cap. The project has been abandoned by the creator, but the planner still works.
Reserved for future.
Reserved for future, feel free to post, comment, correct from here on out!
Wow, Jebus... That's one incredibly well-written and extremely informative guide. Thank you! Requesting sticky.

Shadowmeld is also useful if you need to survive a wipe, or kill your jackass group members.

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Very nice job man. Good guide.
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Great guide Kai, well done. A good read.
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If you wish, the users on mmo-C forums are currently building a community protection warrior F.A.Q. Covers the most frequently asked questions - both offensive and defensive wise.

In case you want to add it to the list of usefull link:
Actually this gives me a question.

I have been using Glyph of Resonating Power (reduces Thunder Clap rage cost by 5)

Would switching to Glyph of Sunder Armor be way better?
Great guide, thanks a lot for doing something like this for the protection community as well. Feels a bit sad that I don't tank much anymore (MT'd from vanilla until halfway wrath) but it just feels a lot less interesting then it used to. I do have a couple of remarks though:

-I kind of have to disagree with the part where you say that tanks can no longer be 2-shotted these days. On heroic bosses in firelands this surely is the case. Shannox can quite easily melee swing + cleave a tank for over 200k instantly for example. The same counts for beth'ilac phase 2. Up until firelands heroic I agree with what you're saying though.

-Is it mathematically sure that devastate is stronger than using thunder clap ~2x as much as usual (to refresh the debuff) in order to keep a rend up on the boss? In addition to that shouldn't a 30% buffed shockwave beat any of those abilities as in the end it's the same damage as a concussion blow.

-You seem to be overlooking the use of retaliation and heroic leap for aoe tanking. Heroic leap is more snap threat than thunder clap (and can be combined for that matter) to have a more solid opening.

-Shouldn't cleave be prioritised over revenge in aoe situations as excess rage is more of a standard there than an exception? 3 cleave hits should slightly outdamage 2 revenge hits if i'm not mistaken.

-I'd also like to add that if you want to get maximum damage it's beneficial to stance dance and pop colossus smash right after shield block is used (you can't get crit at this point anyways) as it's a proven damage increase. Another thing I'd like to suggest is adding recklessness to it on the pull as you'll have shield block taking care of the extra damage intake while doing a lot more initial threat (which is in fact the only time during the fight wher e threat matters these days).

Reported for sticky. Would be cool if we could get both the SMF and PROT guide stickied so that we have a nice base to work from in discussions.

P.S. are you entirely sure that it's impossible to get 102.4% block+parry+dodge+chance to be missed yet? I've currently got a set with about 95% which is mostly 378 gear. We should be getting extremely close in BIS gear no?
just some small things:

- at the gemming part, can you add the Metagem(s)? Austere Shadowspirit Diamond and/or Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond
- at 'flask' part you've written Flask of the Master twice
- at addon part, I'd also put down an addon like Omen to keep a close eye on Threat.

Keep up the good work dude!
Weird question , but how can a warr that have killed only once , only the first 3 bosses in BWD, make a guide? And also you are a troll race, that goes against what you say in your guide for tanking.

If I saw your armory I would not support you for a spot in our raids.

Will comment the guide when i read it fully.

[EDIT] Read it and it is indeed a god guide.

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