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I found this program called Winauth which claims to do the same as the official battlenet authenticator.

Is this program safe to use or not, because i don't have a telephone which is compatible with the smartphone app ??
Never heard of it. i woudnt use,it you might want to consider buying a keychain one from the blizzard store

Edit:I just want to say Dont do it dont use winauth whatever sounds dodgy
blizz wont endorse a product that isnt theirs. you would be better off getting an offical one, or a keychain one
Looking at it, it duplicates the algorithm from the official app you already have - if you dont have the app already, you cant use it.

And if you do use it, it renders the level of security added by the authenticator null and void, because its just as vulnerable to a keylogger as a document with your password in.
Hello Reggertudk,

As you may have already seen from the small related section on the creator’s website, you can use the program if you wish, but I should make clear that we obviously won’t endorse it nor support or encourage its use.

Our physical token Authenticators would definitely be more secure than any program of this kind (so if account security is your main concern then you’d probably do best with one of those), but if you’re just looking for a small additional layer of protection against phished data and the like then you’re welcome to make use of it at your own risk. :)

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