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Hello there. as the title says i have been using the following macro for some time now and with the new patch 4.2.2 blizzard has removed the main par of it.

#showicon [spec:1] Cat Form; Bear Form
/equipset [spec:1] Bear
/equipset [spec:2] Cat
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; 1
/in 5.6 /equipset [spec:1] Bear
/in 5.6 /equipset [spec:2] Cat
/run ShowHelm(False)

As i have it set with the addon Ace for the /in command to delay the time it can change my gear i would like to know if there a is work around that part of the macro as for now i keep getting the following error and its only come when this patch come out.

Error, /in cannot call secure command: /equipset

So is there a way to make it a 1 click macro to change spec and then change my gear after its changed my spec? or have blizzard just broken it for the way i would like it to work?
Or is this just an error with the addon Ace?

I would love to hear how i can make it work again or a diff macro to do this again (i would not like to use an addon if i can)
Blizzard actually fixed /equipset in 4.2.2 (and which they previously broke in 4.2)

  • The good news is that you can use it in combat again (Weapons only)

  • The bad news is that you can't delay it anymore with the /in command from Ace2 / SlashIn
    (since it's a "secure" command now)

I don't know too much about macros, so maybe the other fellows here can still find a solution, without actually having to use the /in command ^^
/equipset [spec:1] Tank; [spec:2] Damage
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1

Just replace the damage/tank/healer sets to the names you use.
/equipset [spec:1] Tank; [spec:2] Damage
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1

Just replace the damage/tank/healer sets to the names you use.

The main shortcoming of this approach is that you will end up in the wrong gear-set, should you choose to cancel the spec-switch before it is complete, which is exactly what delaying the gear switch until after the spec switch is complete, avoids.

But we'll have to do with that since /equipset is now protected. The best tourniquet I can think of is to add a modifier-triggered portion that simply checks your spec and equips your gear accordingly, like so:

/equipset [spec:1,mod] set1; [spec:2,mod] set2
/stopmacro [mod]
/equipset [spec:1] set2; [spec:2] set1
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1
Cheers for your help. im going to test which way will work for me. as ye, i dont want to be clicking the change spec/gear macro lots of times (more then once. yes i know im lazy :D)
Thank you Xaktsaroth and Nitiga for your help :D.

I have tryed both and i like urs better Nitiga with a mod of Shift in it :D
Thanks :D

Edit: (don't want to be a double poster :D)

I have changed ur macro a little so it works for me better. (well)
Here is what how it looks now.
#showicon [spec:1] Cat Form; Bear Form
/equipset [spec:1,button:1] Bear; [spec:2,button:1] Cat
/stopmacro [button:1]
/equipset [spec:1,button:2] Cat; [spec:2,button:2] Bear
/usetalents [spec:1,button:2] 2; [spec:2,button:2] 1
/run ShowHelm(False)

The last part is cos i like my pvp hat and not my pve hats.
Not sure if it needs the stopmacro bit cos i have the mod's on butt 1/2 but hey it works :D.

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