Patcher Still Broken, Tech Support clueless.

Technical Support
Hi, its been since 3/7/2011 when i first reported that the patcher with patch 4.2 has stopped working with some computers, Blizzard was quick to tell me a "3rd party controller" was the issue and that there software was fine, they said they couldnt do anything. then i recalled for weeks on end until now, getting told "its Microsoft's Trident Engine fault" then being told "its adobe's fault" then being told "its bigfoot networks" (they responded and said infact the issue was within the code its self that blizzard had created and was NOT a 3rd party element. And told i called up Blizzard only to be told do do somthing which i reguard as being one of the most stupid things on the planet. removing my graphics card driver and running WoW like that...Honnestly? My drivers are up-to date, my computer is fine. so why is blizzard not fixing this bug? honnestly im clueless, i want to give you guys my money, i want to buy a subscription and play the game but as i and many others cant then why should i put up with this? if you was in my same shoes would be upset at this situation?

All i want is a response, just a notice, just somthing to say a hotfix might be on the way but until then ill be sitting back awaiting a fix to the launcher.

as many others have said via bigfoot this problem only started since patch 4.2 infact this is what there developer team found.

we're offered our full support in helping resolve this. Unfortunately, they did something that directly conflicts with how the software works. This problem, as stated before, also affects plenty of people who do not even use the card, and the problem isn't specifically on our end. This is something that will need to be fixed on Blizzard's end (which will solve it for everyone affected). Believe me, there's absolutely no reason we'd content with having one of the most popular online games in the world have any remote issue with our cards (even if it does have an easy work around).

Sean Bulger
Community Manager
Bigfoot Networks
Hello Mcolipicard

I'm very sorry for any miscommunication that you may have received, you're right in that unisntalling the graphics card drivers would not be advisable and we would not suggest this as a troubleshooting step.

We would like to assure you that at no point would we blame another company regarding an ongoing issue, however all we can state is that some players have reported success regarding this particular issue by temporarily uninstalling some software.

We are not currently experiencing any issues with the Launcher that would cause issues such as you describe, however through troubleshooting these issues most players are able to resovle the matter.

If you however do feel that the support you received has been unsatisfactory, please contact us by email here:

Where our staff will be happy to address your concerns.

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