Top 10 Coolest Hunter Pets

Thinking about going to Beast mastery to get a few of the rare pets and i was wondering what people thought the coolest pets are, so please post your opinions and maybe tell any storys you have of the pets!

Skoll - a nice lightning wolf from stormpeaks,was flying around for 4 hours looking for him and he appeared,so i tamed.

Ban'thalos - a spectral bluey-greenish owl with aura-wings, well i was camping the nearby rare cats in the regrowth in hyjal so they did not spawn it was about 3am server time and i poped by the sanctuary of malorne to repair and log of and my npcscan went crazy.
I flew up to the tree and tamed him.

Arcutis- spectral bear from grizzly hill - he got 1 spawn point my guildy found me him and summoned me i tamed.
I've always loved the look of Skoll the most. Very nice looking wolf!

would not leave home without him.

could murder a skoll but no luck thus far.....though not that dedicated in the search


ps, by the time spirit beasts appear youve started thinking theyre a myth
the white corehound from the drenai starting island, also the green/blue ravanger

tbh i dont go so much for rare pets as they aint that rare, i go for alt colourings eg white wasps, grey foxes etc
i think it all depends on the Race and Gender of the character, for instance, my female blood elf, i use Loque'Narak as main pet, on my Dwarf Hunter, i use Skoll, i also find Arcturius a good choise for Dwarf, on another hand, i really don t see it for my bloodelf, yet if i had to give a top 10, i d say

1) Skoll - Male characters / Loque - Female characters
2) Ban'thalos
3) Chromaggus
4) "Ghost" spirit beasts (Arcturius, Ghostcrawler, Spectral Tigers) just a ghost version of another model, unlike the 3 above, they are just ghosts, they look nicer shure, but nothing extra, i also put in the one that look like shammy's pet, its cool to have it on a hunter, but lets say we are kinda "used" to see it
5) that Corehound you find in Azuremyst Isle
6) "Worg" model wolf (Skoll without SuperSayaness), when i lvld my hunters, i always used those till i got spirit beast, sweet buff, and sweet model, and you can tame one at lvl 10 in humain starting zone, still best model for Wolf ingame imo
7) Jadefang -somehow green seem more appropriate then other colors for those pets, didn t put it there because its a rare
8) Sambas
9) big headed Silith, like those rares you find in Tanaris, blue one for male, pink for female, and if u have another BM hunter friend, bring out the Mighty Morphin Silith Rangers
10) Devilsaurs
"11)" that rare glowy cat you find in Stranglethorn Vale, might be nice for low lvls tho, only reason i put it there
green spiky crab from blasted lands beach ftw.
No one mentioned seagull?
OMG IT TRUE, TEH M*THAF*KIN SEAGULL, that one goes in 4th place on my prev list
10) Hellboars: quite common in outlands but they look cool! especially with light blue skin
9) Flying spiked Serpents: Lovely ones!
8) Northrend Worms!
7) Saber Cats: Elegant and Tough at the same time
6) Lava Spiders: They Look simply cool!
5) Silithid Bosses: they are the awesomeness
4) RHINOs: they can throw peeps away! ahaha funny!
3) Loque: I love it!
2) Lava Turtle: One of the best pet i've ever seen in the game
1) Arcturis: n1!
damn, knew i forgot about one, Terrorpene totally go on 3rd place
Ban' Thalos, Ankha.
Chromaggus. (GL on that one, he's a pain to tame.)
Noone here mentioned Omen, i think he looks pretty neat as well :)
The coolest pet has to be "emerald spirit" and it doesn't require beastmaster. I tamed mine at level 25 and used her all the way to max level. The disarm was awesome in battlegrounds aswell.
what about the old ghost wolf that could be tamed from the tauran shamans in dustwallow marsh

that can be used in MM spec too
what about the old ghost wolf that could be tamed from the tauran shamans in dustwallow marsh

that can be used in MM spec too

and it was removed many years ago, but the pet that can be tamed now that looks like them, is the rare ghost wolf Karoma, however she does req BM, :)
85 Goblin Hunter
Dawns Vanguard

