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Hey guys,
I know Blizzard wont troubleshoot problems to do with playing WoW through steam, but I was wondering if you guys could?

Basically, I want the Steam overlay to appear when I shift + tab during WoW. I've added WoW as a non-steam game via steam, but it isn't working. Anyone else got it working?

Many thanks!
Hi there Wvren,

I did some searching for you. From what i could find players have actually been able to get the steam overlay to work in world of warcraft. And from what I have found all you needed to do was to click add non-steam game and then run the game from the steam client.

There are people who have the same problem as you though and they reported that turning of direct x 11 could possibly fix this issue.

Hey Ewojil,
That's incredibly kind of you, thank you very much! I'll follow up these suggestions and get back to you!
Glad to help!

Keep me updated, if you need any support just tell and I'll see what I can do for you :)
Hmm. It seems their problem is different: they get the overlay effect (they lose control of the game they're playing) but don't see anything. I don't even get the overlay effect. Nothing happens when I press shift + tab... Odd!
Oh must have missed that! Sorry silly me! I'll try this out for myself and see If i can work something out. Give me just a moment.
Good news Wvern!

I worked out a fix for you. When you click add non-steam game dont choose world of warcraft from the list that shows up. This is only the launcher.exe file so thats why the steam overlay won't work ingame. Instead you'll have to click add non-steam game and then click on browse and locate the wow.exe file. Add this one instead and then run the game from the steam client shortcut and it should allow the steam overlay to work ingame.

You should know though that this is considered unsupported by blizzard. You're lucky I'm here ;). This does how ever not break the TOS/TOA since it isn't a program that will give you an advantage in the game so it is safe to use.
Hey Ewo! Thanks again for your kind help!

Unfortunately, I've done that, and it still isn't working :S It's a real mystery. Does it work for you?
Hmm yes it works for me if i do it the way I said. Are you using the latest version of the steam client?
Yup! It's strange, isn't it? Hmmm!
It's very strange, I'm sorry Wvren but if you have done exactly the same as I did but it won't work I doubt i can help you further :(. Don't think any addon's would conflict either.

You could try running another non-steam game and see if the overlay works there.

I will look into this further, this might be worth taking to the steam support forums aswell though :)
Thanks for all your help so far, Ewo! If I figure it out, I'll let you know how I did it! :)

Have a great day/sleep :)
Please do! I hate to leave problems unsolved haha.
Ewo! I fixed it!
As promised, here's how I did it:
The problem was basically one regarding User Account Control on Windows (UAC). Whenever I ran WoW, even through steam, the UAC asked for permission. This pause must have prevented the steam overlay from working.

To all those facing a similar problem, I recommend either disabling the UAC, or, as I did, following this link to disable it for one specific program:

Once again, many thanks for your kind help, Ewo!

Best wishes,
Oh simple enough haha, Glad you managed to solve it mate! Happy playing!

Best regards,
Hi there,

As you said, we can't really investigate these kinds of issues, but glad to hear you resolved it anyway!
Is launching WoW from steam completely safe, or can you get banned as blizzard may detect it as a cheat or hack?
Locking this as it's from 2011.

We unfortunately cannot comment on individual programs, we can just advise that if you're worried about a program's interactions with World of Warcraft, we can only advise not using it.

Sorry that we cannot be more specific.

Let me know how I'm doing!

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