Noone here mentioned Omen, i think he looks pretty neat as well :)

was nbr 5 on my list "the corehound from azuremyst isle has the same model as Omen
On my old NE hunter i got all three spirit beasts that i was after back then, where they had unique abilities but now they all have the same ability.
Skoll was great with that moonfire attack it had :)
On my current troll hunter i use duskfang, the only type in the game at present if petopia is correct, and the rare spider from dustwallow marsh that is red and black and spiny legged.
I also have the green sabre cat from felwood :)
I collect them.. I'm in the mood to rate the ones I have and don't have

Spirit Beasts:

Articus - Eh.. Not really into tanking that much on BM, but it looks farely cool 7/10
Magria - The better looking of the two 85 spirit cats, although I still prefer Loq' over her, 7/10
Ban' - Very cool! Shame I don't get to use him/her much in PvE or PvP but still a beautiful design 9/10
Ghostcrawler - Admittedly a tanking pet again, really that useful and to top it off, he's a crab.. Sorry Ghostcrawler </3 4/10
Loq' - By far the best designed Spirit Beast as of far, I use him as a PvP BM Pet and he's BEAUTIFUL 9/10
Karoma - Named this little guy "BabySkoll", I couldn't resist. Beautiful pet but a constant reminder I still need to obtain Skoll 8/10


Kirix - Not too bad looking, I like the colour green, it suits the spawn AND the pet himself being a spider, plus being all 3 specs, very handy. 7/10
Skitterflame - For starters I loved the taming of him, and the red looks beautiful too, very much suited to Molten Front and the Firelands - 7/10
Solix - Slightly 'harder' of the 'challenge' tames (:P) but still fun, suits the feel of the Firelands but perhaps a little too much like Skitter? 6/10
Deth'liac - Oh my. The most fun tame in the game as of far! I genuinely enjoyed the thrill of watching two other hunters fail, over and over, whilst I even sat there and explain to them how to get him. Eventually they gave up, 3 minutes later I got the tame. BEAUTIFUL COLOUR and very nice name! 9/10


Skarr - This bastard took me over three weeks to get, but well worth it! My most commonly used pet due to being more interested in PvE - Shame he lost the fire shooting ability, but a very nice skin and USEABLE IN ALL SPECS! 9.5/10

Sambas - For starters, why couldn't I name him Simba? Not amused. Secondly, easy tame, the skin is stolen or copied onto the Golden King.. But.. Strangely, I'm not too fussed, collectors edition almost - 7/10

Other rare spawns:

Shale Spider - It's just a rocky spider, with an odd buff... I'm sorry, what is this? 4/10
Ghost Wolf - YES. A ghostly effect on a Vanilla style wolf, shame he has no dagger in his head as the original mob does, but beautiful none the less - and no-one uses him! 8/10
"Brain Bug" - Giant bug with it's brain showing through the side of its head, shares the same buff as the Shale Spider but however it is quite a decent design. 6/10
Green/Orange Striped Cat - Rarely ever used unfortunately, however great for levelling, level 53 if I remember correctly? Faintly resembles Conan's battle mount ;) 8/10
Terrepenne - Purely tamed this guy for the hell of it.. But he's quite a nice pet either way, suits the Firelands ofc :) 7/10
Karkin - Not sure whether to replace this guy, my current tanking pet, with Terre. Beautiful design (albeit a bit brightly coloured for Firelands and Molten Front, but quite a nice touch. Also, this pet seems to be a prime target for other classes to kill. 7/10

Not Acquired :(

Skoll - Goddammit this pet is beautiful, GIVE IT TO ME NOW 9.5/10
King Krush - Just purely to finish my collection of Devilsaurs 6/10
Gondria - Purely to finish off my Spirit Beasts collection 6/10
Anhk - I think I may have spelt this wrong, sounds like a fun tame and quite a nice looking pet, although compared to Magria.. I think Magria would just win, however for taming purposes and bragging rights, a fairly high score 8/10
hihi i also tried to name my sambas simba, but as it didnt work my boyfriend came up with the name aslan from the old narnia movies - so aslan it is!

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